The Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys!


I love taking Maui to a pet store! She enjoys watching the small animals like guinea pigs, birds, and ferrets – super cute! My favorite part though is taking her down the dog toy aisle. She will literally pause and check out each little bin, sniff what’s in there, and then move onto the next one. Every once in a while she finds a toy that really sparks her interest and she will pick it up, bring it to me, and put it on my lap or just carry it to the check-out counter herself!

For some reason, I was thinking about all of her toys. She has plenty of stuffed, stuff-less, and chew toys but I want to get her something that will keep her busy when I’m working on the computer, watching a movie, that sort of thing. I realized what she really needs is a treat dispensing dog toy.

This type of toy is great because it is fun for your dog, gives your dog something to focus on, occupies their mind and time, and gives them a delicious little treat – all at the same time!

Maui and I have put together a list for you of the best dog treat-dispensing toys so you can check them out!


Benefits Of Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

Treat dispensing toys are a wonderful thing to have on hand. Not only do they give your dog mental stimulation and keep their brain engaged, but they also give your dog something appropriate to chew on. Some dogs have destructive chewing habits and giving them a toy that you want them to chew on could turn their attention away from destructive chewing and focus it on appropriate chewing – potentially saving you from having to replace those favorite shoes or slippers.

Having something to focus on can reduce your dog’s anxiety and undesired activities associated with boredom.

The rubbing of the teeth on the rubber can also help keep your dog’s teeth clean.


Kong Wobbler

When you think of a durable toy our thoughts often go straight to the Kong brand and for good reason! Kong has been around since the mid-1970s inventing innovative durable toys, chew toys, and treat-dispensing toys.

The Kong Wobbler is the same shape as the classic original Kong toy but it is bigger and made to hold treats inside.

The Wobbler is designed to sit upright until it is nudged or pushed by your dog’s nose or paw. The unpredictable rolling and spinning movements cause treats to periodically fall out of the toy. The crazy movement of the Wobbler keeps your dog intrigued and interested, especially once they realize there’s food inside!

Just unscrew the bottom of the Wobbler; insert treats or kibble into the Kong; screw the bottom back on, and watch your dog have crazy fun trying to get those treats out!

The Kong Wobbler is:

  • Made of high-strength, food-grade polymer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe for your dog to play with and chew on

The Wobbler is available in a small and large size (although they are both quite big)

  • The small measures 6 inches tall x 5.3 inches wide at the thickest part and can hold a ½ cup of food.
  • The large measures 7 inches x 6.5 inches wide at the thickest part and can hold 1 cup of food.

The Wobbler can also be used for mealtime to slow down the eating process. I f you fill it with your dog’s kibble at mealtime, your dog will have to work at tipping the Wobbler in order to get some food to fall out. Only a few bits fall out at a time so it is great to slow down your fast eater!

No other toy holds up to the durability of a Kong and this Wobbler will provide your dog with hours of great playtime!


Treat-Dispensing Chew Ball

The Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball was a favorite for my first Golden. She absolutely loved this toy and would bring it to us whenever she felt the need for a treat (which was fairly often).

This chew ball is incredibly durable and strong. Neither of my Goldens has damaged these balls.

Just slip a few pieces of your dog’s kibble or treats in the holes on the side of the ball and watch your dog chew away trying to get the delicious treats to fall out. I know firsthand this chew ball can keep your dog busy for fairly long periods of time. Lulu used to work on this ball for an hour at a time sometimes.

Starmark’s treat dispensing chew ball:

  • Rolls, bounces, and floats!
  • Encourages play
  • Can be used with your dog’s own kibble and treats or Starmark interlocking treats
  • Is free of vinyl, latex, and phthalates
  • Is dishwasher safe

This chewable, bouncy ball of fun comes in three different sizes:

  • Medium, which has a 2.75-inch diameter
  • Medium/large, which has a 3.5-inch diameter, and
  • Large, which has a 4-inch diameter

My Goldens love(d) this ball because it is soft and they really enjoy rolling it around trying to get the treats to fall out! Maui thinks your dog will love it, too!


Planet Dog Orbee-Tough Snoop Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

This toy looks amazingly fun and has won multiple awards. I bought one for but Maui and Emma!

It is translucent so your dog will see the treats inside but they will need to nudge, pounce, throw and nose to get those delicious rewards out from inside the toy!

The Snoop is kind of a bowl shape and you insert the treats through the center opening. The treats tumble around inside as your dog rolls the Snoop around the room.

If your dog gets the hang of this and you want to give them an extra challenge, you can insert a 2.5-inch Orbee-Tuff ball in the center. The ball also holds treats but in order to get the treats from the Snoop, your dog will have to pull the ball out of the center!

This treat-dispensing toy is intended to stimulate your dog’s mind and keep them active in energized play. It is not designed for heavy chewing.

The Snoop is available in blue, purple, or orange and is 5 inches in diameter.

You can pop the center of the Snoop outward and wash the inside of it by hand with soap and water or put it on the top rack of your dishwasher.

The Snoop looks totally fun! Your dog will love chasing after this squishy, rolly treat dispensing ball!

Both dogs absolutely love this toy!

I found a couple of downsides to it – they tend to gather fuzz and pet hair around the outside of the ball. Be sure to wash it often. I think due to the size and length of Maui’s snout sometimes when she puts her face in the center opening when she’s grabbing the ball to carry it around, her canines get stuck inside. Just for a moment and I’ve never had to help her get it unstuck. Just something I noticed that I think could be worked on if they re-design.

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Kong Extreme

Need something for a super voracious chewer? Kong has you covered (of course)!

The Kong Extreme dog toy is designed for adult dogs and looks similar to the original Kong classic but is made from the most durable strength Kong rubber. The Kong Extreme is designed for the most determined of chewers!

The original shaped Kongs are incredibly versatile and you can pack pretty much any type of treat in it for your dog. Stuff it with peanut butter, kibble, meat, whatever your dog loves, and watch them chew, roll, lick, and bounce this Kong to get their treats.

The Kong Extreme is freezable, so you can pack it with your dog’s favorite treat, freeze it and give them even longer-lasting play!

Knowing there are voracious chewers of every size, the Kong Extreme comes in five different sizes:

kong Extreme sizes

As always, this Kong is:

  • Made of high-strength, food-grade polymer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe for your dog to play with and chew on

Need something to keep your super-chewer busy and keep them from chewing on things they shouldn’t? This dog toy is for you!

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Kong Puppy Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

puppy kongHave a big chewer but they are not an adult yet? You know Kong has you covered for that, too!

Part of being a puppy is chewing on probably just about everything! Your puppy needs to keep busy and they have an innate need to chew. This means they will seek out things to chew on no matter if it is your shoes, furniture, clothes … anything. Fun for them, bad for you!

Giving your puppy a Kong puppy toy stuffed with a delicious treat will focus that never-ending energy and desire to chew on something you WANT them to chew on!

The Kong puppy toy is designed for beginning to light chewers and comes in light pink and light blue.

The Kong puppy is different because they are made out of the gentlest, all-natural rubber available within the Kong line of toys.

They come in four different sizes:

kong puppy sizes

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Here is a video showing you some different ways you can stuff a Kong to keep your puppy or dog busy so you can have a little downtime to yourself!


Everlasting Treat Series of Toys

This is not a single toy but a line of products that Starmark has developed. Their Everlasting Treat series of toys not only dispense small treats but they can also hold a delicious Everlasting Treat inside for your dog to chew on.

Your dog will have fun getting the little treats out and spend hours chewing on the delicious Everlasting Treat!

The everlasting treat series of toys includes the:

  • Everlasting Treat Groovy Ball
  • Everlasting Treat Ball
  • Everlasting Treat Wheeler
  • Everlasting Treat Bento Ball
  • Everlasting Treat Fireplug

The Everlasting Treat with dental ridges is designed to help keep your dog’s teeth clean and massage the gums. You can also get the Everlasting Treat without the ridges.

The Everlasting Treat sticks out from the toy a bit in order to give the dog access to chew. If your dog is exceptionally clever or a voracious chewer, you can insert the Everlasting Treat upside down for a tougher chewing challenge.

Each Everlasting Treat toy is made out of an incredibly resilient material that can stand up to powerful chewers. This resilient material is free of vinyl, latex, and phthalates, making it safe for your dog! The material will not rip even after it is cut with a knife (check out the video below)!

Each toy in the everlasting treat series comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

  • Large is recommended for dogs over 40 pounds
  • Medium is recommended for dogs under 40 pounds
  • Small is recommended for dogs under 15 pounds

These super tough yet soft, challenging, interactive treat-dispensing AND holding toys are dishwasher safe! Gotta love that!



Supervised Play Time

A good rule of thumb is to always keep an eye on your dog when they are chewing on a toy (or anything).

Some toys vouch to be indestructible but I believe there will always be a dog somewhere that can prove that statement wrong. Pieces smaller than your dog’s mouth may prove to be a choking hazard.

It is best to keep an eye on your dog when they are busy with any sort of chew toy or treat.


Maui and Emma’s Thoughts

Maui and Emma absolutely LOVE their treat-dispensing toys! No joke.

The toy seems sturdy. We’ve had them several months and neither show any signs of cracking or being chewed through. Emma has learned that if she throws it up in the air she can get those last few tricky treats out!

Enjoy and … all hail the treats!

Maui and Emma signature


Does your dog have a favorite treat dispensing dog toy?

Have you tried any of these?

Would love to hear about your dog’s experience!

Please share by leaving a comment below!



  • Vicki says:

    What great toys
    I have 2 wee dogs who would love a couple of these so might have to go shopping 🙂

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Vicki, I bet your two dogs will absolutely love some of these toys! I ordered one for Maui yesterday so maybe we can exchange stories 🙂 please let Maui know if you buy one she love to know how much fun your dog have! Love it when you stop by 🙂

  • thomas says:

    I absolutely love dogs, I grew up having several in my family! I first hand know the importance of these treat dispensers. Dogs love them 🙂 We used to have a couple poodle mixes and they loved the kong wobblers. I’m gonna have to bookmark this site for if my wife talks me in to getting a dog in the near future. We just had a baby last year and when he gets older, she wants him to grow up with a dog lol.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Thomas, These treats dispensing toys are great to not only keep your dog busy, but they also give mental stimulation – gets the brain working trying to figure how to get those treats out! Maui would love it if you would bookmark her site 🙂 Congrats on the baby and maybe pretty soon congrats on the puppy 🙂

  • Mariah says:

    Have you had any experience introducing treat dispensing toys to an older dog? I have a 10 year old golden retriever and I bought her a treat dispensing ball that you knock over and small treats come out. She just has not been able to figure it out. I’ve tried showing her, but she will just sit down with the toy between her paws and try to chew it open which doesn’t work for her. Do you have any suggestions on how I might help her understand what she needs to do?

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Mariah, I might suggest putting something inside the treat toy that is really smelly. This way maybe the smell might get her to investigate the treat toy a little bit more. I might try something like the chicken liver freeze-dried dog treats in my 9 of the Best Dog Training Treats post. I can vouch that they did not smell good to my human nose but Maui absolutely went nuts for them! Let us know if you give the liver treats a try and if helps your dog catch onto the toy. Thanks for visiting!

  • Matts Mom says:

    I have the starmark everlasting bento ball. I had no idea where I get the treat that goes inside of it, but my dogs loved it…..yes past tense. I have looking in the local pet store for the treat part, with no luck. Now I can get they toy refilled! For that, thank you! I love your site, and I am sure my two boys love that I visit your site 😀 Wonderful information for our furry family~!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Leahrae, Maui is really glad that you visit her site, too! I haven’t tried the everlasting treats that fit in the toys. Please stop back and let us know how well they work. Do they fit in that toy really well and does it take a while for your dog to get them out? Thanks so much and we look forward to your visits 🙂

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