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Hello, I’m Simba! TheBestDogTreats.Com is run by me(and my human mom), it is your #1 source for the best dog treats.

Thanks for visiting The Best Dog Treats! This site was born out of a need and passion to give my dog only the best. If your dog is anything like mine, he or she is a member of the family and we love to shower them with love and affection and pamper them with toys and yummy treats. Shopping for awesome dog stuff that lives up to our expectations can be tough; there are just way too many choices out there! But, I love to see what’s available, compare and scrutinize. This site is a portal for me to share the information I gather with you.

You love your dog & we are tail-waggin happy to help you make them the happiest on the block! Gold knows toy testing, treat munching, and food gobbling are serious business! We like to bark about all sorts of dog stuff, so stick around & sniff us out!

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