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Durable Rubber No Squeak Dog Toys by All Kind – Review

After the last toy didn’t work out very well for Maui I thought I’d try a new one for her.  This time I made a point of getting a toy that was a suitable size for a 60 pound Golden retriever!

Toys are always a risky purchase. You think they look fun and entertaining in a store display; a picture; or in a video but when you get that toy home for your dog they just might look at it … and you … like you are crazy for thinking THAT would be fun to play with!

Then again, something you think would never interest your dog (like tiny little cat toys or the little cover of a plastic bottle) grab their interest like it was raw liver! Go figure!

Today Maui and Emma are going to do a review and let you know what they think of the Tug & Fetch No Squeak Tri-Flyer Dog Toy.

Let’s get started and learn about the toy and find out what Maui and Emma think!

Tug & Fetch No Squeak Tri-Flyer Dog Toy

If you’re looking for a good-sized toy to toss around and let your dog tug on this might be a good one for you and your dog!

The blue part is made from durable textured rubber. I think the textured surface makes it easier for your dog and you to hold onto. It gives them something to lock their teeth onto without slipping and gives you some texture to hold onto s that's good o your dog just doesn’t pull the toy right out of your hand.

all kind dog and fetch no squeak tri-flyer dog toy

The orange around the edge is made from durable reinforced Oxford piping for extra durability. Maui likes to chew on the edge and after about three weeks of minimal use (she maybe plays with that for a little bit a couple times a week) I see no damage to the orange piping yet.

The tri-Flyer is designed to help you get a good throw when you toss the toy outside.

It also has a decent weight to it. It’s definitely not a flimsy “your dog pokes it’s tooth through it right away” type of toy.

All Tug & Fetch No Squeak Dog Toys

These toys are all similar in that they have NO SQUEAKERS!

This can really be an asset if you use it as an indoor toy and you enjoy quiet playtime with your dog.

On the other hand, having no squeaker could be a big downer for your dog if they are squeaker fans like Maui and Emma.

It all just depends on your dog and if a toy with no squeaker would be intriguing to them or not.

Tug and Fetch No Squeak Toys do not float! An important thing to know if you are thinking about playing with it at the lake!

Shape and Size Options

The Tug & Fetch No Squeak Dog Toys come in other shapes as well:

  • Tri-Flyer (like Maui’s)
  • Bone
  • Bow
  • Gingerbread man
  • Boomerang

Each is designed with textured rubber surrounded by reinforced Oxford piping.

The tri-flyer, bone, and bow come in sizes of small and large while the gingerbread man and boomerang appear to only come in one size. At least that’s what it is looking like on right now. Perhaps they are running out of some sizes because they have them all on sale right now.

All kind tug and fetch no squeaker dog toys at

Color Options

Love the options here! They come in a variety of really brightly colored toys including:

  • lime green with red piping
  • red with lime green piping
  • orange with blue piping
  • bright blue with orange piping

I really love that these come in such bright colors; it makes them a little easier to find if you are playing with the toy outside and it ends up getting tossed really far or maybe into the grass.

The bright colors aid in toy rescue!

Super Great Prices

I was excited to get this toy for being part of the Chewy Influencer Program (Chewy provides us with a couple of products in exchange for Maui and Emma’s honest reviews).

I was really hoping it would be a great toy and I could be excited to share with you because the prices on are AWESOME!

Seriously, they are super low for the tug & fetch no squeak toys!

Prices range from $4.99 to $6.99 at!

On top of that several of them are buy one get one free!

Not sure how long the sale will last so. Interested you should pop on over and check them out!

buy on Chewy

Maui and Emma Playing with the Tri-Flyer

Maui and Emma’s Play Style

Maui and Emma thought very differently about this dog toy.

Emma really had to be coaxed to play with the tri-flyer. Perhaps it was because it is so large to her and it does have a bit of weight to it - possibly. But sometimes I would throw it for her it would be almost like she didn’t even want to acknowledge its existence. The clips in the video are one of the few times we got her to play with it.

Maui, on the other hand, found it to be a fairly fun toy.

Not one of Maui’s all-time favorites (Maui is a big squeaker fan so this did not appeal to her squeak-frenzy mindset) but she enjoyed sitting down with it once in a while over the last three weeks to chew on a bit and toss it around.

She also enjoyed a little fetch with it out in the yard. Keep in mind Maui is not a huge fetcher. Even on an energetic day, she will fetch a toy three or four times and then be done with it. The tri-flyer made it for about three fetches and then Maui was ready to be done.

I consider this toy to be moderately successful for Maui. She has quite a full bin of dog toys and will still pull the tri-flyer out every once in a while to play with it.

What You Should Know

These toys seem fairly durable but were not designed to be a chew toy.

These toys were designed to play fetch and tug.

The manufacturer indicates that these toys are not recommended for aggressive chewers or destroyers. If your dog fits into this description you might want to think about a more chew-centric toy.

And - these toys do not float.

What People Think About the Tug & Fetch No Squeak Toys

Ratings for the Tug and Fetch No Squeak Toys kind of vary depending on the toy.

Looking on at the various shapes and sizes I would estimate that reviews average out to be somewhere around 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The toy shape with the highest reviews and the greatest number of reviews is the small red and green bow -shaped toy (43 reviews giving it an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars). I find this a bit understandable at the shape has ‘handles’ at each and making it really easy for you and your dog to hold onto.

Recent Reviews for the Tri-Flyer like Maui's

Recent Reviews for the Highest Rated Bow Shaped Tug & Fetch Toy

Final Review of Tug & Fetch No Squeak Tri-Flyer Dog Toy

If your dog loves to fetch then some of the Tug & Fetch designs are awesome for that!

If your dog loves to play tug-of-war the bow shaped Tug & Fetch looks like an awesome choice!

Let Maui and Emma know if you have tried one of these toys!

Did your dog love it? Ignore it?

Maui's ears are perked waiting for your comment below!

Lynne and Maui


The Best Holiday Gifts for Dog Owners and Their Dog

The gift giving season is upon us and we cannot forget our four-legged, furry family members! In our home each human and each animal has their own stocking hanging from the fireplace mantle. Seeing as we now have four cats, two dogs, and three of us humans, the fireplace mantle is pretty crowded!

I always love getting gifts for our pets! I believe they truly enjoy getting them as well!

There are a bajillion different dog toys, gadgets, and treats out there to choose from when looking for something to give your very special pupper for Christmas. That is why Maui, Emma, and I sat down and put together this list of some of our favorite gifts to give your (or a friends) dog this pawliday!

Here are 10 toys and treats sure to get tails wagging!

 Don't forget to make it down to number 10; I think it's the cutest one of all!

Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Maui absolutely loves the rope toys she has! She saw these and wants them so bad (okay, maybe she didn’t see them but I know she would love them ... I might need to get them for her stocking!) $16.99

413 customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars

xl rope toys for aggressive chewers
xl rope toys

These rope toys are XL and come in a package of three with a bonus ball! These toys can be used for fetching, tug-of-war, chewing, retrieving, catching, and shaking. They are certainly not completely indestructible but are designed with aggressive chewers in mind!

There ropes are a really nice long size as well! One Amazon reviewer indicates the ropes range from 1 ½ feet to 2 feet long!

What’s also great about purchasing these particular rope toys is that each purchase helps support Pacific Pups Rescue, a nonprofit dog rescue located in Southern California! What better way to celebrate the holiday than getting your dog some super durable fun new rope toys and help feed and shelter dogs in need!

Chuckit! Dog Ball Launcher

If you’re not sure what to get a family or friend’s dog for Christmas, this one is a sure bet!

If you don’t have one for your own dog yet the two of you are missing out on some incredibly fun human, dog, ball bonding time! $7.42 and up

 3571 reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars!

Chuckit dog toy
chuckit dog toy

These ingenious gadgets are amazing! A cleverly designed yet so simple ball holder that lets you launch your dog’s ball farther and faster than you ever could with just your arm! Once the ball is covered in slobber or dirt you can just pick it up with the ball launcher and not have to get any of that on your hands either! That is a definite plus at times!

There are several different Chuckits and balls to accommodate different sized dogs and their varied abilities!

You can get Chuckit balls that bounce, float, glow in the dark, whistle, and are soft  so they make for a great variety of fun activities!

Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Tossing Smart Device

This device is so fun and so cool, I can hardly stand it! It gets a big seal of approval from Ellen DeGeneres as well!

Ellen DeGeneres recomendation

When you are away from home this insanely awesome little device lets you:

  • see your dog with the 1080p full HD camera
  • talk to your dog with the two-way audio
  • toss your dog treats
  • check in at night with the camera's night vision capabilities
  • know if your dog is barking with the programmable barking alert
  • more

Amazon $199

2196 reviews

4 out of 5 stars

Furbo dog camera

This device has a wide angle, HD, Wi-Fi enabled camera so you can tune in and see your dog anytime you are away, day or night (full HD night vision capabilities).

 It has two-way audio so you can talk to your dog and you can hear each other!

Want to give your dog a little treat? Fill the device with your dog’s favorite goodies and toss little treats by using the Furbo app! If you will be busy and unable to tune-in to toss your dog treats, you can program it into the app and Furbo will toss your dog a treat at the scheduled time.

Not only is it fun, Furbo can help relieve separation anxiety when you’re not able to be together.

The two-way audio chat has a barking alert. Furbo will send an alert to your smart phone when it detects barking at home. You can then check in to see what’s going on and calm your dog down.

Furbo provides you with the most useful information about your dog.” - POPSUGAR

"I'm convinced Furbo has improved my mental health as a dog parent.” - TODAY

“Gorgeous. Simple & easy to use.” - WIRED

“Why didn’t I buy this sooner?” - BUZZFEED

"Furbo is the #1 best-selling dog camera in 10 countries!" -FORBES

Kong Low Stuffing Squeaker Dog Toys

The famous Kong brand makes squeaky toys for dogs with minimal stuffing! This means if your dog likes to de-stuff plush toys like our Emma does, there won’t be much for them to pull out of these! has several super cute Kong plush, tug, and/or tough toys to choose from ranging in size from extra small to large so you’re sure to find something to fit the pupper in your family!

You can visit to see their great selection by clicking on any one of the super cute plush toys!

Prices start at $1.99

Kong plush duck
Cozie Marvin moose
Dynos T-rex

Some of these toys have a removable squeaker! That means if you’d like to actually hear the TV show you’re watching while your dog plays, you can take the squeaker out then put it back at a later time.

Some come with two squeakers for twice the squeaky fun!

Squeakers in many of the Kong toys are replaceable, which is a great plus - I know squeakers get broken or punctured a lot around our house!

These Kong toys are also available on but in general I found Amazon's prices to be higher on these items than they are on If you'd like to see what Amazon has to offer for Kong plush dog toys click HERE!

Toy Multi-packs

Adopting a new puppy or dog for the holidays? Need to stock up on a lot of toys really easily or want to give a nice gift pack to a new puppy parent?

Here are a couple highly rated toys multi-packs that are sure to be a ton of fun!

12 or 5 Toy Pack for Puppies and Small Dogs

The 12 pack include multiple chew toys, squeaky toys, a flying disc, a treat ball, and rope toys!

The 5 pack includes three rope toys, a rope ball, and a flying disc!

These two multi-toy packs are designed for puppies, small dogs, or maybe even medium dogs.

It’s difficult to find quality toys especially when shopping on the Internet. You never know really what you’re going to get. I like to read reviews when I’m purchasing online and these two packs have high customer ratings and satisfaction. A definite plus when you're shopping!

$20.95 for the 12 toy pack

$11.99 for the 5 toy pack

339 reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars!

10 Toy Multi-Pack for Small Dogs and Puppies

This multi-pack was also designed with small dogs and puppies in mind!

The photo in description indicates it comes with 10 toys plus a carrying bag:

  • 3 rope balls
  • 2 long rope toys
  • 2 rope shapes
  • 2 plush toys
  • 1 rubber squeaky toy


140 reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars

10 dog toy pack for small dogs
10  dog toy pack for small dogs

The plush toys are super cute but do not indicate their durability. I would definitely stick to small dogs and puppies for this multi-pack. Love the rope carrot and the rope teddy bear! 

Rope toys are great for teething puppies and for keeping teeth clean and gums healthy!

This is a nice little multi-pack of toys! I think if you were to go to a pet store and buy all of these individually the price tag would likely be much higher than this pack so it definitely seems like a good deal to me!

Holiday Freshmint Greenies Dental Chews

Greenies are an incredibly popular dog treat and for good reason! Greenies are fantastic at cleaning your dog’s teeth and this holiday freshmint flavor will help them have even fresher breath!

Greenies are low-fat, made with natural ingredients including added minerals, vitamins, and nutrients and are easy to digest.

The freshmint Greenies are made with dried spearmint - ahhhh fresh!

Maui and I did a review of the pumpkin spice flavored Greenies - both Maui and Emma go bonkers for them! I suspect that the fresh mint flavor will be no different. I’m going to grab a bag of these for  a stocking stuffer!

Freshmint is seasonal so there are only 20 reviews for this flavor but they have 5 out of 5 stars!

There are several other Greenie flavors if the fresh mint doesn’t interest you or think your dog will not like it. If you’d like to check out the other flavors you can click on the red button!

holiday freshmint greenies dental chews

Kong Wubba Extra-Large!

If you want awesome toys for your extra-large dog check out the Kong Wubbas!

These toys are designed for interactive tugging, tossing, and shaking play.

There are a few varieties ranging from solid colored to cute characters but all are made tough to withstand play by your extra-large dog.

Kong wubba friends

Chewy starting at $10.99 for XL

buy on Chewy

Amazon starting at $15.99 for XL

Kong wubba dog toys

They are made with durable ballistic nylon with reinforced fabric and stitching for extra toughness!

And ... they can be machine washed! prices vary on the Wubba toys depending on the vendor you choose. seems to generally have lower prices on these toys.

Zuke's Mini Naturals

A Christmas stocking just wouldn’t be right without some delicious little treats in it!

Zuke’s Mini Naturals are small  chewy treats that are suitable for all dog sizes ranging from extra small to large (they work great as a training treat for the bigger dogs).

Zuke's are made in the USA with all natural, wholesome ingredients and no wheat, corn, or soy!

They come in a variety of drool worthy flavors:

  • Peanut butter & oats
  • Chicken
  • Rabbit
  • Salmon
  • Duck
  • Pork

Each flavor is really highly rated with 4.7 to 4.9 out of 5 stars on and 4.5 out of 5 stars on!

Some of the flavors are on super-sale right now at so I'm giving you that link below!

4.7 - 4.9 out of 5 stars

$8.94 - $12.74 on sale

buy on Chewy
Zuke's Mini Naturals

Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys

I just couldn’t resist this one because it’s so darn cute ... and has such unbelievable reviews!

Little squeaking plush squirrels hide inside a plush tree trunk.

Place the trunk on the floor and watch your dog search, sniff, and hunt out the little squirrels.

Perfect for the hide-and-squeak game or playing fetch with just the squirrels.

Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys Dogs

$9.99 - $12.24!

10,523 reviews!

4.3 out of 5 stars!

This one comes in four sizes:

  • Small - includes 3 squirrels
  • Medium - includes 3 squirrels
  • Large - includes 3 squirrels
  • Ginormous - includes 6 squirrels

If that’s not enough squirrels; you can buy additional squeaking animals to add to the collection!

I literally took a break from writing this to buy the ginormous one for Maui and Emma!

There’s no way you can beat this price for such a highly rated toy!


There you have our list of 10 PAWSOME toys and treats to get for your dog or a dog that is special to you!

I will update this post with the picture of Maui with her squirrel toys after she opens it for Christmas!

Happy shopping and Maui, Emma, and I wish you all the happiest of Howlidays!

Let us know what YOUR dog thinks of any of these toys and treats

by leaving a comment below!


Squeaky Dog Toy Review: Frisco Push to Mute Fetch Football Dog Toy


Maui absolutely loves toys! She will grab a toy and get the zoomies with it for about five minutes and then be tuckered out! It’s super cute to watch her run around, throw her toys around, and play tug-of-war.

We usually spend more time reviewing treats and toppers for you but lately, I decided we really need to branch out. Maui said she felt like she was missing out not having a chance to tell you about toys and other fun stuff! gave us the chance to review a toy for you this month, so we jumped at the opportunity!

Maui happened to be hanging out in the living room watching a football game while I was looking at the selection of toys we had to choose from (no, she wasn’t really but it seemed like a good segue). In honor of the football game, we decided to go with the football-shaped squeaky dog toy by Frisco.


Push to Mute Fetch Squeaking Dog Toys

Frisco makes a line of dog toys that they call ‘push to mute’. These toys give you the option of changing the very same toy from a squeaky dog toy into a silent toy! If you’re anything like me, you can certainly see the benefit to that!

They offer four toy shapes with the push to mute feature:

  • Football
  • Triceratops
  • T-rex
  • Dumbbell

Each is available in two different color choices.


Push to Mute Feature

I bet you are all curious about the push to mute feature like I was!

It’s a pretty neat idea – a toy that can turn from a squeaky dog toy into a silent dog toy sounds like heaven!

Maui always seems to grab her loudest squeaky toys when my daughter and I are at the most intense, cliffhanger, dramatic, etc. part of a movie. Maui will literally lay right in front of the television squeaking that toy as fast as much as she can!

The mute feature is very easy to activate in the toy. The handle is attached to a rubber stopper piece that contains the squeaker. It fits tightly into a hole in the main piece of the toy. To turn the squeaky dog toy into a quiet one, just push that rubber stopper piece inside the main piece of the toy.

It’s that simple!

The handle will still be attached so you can still use it as a fetch or play toy; it just won’t squeak!

When you want to turn it back into a squeaky dog toy just pull that rubber piece out until it catches tightly in the hole of the toy. Voilà, you now have a squeaky dog toy once again!



Use it as a Fetch Toy

These toys are also designed to be a fetch toy.

The handle allows you to get a good grip on it and throw that toy even further for your dog!


Use it as a Chew Toy

The Push to Mute fetch toys are also advertised as chew toys.

They are made from a durable thermoplastic rubber that is intended for chewing.

Keep in mind though that no toy, and really I mean no toy, is absolutely indestructible so always keep an eye on your dog when they are chewing on anything.


Size and Breed Recommendations

The football squeaky toy measures about 10 ½ inches long (including the strap) and about 2 ½ or 3 inches wide. recommends the Frisco football toy for small or medium breeds of dogs.


Our Review of the Frisco Push to Mute Fetch Squeaking Football Dog Toy

When I was looking over the selection of toys we were able to choose from, I picked the football because it was Sunday and football was on so it seemed an appropriate choice.

I admittedly did not notice the recommendation indicating the football squeaky toy was recommended for small or medium breed dogs.

This review will pretty much reiterate their recommendation as Maui made quick work of this toy.


Maui’s Overall Reaction

Maui is always super excited to get a new toy and this one was no exception! She grabbed it by the handle and pranced around the living room for a bit swinging it around before she settled in to start chewing on it.

I will go into a little more detail about how Maui preferred to use this toy but right now what I do want to say is that Maui absolutely loved this toy! I am pretty sure she would’ve enjoyed this toy for quite a long time, chewing on it and tossing it around … if I would have let her keep it.

Emma our new housemate is a Rat terrier and she had pretty much zero interest in this toy. I would hand it to her and she would sniff at it and just walk away. Maybe it was because she could tell Maui was so interested in it that she didn’t want to get in the way of that, I don’t know. But such is the way things are. Everything is not for everyone.


Maui’s Play Time the with the Frisco Football Toy

I was super excited about how much Maui absolutely loved this football toy! When I had to take it away from her she was very reluctant to give it up!

I truely had visions of being able to watch a movie without hearing a squeaky toy and actually being able to hear the movie.

Here is a video of Maui and her play style with this toy:



As a Squeaky Dog Toy

I initially gave the football toy to Maui as a squeaky toy — which she quickly learned how to squeak loudly and frequently! She couldn’t get enough of it!

She loved to grab the toy by the handle and shake it around back and forth or just settle in for good squeaking session.


As a Quiet Dog Toy

Maui loves her a good squeak toy so a quiet toy didn’t hold as much play interest for her. She still loved to grab the handle and shake it back and forth and use it for chewing, though!


As a Chew Toy

This was Maui’s favorite way to use the Frisco football toy.

No matter if I gave it to her as a squeak toy or a quiet toy she would settle in and start chewing on it as if it were a bone or a nylabone.


Issues with Maui and the Frisco Push to Mute Football Dog Toy

As I mentioned earlier, I had not noticed that this toy was recommended for small to medium breed dogs. Maui is a 60 pound Golden retriever so she fits into the large dog category.

I would not categorize Maui as a destructive dog. She very rarely destroys any of her toys, even the squeaky plush ones. If she does start getting into a plush toy it’s only because a small hole started to form and then she, of course, loves to pull out the stuffing.

I cannot say for certain if the issues I have with this toy are due to Maui just being too big of a dog for the toy or if they just are not designed and made all that well.

Perhaps these toys are better suited for a smaller dog, but this toy was not suited for Maui and I had to take it away from her after just a couple times of play.

Read on to find out why.


Issues with Push to Mute Feature

Maui golden retriever Frisco push to mute squeaky dog toyThe push to mute feature works fine. You just push the rubber stopper that is attached to the handle into the toy. With that rubber stopper inside the toy, it is unable to squeak … unless you have a trickster like Maui.

As a non-squeaky toy, Maui still loved to shake it back and forth once in a while but mainly loved to chew on it. She would chew on the handle and the rubber as if it were a nylabone type of chew toy.

Her actions of shaking and chewing on the handle sometimes would pop the rubber stopper containing the squeaker back into place – making it yet again a squeaky dog toy!

Chewing on the rubber part of the toy would sometimes make the rubber stopper completely pop out of the toy so the handle was separated from the rubber piece of the toy.


Issues with It Being a Chew Toy

Once the handle and rubber stopper was completely out of the toy, the hole that the stopper fits into is completely exposed and open.

Maui absolutely obsessed on trying to chew the edges of the rubber around that open hole.

I would say it probably took her about two minutes to start getting little pieces of the rubber ripped off.

Again, Maui is not a voracious chewer. She would just hold it between her paws and grab the edge of the rubber with her front teeth and pull. She would continue to do this until she ripped pieces of rubber from the toy.

If you re-watch the video of Maui poted above, you can see some of the issues as well as how she played with this toy.


Our Overall Review of the Frisco Push to Mute Fetch Squeaking Football Dog Toy

I can only review this toy based on Maui’s experience with it and based on this, I am unable to recommend this toy.

Perhaps it would be a safe toy for smaller dogs to have, but for dogs similar to Maui it is not safe since she can chew off pieces of rubber so easily.

While I love the push to mute feature, it just doesn’t quite hold up to Maui’s ability to make it a squeaking toy on her own as well as pull the entire rubber squeaking stopper out of the toy.






Fun factor:           


Have you tried one of the Frisco squeaky dog toys?

What was your experience like?

We’d love to hear what you have to say so please leave us a comment below!


Lynne and Maui provided this toy to Maui free of charge in exchange for an honest review.




The Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys for 2018!


I love taking Maui to a pet store! She enjoys watching the small animals like guinea pigs, birds, and ferrets – super cute! My favorite part though is taking her down the dog toy aisle. She will literally pause and check out each little bin, sniff what’s in there, and then move onto the next one. Every once in a while she finds a toy that really sparks her interest and she will pick it up, bring it to me, and put it on my lap or just carry it to the check-out counter herself!

For some reason, I was thinking about all of her toys. She has plenty of stuffed, stuff-less, and chew toys but I want to get her something that will keep her busy when I’m working on the computer, watching a movie, that sort of thing. I realized what she really needs is a (or some) treat dispensing dog toys.

This type of toy is great because it is fun for your dog, gives your dog something to focus on, occupies their mind and time, and it gives them a delicious little treat – all at the same time!

Maui and I have put together a list for you of the best dog treat dispensing toys so you can check them out!


Benefits Of Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

Treat dispensing toys are a wonderful thing to have on hand. Not only do they give your dog mental stimulation and keep their brain engaged, but they also give your dog something appropriate to chew on. Some dogs have destructive chewing habits and giving them a toy that you want them to chew on could turn their attention away from the destructive chewing and focus it on appropriate chewing – potentially saving you from having to replace those favorite shoes or slippers.

Having something to focus on can reduce your dog’s anxiety and undesired activities associated with boredom.

The rubbing of the teeth on the rubber can also help keep your dog’s teeth clean.


Kong Wobbler

When you think of a durable toy our thoughts often go straight to the Kong brand. And for good reason! Kong has been around since the mid-1970s inventing innovative durable toys, chew toys, and treat dispensing toys for your dog.

The Kong Wobbler is the same shape as the classic original Kong toy but it is bigger and made to hold treats inside.

The Wobbler is designed to sit upright until it is nudged or pushed by your dog’s nose or paw. The unpredictable rolling and spinning movements cause treats to periodically fall out the toy. The crazy movement of the Wobbler keeps your dog intrigued and interested, especially once they realize there’s food inside!

Just unscrew the bottom of the Wobbler; insert treats or kibble into the Kong; screw the bottom back on, and watch your dog have crazy fun trying to get those treats out!

The Kong Wobbler is:

  • Made of high-strength, food grade polymer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe for your dog to play with and chew on

The Wobbler is available in a small and large size (although they are both quite big)

  • The small measures 6 inches tall x 5.3 inches wide at the thickest part and can hold a ½ cup of food.
  • The large measures 7 inches x 6.5 inches wide at the thickest part and can hold 1 cup of food.

The Wobbler can also be used for mealtime to slow down the eating process. Just fill it with your dog’s kibble at mealtime and your dog will have to work at tipping the Wobbler in order to get some food to fall out. Only a few bits fall out at a time so it is great to slow down your fast eater!

No other toy holds up to the durability of a Kong and this Wobbler will provide your dog with hours of great play time!


Treat Dispensing Chew Ball

The Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball was a favorite for my first Golden. She absolutely loved this toy and would bring it to us whenever she felt the need for a treat (which was fairly often).

This chew ball is incredibly durable and strong. Neither of my Goldens has damaged these balls.

Just slip a few pieces of your dog’s kibble or treats in the holes on the side of the ball and watch your dog chew away trying to get the delicious treats to fall out. I know firsthand this chew ball can keep your dog busy for fairly long periods of time. Lulu used to work on this ball for an hour at a time sometimes.

Starmark’s treat dispensing chew ball:

  • Rolls, bounces, and floats!
  • Encourages play
  • Can be used with your dog’s own kibble and treats or Starmark interlocking treats
  • Is free of vinyl, latex, and phthalates
  • Is dishwasher safe

This chewable, bouncy ball of fun comes in three different sizes:

  • Medium, which has a 2.75-inch diameter
  • Medium/large, which has a 3.5-inch diameter, and
  • Large, which has a 4-inch diameter

My Goldens love(d) this ball because it is soft and they really enjoy rolling it around trying to get the treats to fall out! Maui thinks your dog will love it, too!


Planet Dog Orbee-Tough Snoop Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

This toy looks amazingly fun and has won multiple awards. I just bought one for Maui!

It is translucent so your dog will see the treats inside but they will need to nudge, pounce, and nose to get those delicious rewards out from inside the toy!

The Snoop is kind of a bowl shape and you insert the treats through the center crevice. The treats tumble around inside as your dog rolls the Snoop around the room.

If your dog gets the hang of this and you want to give them an extra challenge, you can insert a 2.5-inch Orbee-Tuff ball in the center. The ball also holds treats but in order to get the treats from the Snoop, your dog will have to pull the ball out of the center!

This treat dispensing toy is intended to stimulate your dog’s mind and keep them active in energized play. It is not designed for heavy chewing.

The Snoop is available in blue or orange and is 5 inches in diameter.

You can pop the center of the Snoop outward and wash the inside of it by hand with soap and water or put it on the top rack of your dishwasher.

The Snoop looks totally fun! Your dog will love chasing after this squishy, rolly treat dispensing ball!

Buy from Amazon


Kong Extreme

Need something for a super voracious chewer? Kong has you covered (of course)!

The Kong extreme dog toy is designed for adult dogs and looks similar to the original Kong classic, but is made from the most durable strength Kong rubber. The Kong Extreme is designed for the most determined of chewers!

The original shaped Kongs are incredibly versatile and you can pack pretty much any type of treat in it for your dog. Stuff it with peanut butter, kibble, meat, whatever your dog loves, and watch them chew, roll, lick, and bounce this Kong to get their treats.

The Kong extreme is freezable, so you can pack it with your dog’s favorite treat, freeze it and give them even longer-lasting play!

Knowing there are voracious chewers of every size, the Kong Extreme comes in five different sizes:

kong Extreme sizes

As always, this Kong is:

  • Made of high-strength, food grade polymer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe for your dog to play with and chew on

Need something to keep your super-chewer busy and keep them from chewing on things they shouldn’t? This dog toy is for you!

Buy from Amazon


Kong Puppy Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Have a big chewer but they are not an adult yet? You know Kong has you covered for that, too!

Part of being a puppy is chewing on probably just about everything! Your puppy needs to keep busy and they have an innate need to chew. This means they will seek out things to chew on no matter if it is your shoes, furniture, clothes … anything. Fun for them, bad for you!

Giving your puppy a Kong puppy toy stuffed with a delicious treat will focus that never-ending energy and desire to chew on something you WANT them to chew on!

The Kong puppy toy is designed for beginning to light chewers and comes in light pink and light blue.

The Kong puppy is different because they are made out of the gentlest, all-natural rubber available within the Kong line of toys.

They come in four different sizes:

kong puppy sizes

Buy from Amazon

Here is a video showing you some different ways you can stuff a Kong to keep your puppy or dog busy so you can have a little downtime to yourself!


Everlasting Treat Series of Toys

This is not a single toy but a line of products that Starmark has developed. Their Everlasting Treat series of toys not only dispense small treats but they can also hold a delicious Everlasting Treat inside for your dog to chew on.

Your dog will have fun getting the little treats out and spend hours chewing on the delicious Everlasting Treat!

The everlasting treat series of toys includes the:

  • Everlasting Treat Groovy Ball
  • Everlasting Treat Ball
  • Everlasting Treat Wheeler
  • Everlasting Treat Bento Ball
  • Everlasting Treat Fireplug


The Everlasting Treat with dental ridges is designed to help keep your dog’s teeth clean and massage the gums. You can also get the Everlasting Treat without the ridges.

The Everlasting Treat sticks out from the toy a bit in order to give the dog access to chew. If your dog is exceptionally clever or a voracious chewer, you can insert the Everlasting Treat upside down for a tougher chewing challenge.

Each Everlasting Treat toy is made out of an incredibly resilient material that can stand up to powerful chewers. This resilient material is free of vinyl, latex, and phthalates, making it safe for your dog! The material will not rip even after it is cut with a knife (check out the video below)!

Each toy in the everlasting treat series comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

  • Large is recommended for dogs over 40 pounds
  • Medium is recommended for dogs under 40 pounds
  • Small is recommended for dogs under 15 pounds

These super tough yet soft, challenging, interactive treat dispensing AND holding toys are dishwasher safe! Gotta love that!



Supervised Play Time

A good rule of thumb is to always keep an eye on your dog when they are chewing on a toy (or anything).

Some toys vouch to be indestructible but I believe there will always be a dog somewhere that can prove that statement wrong. Pieces smaller than your dog’s mouth may prove to be a choking hazard.

It is best to keep an eye on your dog when they are busy with any sort of chew toy or treat.


Maui’s Thoughts

Maui can’t wait to try her Snoop ball! She told me to let you know we will post a video of her playing with it!

Don’t forget to come back and look for her video!


All hail the treats!

Lynne and Maui


Does your dog have a favorite treat dispensing dog toy?

Have you tried any of these?

Would love to hear about your dog’s experience!

Please share by leaving a comment below!




Pet Industry Trends You Have To See!


Boy and girl with German ShepherdWe pet parents love our pets! If you’re reading this blog I’m certain I don’t need to be telling YOU that! We love them to the moon and back.  The way we show that love has changed dramatically over the years. Dogs are more than just “the dog” they are now treated like true members of the family. This comes with a lot of perks for that 4-legged family member!

This shift towards treating your dog like a member of the family often means you treat them more like you would another human. We want to feed them we eat, include them in special events, take them on adventures we humans would enjoy, etc. Because of this, trends are popping up that have never even existed before.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest and best pet industry trends for dogs!


Dog Walking

Of course, dog walking is not new; people have always taken their dogs for walks. But what IS NEW is that dog walking has now become a big business. National franchises like have turned the simple act of dog walking into a big-time moneymaker. As of September 2017, IBISWorld projected dog walking services in the United States to reach 1 billion in revenue.

We dog owners love it! We know dogs need exercise but sometimes our schedules just get in the way. It’s super simple to log into or their app; give them info about your dog; choose a walk day and time; select your dog walker and voilà … your dog is all set to go for a 30-minute walk.

It took me less than five minutes to input my dog walk information and I was provided with a list of available dog walkers in my area.

Prices are pretty reasonable. In my area, they range from about $15 to $25 per 30-minute walk.



Dog walking services are not limited to There are other national dog walking and pet sitting companies as well as ones you can find locally in your area.



Weddings are nothing new but including your dog in your wedding certainly is! For some dog parents, their wedding just wouldn’t be right without including their furry family member.

“A pet plays an important role in a couple’s life and for many pet parents, family festivities would not be complete without their pet’s involvement,” said John D’Ariano, President of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

Dog parents are finding creative ways to customize their wedding to include their dog, such as:

  • Include them in the proposal
  • Have them ask people to save the date
  • Dress them up!
  • Let them play a special role like flower girl or ring bearer



High-Tech Gadgets

Everything is high-tech today and dog gear and gadgets are no exception! You can find everything from pet tag trackers and GPS collars to automatic ball launchers, programmable feeders, even a specialized dedicated dog shower!

A lot of the gear comes with an app for your smartphone allowing you to track your pet and find them if they run off, or even feed your dog at the precise time even when you are not home.

Dog Cameras

Miss your pup when you are gone? You can check in on them when you’re not home with in-home video, app-controlled, 2-way audio cameras. Some even allow you to interact with your dog by playing laser pointer games or dispensing treats for them! High-tech has definitely gone to the dogs!



Hemp / CBD

Hemp and CBD products are huge right now not just for humans but for pets, too!

CBD is derived from hemp. It does not contain (THC so your dog will not get high) but it has cannabidiol, which many believe can be helpful or even curative when it comes to many conditions such as cancer, anxiety, pain, nausea, and skin problems.

The more you read about CBD and its helpful properties, it is no wonder that CBD products specifically made for dogs are flying off the shelf!


Pet Meal Kits

If your social media feeds are anything like mine you can’t get very far without seeing an ad for a meal delivery service such as Sun Basket, Home Chef, etc. Now while you are scheduling your own home meal delivery, you can now subscribe to meal delivery services for your dog!

With delivery services such as,, and (just naming a few) you can now have meals freshly prepared by a chef and have them delivered directly to your door- for your dog! They aren’t cheap, but neither are our human meal delivery services. But, you’re getting freshly prepared, pre-portioned meals that you don’t have to make!


These are just a few of the fun, healing, convenient trends happening so far in 2018 for our four-legged family members. It’s always fun finding the new gadgets or the new trends!

Stay tuned as we watch the year progresses to see what new, amazing products and trends arise!

Lynne and Maui


Do you have any of these awesome gadgets?

Have you tried any of the products or services?

Tell us about your experience and what you think!