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Natural Balance Dog Treats | Limited Ingredient Diet Chewy Bites

Maui and Emma have been after me to let them do another treat review, so here we go!

There are thousands of different kinds of dog treats on the market but not all of them are appropriate for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies or medical conditions that require they be on a limited ingredient diet.

Natural Balance has a full Limited Ingredient Diets (L.I.D.) menu for dogs that consists of dry kibble and wet canned dog foods as well as crunchy and soft dog treats. Maui and Emma's regular dry kibble is actually the Natural Balance L.I.D. lamb meal and brown rice formula dog food.

Last time I brought Maui in for her grooming appointment her groomer commented on how nice Maui's coat is compared to the time before. Wouldn't you know it, I switched Maui and Emma back to the Natural Balance L.I.D. diet a couple months previous. I attribute the improvement in Maui's coat to the Natural Balance dog food.

Based on our experience with the Natural Balance dog food, when we were given the opportunity to do a review on their L.I.D. Grain-free Chewy Bites we jumped at the chance!

Natural Balance Chewy Bites

Chewy bites are soft delectable treats (direct quote from Maui 😉).

These morsels of chewy goodness come in three flavor recipes:

  • Lamb
  • Duck
  • Turkey

Each flavor recipe contains a single animal protein; none of them contain any chicken products. Chicken is one of the main meat proteins that dogs are allergic to, so this is really great news!

Chewy Bites Highlights

There are a lot of great things that make these Limited Ingredient Diet dog treats something special!

  • Each recipe is made from a single animal protein
  • That single animal protein is number one on the ingredient list
  • None of the recipes contain chicken
  • Each recipe has only two primary sources of carbohydrates
  • Include no grains, fillers, or potatoes
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Good for puppies through adults!

Size, Texture, Appearance, and Calories

These look a bit like an extra skinny Slim Jim cut into pieces. All the pieces are symmetrically round in shape and cut into about 1-2 inch lengths.

If they are a little bit big for your dog you are in luck because these jerky like treats are pretty easy to cut into smaller pieces! This is great for small dogs or to use them as training treats!

The bag indicates each turkey treat is about 8 calories.  Some pieces are significantly smaller than others so I'd say 6-8 calories. Cut them into smaller pieces and you have a 2 calorie meaty treat for your dog!

I always stick my nose in the bag when we open some fresh treats and these didn't have a whole lot of smell to them. If you hang out in the bag for a while it kind of starts smelling a little bit like jerky crossed with dog food, but still not too bad. 

Natural Balance Turkey Chewy Bites

Natural Balance: Dick Van Patten

Did you know that Natural Balance was founded by the actor Dick Van Patten! Pretty cool that such a big-time actor loved dogs so much that he created his own pet food brand!

Sadly Dick Van Patten passed away in 2015 but Natural Balance continues his legacy of believing

that, as members of the family, our dogs and cats deserve the very best. 

Mr. Van Patten had a clear mission to see every animal was treated with respect and love. This mission began by creating pet foods based on sound scientific principles & nutritional truths.

Giving Back to the Community

Natural Balance does a lot to help out animals and pets in our communities. This makes them pretty special, as well as their foods!

UPC Charity Rebate Program

Bring your UPC label from your Natural Balance pet food bag along with its original receipt to a participating non-profit 501 (c)(3) animal rescue organization and that animal rescue can make some money from those UPC symbols!

Nonprofit animal rescues ascended a minimum of 50 UPC codes and they get a check in the mail within eight weeks!

What an easy way for us and Natural Balance to help animal rescues and animals in need!

Non-profit Animal Rescue Sponsorship

Qualified non-profit animal rescues can apply twice a year to receive free Natural Balance pet food sample bags to provide to new pet parents adopting their animals!

Free nutritious pet food to new pet owners! What a great way to get new pet ownership off to a great start.

Guide Dogs for the Blind Partnership

Natural Balance partners with Guide Dogs for the Blind, an organization that provides guide dogs to the visually impaired - free of charge. The Natural Balance website really doesn't indicate how they support this organization but by searching the Internet I discovered it is through monetary support. Raising and training any type of service dog is a very expensive endeavor so having the support of a company like Natural Balance can give a service dog non-profit the stability needed to continue their mission.

What You've Been Waiting for!

We know you are all anxiously awaiting an opportunity to get these chewy sticks of jerky goodness, so here it is!

These treats come in a 4-ounce bag, which seems kind of small (that is until the bag is shoved in your face). There are quite a few treat pieces in this bag for its size! I like that they didn't waste a lot of packaging making it seem like a larger bag. The number of treats you get paired with the quality ingredients makes the price of these treats pretty great! has the turkey recipe for $6.31 ($5.99 if you put them on AutoShip).

Buy now on

(prices subject to change)

Maui Golden retriever with Natural Balance Limited ingredient diet dog treats

Natural Balance L.I.D. Turkey Chewy Bites Final Review

Maui and Emma both enjoyed these treats!

Emma goes bonkers for anything that looks like food and goes doubly bonkers for anything that actually is. Needless to say, Emma gobbled these down like they were her last meal.

Maui definitely enjoyed them as well! She seemed to really enjoy the piece that was two stuck together. Her eyes closed a little bit and she really enjoyed chewing on that one! When we were done taste testing the treats I rolled off in my wheelchair, turned around to see her still sitting at attention waiting for more. What a cutie!

Here is Maui and Emma's final review of the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Turkey Chewy Bites:

What does your dog think of Natural Balance?

Have a favorite Natural Balance food or treat?

Let us know your thoughts below in the comments!

Happy munching,


Canidae Grain-free Dog Treats | Pure Heaven Bison and Butternut Squash Recipe Review

Maui and Emma are ready and willing to try out another new dog treat for you! 

I'm interested in this one as well since the flavor recipe is a bit different from the norm. A little excitement in the dog treat arena!

Canidae, a natural pet food company makes grain-free dog treats called Pure Heaven. With a name like that, I might be trying some as well (you know I'm just kidding right?)

Today Maui and Emma will be trying the Pure Heaven bison and butternut squash grain-free biscuits.

Let's jump in and see what it's like to be in Pure Heaven!

(Too cheesy?)


Canidae is a small company started and owned by a couple guys that wanted to make healthy nutritious foods for our pets. Scott and John entered the pet industry right out of high school and it has been their passion ever since.

That's good news for all of us!

Their dedication and love for pets has brought about the creation of some pawsome dog and cat foods and treats that are superior to many other brands; offer great nutrition; are made from whole natural foods, and that pets love! ❤️

The company is thriving in the small family town of Brownwood Texas where their products are manufactured and packaged.

Pure Heaven Grain Free Biscuits

The Pure line of foods and treats are all grain-free.

Personally I don't see this as a benefit or a detriment when it comes to treats unless your dog has a gluten sensitivity or allergy.

These crunchy rectangles of deliciousness come in three flavor recipes:

  • Bison & butternut squash (Maui and Emma's choice)
  • Duck & chickpeas
  • Salmon & sweet potatoes

They all sound like delicious combinations, something you would make for yourself and put on a fancy dinner plate (you know, I mean the real whole foods ... not the dog treats and foods). Although, I do admit I have never tried bison.

Maui and Emma chose the bison and butternut squash recipe as neither of them have tried bison before today, either!

Bison and Butternut Squash Recipe

Obviously these biscuits have bison and butternut squash included as ingredients but let's take a look at what else is in these treats!

Pretty short list of ingredients which is always nice. That means they don't throw a lot of junk in there that your dog doesn't need.

A couple things to note:

Peas, potatoes, and cane molasses rank higher in the list than bison and butternut squash. That means there are more peas, potatoes, and cane molasses in these treats then there is bison and butternut squash.

These treats do contain chicken fat which means if your dog has an allergy or sensitivity to chicken these treats probably wouldn't be a good selection for your dog.

The good thing though is that the list is short and all the ingredients are natural. Even that oh so vague 'natural flavor' says that it is natural (even though we don't know what the natural flavor is).

Watch this video to learn about Canidae produce suppliers and

the quality ingredients that go into Canidae foods and treats.

Size and Appearance

These biscuits are of a pretty good size - the rectangular shaped treat is around 1 3/4 inches in length. 

What's nice about them though is that they are made to be easily broken in half. There's a little indentation in the middle of the treat and they easily snap in half at that spot.

canidae pure heaven dog treats size

I will be using these more so as training treats so we broke some of ours into even smaller pieces. If they are a little tougher to break for you without the indent, a knife and cutting board work really well.

Texture and Calories

These dog biscuits are a very crunchy treat.

They are not super hard - they are fairly easy to break at the mark. But, they definitely are a substantial crunch when Maui and Emma are eating them.

Each flavor recipe is a different calorie count:

  • Bison & butternut squash - 24 kcal / treat
  • Duck & chickpea - 30.8 kcal / treat
  • Salmon & sweet potato - 33.7 kcal / treat

Package Size

I have purchased a lot of dog treats in my day and usually the healthier treats made from natural whole ingredients (like these Pure Heaven biscuits) come in small packages.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received these treats to see that they come in a really good sized bag!

The only come in one size, an 11-ounce bag but that bag holds over 30 really good sized treats!

canidae pure heaven 30 treats per bag

Really Great Value for the Money!

These large bags that contain over 30 nearly  2-inch long healthy treats come at a really great price! offers the bison & butternut squash recipe for $7.59!

The other two recipes range from $5.18 - $7.59!

(Prices are subject to change. Looks like they are on sale right now so that may change in the future.)

Super wag-credible that you can get dog treats of this quality at such an incredibly reasonable price.

These treats are definitely going on my 'buy again' list!

canidae pure heaven dog treat varieties
Buy now on

Maui & Emma's Final Review: Pure Heaven Bison & Butternut Squash Biscuits

Both Maui and Emma enjoyed these crunchy dog biscuits!

Knowing that they would be getting a few while I tried to get some good photos we broke them in half at the mark (which was pretty easy).

Maui could've easily handled a whole biscuits but with winter heavy upon us (and lack of activity) she doesn't need the calories. Half a biscuit was definitely a good size for Emma. She couldn't just chomp it up in one bite. She had to set it down and eat the half a biscuit in phases. She could've probably even done with 1/4 of a biscuit.

Here is our final review:

canidae pure heaven bison and butternut squash review

These treats were provided by free of charge in exchange for providing an honest review.

Thank You

Maui, Emma, and I just want to send out a thank you to all of our readers!

Hard to believe we've been at this blog for almost a year now and we wouldn't be here without your support! ❤️🐾

How much do you and your dog love Canidae?

Have you tried these or any other of their products?

With love to hear your thoughts!

Please help us out and give Maui and Emma a share & like!


Merrick Fresh Kisses Dental Chews for Dogs | Great For Clean Teeth and Fresh Breath!

Who doesn't like kisses? Especially when they are fresh kisses!

I think one of the fun things about having a dog is all the little kisses ( or big slobbery ones if you have a big dog)! Dogs are so willing to give unconditional love and affection. It's one of the most endearing qualities about them.

Unfortunately some of our dogs don't have the best breath and getting those loving dog kisses can be a little less than pleasant. Sweet kisses but bad breath!

There are several dental chews out there for dogs to help keep your dog's teeth clean.

Today we are going to see what Maui and Emma think of the Merrick Fresh Kisses All Natural Double-Brush dental chews. Yes, I said double-brush!

Not only will these dental chews help keep your dog's teeth clean they will also give your dog fresher breath! 

Let's check them out!

The Merrick Company

I love the Merrick company because it was started by just a normal guy wanting to make great treats for his dog.

The company started in 1988 with the simple single natural treat called the Flossie. It ended up being a hit at trade shows and the company has done nothing but grow from that point on!

“Our faith, family, and country have always been at the core of what our company is about. 

It was true when we started, and it’s still the same today.”


Merrick's Five-Star Promises

As a company of integrity Merrick policies you five things:

  • they use local growers for fresh produce and meats
  • they use whole foods - no added sweeteners, preservatives, colors or other unnecessary additives
  • foods are cooked in their kitchen located in Texas
  • their foods offer balanced high-quality nutrition
  • they offer "better food for better health"

Fresh Kisses Dental Treats

Fresh Kisses treats for dogs were formulated and designed with two purposes in mind -

  1. to clean your dog's teeth
  2. to give your dog fresher breath

Item number 1 is obviously very important to your dog's health but I would say 2 will also improve your daily life! You know what I mean if your dog has ever come up and breathed directly in your face!

Fresh kisses are available in two recipes. One is infused with coconut & botanical oils and the other recipe is infused with mint flavored breath strips!

Unique Design Cleans Teeth Better

At first glance, you may think that the Merrick Fresh Kisses looks similar to another brand of dental treat (yeah, the Greenies) but the Fresh Kisses have a unique design that enables them to clean your dog's teeth a little bit better.

Fresh kisses are designed as a double brush. They have a little toothbrush shape at each end of the treat so as your dog chews, those little toothbrush nubs get in there and give your dog's teeth a better clean.

Fresh Kisses Coconut & Botanical Oils Recipe

For being part of the Chewy influencer program Maui and Emma had the opportunity to try the Fresh Kisses free of charge in exchange for their (and my) honest opinion of the product.

We chose the coconut & botanical oils recipe.

The Fresh Kisses come in four different sizes -

Fresh kisses dental treats sizes

Since Emma is about 20 pounds and Maui is about 60 pounds I opted for the medium-size - trying to hit the in between. Maui has a tendency to easily put on weight so I often tend to get a smaller sized treat than is recommended for her weight anyway.

Taste Testing

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a dog so excited to taste a treat before! I thought Emma was about to lose her mind waiting while was taking a couple product photos!

Emma suffered through having to wait to taste her Fresh Kisses while I tried to get them both settled to pose for a "with the treats" photo. This took way longer than I expected because Emma could not contain herself! I actually can't believe I got her to sit still long enough for a photo and she didn't go ahead and steal the dental treat while I was futzing around with my phone. What a good girl!

I could definitely smell the coconut as they ate their Fresh Kisses! This flavor recipe has peppermint oil as an ingredient and I can definitely smell the mint!

Coming out of the bag they didn't really have a bad smell either. I could smell a little hint of the mint coming through.

Both Maui and Emma love these. I can't really tell you that they love them more than any other dental treat we have tried, but they are definitely a hit that is for sure!

Botanical Oils in the Coconut & Botanical Oils Recipe

I was interested to know what potential oils are actually in this recipe so I figured you would be interested as well.

Oils included in the ingredient list are:

  • Coconut oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Lemongrass oil
  • Rosemary oil

Other ingredients - Say What?

The ingredient list for these treats is pretty short but there are a couple things in it that pique my curiosity.

One of the ingredients in these First Kisses is "natural flavor". I always hate something generic like that. What actually is "natural flavor"? The natural flavor of what? The natural flavor of  .. Grass? Strawberries? Paper?

If it is something like the natural flavor of strawberries, why don't they just say that? While this may just be a little pet peeve of my own, I don't understand why they just can't list what the natural flavor actually is.

They also list "fruit juice color". Fruit juice color? What in the heck is that and what does that mean? How do you just add the color of a fruit juice? So does that mean they actually do put in artificial color? I'm not sure. While their website says they do not add artificial colors I'm kind of at a loss of what "fruit juice color" may be.

Calorie Content

Is always important to watch the calories you give your dog.

When you give big treats like this they can pack a lot of calories and you definitely have to adjust the amount of mealtime food to give them to compensate for the extra treat calories.

This medium-size coconut and botanical oil Fresh Kisses contains 103 calories per treat.

That is definitely way too many calories for little Emma to get on a regular basis in a snack so I would definitely purchase a smaller size for her in the future. 

Both dogs will get a bit of a decrease in their regular food tonight at dinner time to compensate for these extra calories.

Prices and Sizes

The Merrick Fresh Kisses dental chews come in threes size packages that I will call small, medium, and large.

You will get a different number of dental chews per package depending on the treat size that you pick.

For example, if you pick the large package you will get:

  • 16 large-sized chews
  • 22 medium-sized chews
  • 36 small-sized chews
  • 78 extra-small sized chews

Right now the prices on are around:

  • $8.50 for the small package
  • $12.75 for the medium package
  • $25.50 for the large package has some of the Fresh Kisses packages on sale right now ( prices and special offers are obviously subject to change).

If you'd like to take a look and check them out click on the button below to be magically transported to

Buy now on

Merrick Fresh Kisses Final Review

Maui and Emma thoroughly enjoy the Merrick Fresh Kisses coconut and botanical oils dental chews!

Here is their final review:

Has your dog tried these before?

Does your dog (or you) prefer these or a different dental chew?

Emma loves these! Does your dog?

Leave us a comment below!


Holiday Dog Treats for Your Special Pup!

We couldn't let December go by without highlighting a couple Maui and Emma approved Christmas holiday dog treats!

These packages of holiday doggy goodness make excellent stocking stuffers! Well, hopefully, I'm not the only one who has stockings hanging from the mantle for all of their pets. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Assuming I’m not the only one and that you are in search of some amazingly delicious and healthy treats to put in your dog’s Christmas stocking, I’m not going to over analyze these treats. Just going to put them out there for you to take a look at, fall in love with, and consider for your puppy’s holiday!

Today we have two puptacular treats to tell you about, both in special flavors and shapes to celebrate the Christmas holiday!

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Trees

Zuke’s is a highly reputable dog treat brand and they have a special holiday treat!

What makes these treats so fun you ask? They come in the shape of little evergreens … they are shaped like little Christmas trees! How flipping cute is that?

You can get the regular flavor recipes of the Mini Naturals any time of the year but you can only get the little tree shape treats around the Christmas holiday!

The trees are also a special holiday flavor that differs from all the other Mini Naturals recipes - turkey & cranberry!

Maui and Emma could not wait for me to open up this bag of treats! They were going all crazy elf while we were trying to get the bag open and do the photo shoot!

These are definitely a total win in all categories for me! Great ingredients, low calories, and a small size!

Maui and Emma would like to add - total win in the taste category!


I originally purchased our Zuke's Mini Natural Trees on I went to look up the price to put it in this post and they are sadly on back-order until the day before Christmas. Keep an eye on their website though, they might become available again and maybe at a good discount since it's right before Christmas!

You can find them on Amazon for $15.29 per bag and on random sites online.  You'll likely need to google them to see who still has these in-demand treats still available.

Why Zuke’s are Awesome!

The small size of the Mini Naturals makes these tender, soft, chewy treats absolutely perfect for training your dog!

They are also a really great all-round treat for tiny and small dogs or possibly even dogs with few teeth or tender mouths.

The tree-shaped Mini naturals only have 2.2 calories per treat! This is great if you use them for training your dog. It’s doubly great if you have a small dog that really doesn’t need a lot of calories per day. You can give them a few of these treats without worrying about giving them a belly to rival Santa.

Other Delicious Mini Naturals Recipe Flavors

In case you’re curious you can get the regular flavors any time of the year. They have several recipes to choose from:

  • Peanut butter & oats
  • Chicken
  • Rabbit
  • Salmon
  • Duck, and
  • Pork

The little delectables have less than 3 calories per treat and are still nice and soft and chewy.

Throwing this in here because some flavors are on super-sale right now on Chewy and they are just flat out great tiny treats - holiday or not.

zukes mini naturals recipe flavors

Merry & Bright Tinsel Treats

The Merry & Bright collection of dog treats is available exclusively at PetSmart. Well, you can find them listed on Amazon but they are about 3 to 4 times more expensive on Amazon than at PetSmart. My guess is that someone just bought a bunch and is selling them on their own.

Merry & Bright calls all their Christmas dog treats Tinsel Treats, which is kind of cute.

They come in several Christmasy and traditional flavors and shapes such as:

  • Cranberry & vanilla snowflakes
  • Gingerbread & molasses gingerbread cookies
  • Honey & cinnamon snickerdoodle treats
  • Carob & vanilla hot cocoa cookies
  • Pumpkin & peanut butter bars
  • Drizzled peanut butter dog cookies
  • Peanut butter biscuit bones

They are all really inexpensive right now - ranging from $2.00 - $3.00 per bag/container!

Cranberry & Vanilla Tinsel Treats

Maui and I chose the cranberry & vanilla flavored Tinsel Treats. They are fairly good size and kind of look like a snowflake (or flower).

Each cookie contains 22 calories.

This particular tinsel treat is made from a simple list of common ingredients. Nothing weird or hard to pronounce!

merry bright tinsel treats ingredients

These cranberry and vanilla dog treats actually smell incredibly good! So good in fact that I tasted one!

They aren’t too bad! A little dry for my taste and could use a little more in the way of seasoning but all-in-all they could be a “not terrible” but not “to-die-for” Christmas cookie. That being said, I wouldn’t really eat them as a human food since we don’t know the quality of the ingredients used and if they are acceptable for human consumption (just in case you were thinking about trying them).

merry bright tinsel treats size
merry  and bright dog treats with maui golden retriever

Other Tinsel Treats - Ingredients

Several of the other Tinsel Treats (the ones in the bags) have what look to be simple, wholesome ingredients without any artificial anything or weird names in the ingredient lists. A couple others aren’t quite as good.

The peanut butter drizzled cookies and the peanut butter biscuit bones (in plastic containers) both have several artificial colors in them. They also note that the treats may stain. So, be sure to feed drizzled cookies or biscuit bones somewhere without carpet or rugs.

The Final Review

The final opinions always come from Maui and now also Emma.

Both Maui and Emma couldn’t get enough of these treats! I would say the Mini Naturals Trees definitely ranked much higher than the Cranberry and Vanilla Tinsel Treats but both dogs enjoyed the Tinsel Treats as well.

zukesmini naturals ratings tinsel treats ratings

The Mini Naturals Trees smell divine to Maui and Emma but had a very distinct “dog food” smell to my human nose. They are also a bit more expensive right now since quantities are very limited. The ingredients are also premium so that bumps up the price a bit.

The Cranberry and Vanilla Tinsel Treats received a lower score for ingredients as some of the other versions of Tinsel Treats included several artificial colors. The price was divine - 2-3 bucks a bag.

Maui, Emma, and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!


The Best Holiday Gifts for Dog Owners and Their Dog

The gift giving season is upon us and we cannot forget our four-legged, furry family members! In our home each human and each animal has their own stocking hanging from the fireplace mantle. Seeing as we now have four cats, two dogs, and three of us humans, the fireplace mantle is pretty crowded!

I always love getting gifts for our pets! I believe they truly enjoy getting them as well!

There are a bajillion different dog toys, gadgets, and treats out there to choose from when looking for something to give your very special pupper for Christmas. That is why Maui, Emma, and I sat down and put together this list of some of our favorite gifts to give your (or a friends) dog this pawliday!

Here are 10 toys and treats sure to get tails wagging!

 Don't forget to make it down to number 10; I think it's the cutest one of all!

Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Maui absolutely loves the rope toys she has! She saw these and wants them so bad (okay, maybe she didn’t see them but I know she would love them ... I might need to get them for her stocking!) $16.99

413 customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars

xl rope toys for aggressive chewers
xl rope toys

These rope toys are XL and come in a package of three with a bonus ball! These toys can be used for fetching, tug-of-war, chewing, retrieving, catching, and shaking. They are certainly not completely indestructible but are designed with aggressive chewers in mind!

There ropes are a really nice long size as well! One Amazon reviewer indicates the ropes range from 1 ½ feet to 2 feet long!

What’s also great about purchasing these particular rope toys is that each purchase helps support Pacific Pups Rescue, a nonprofit dog rescue located in Southern California! What better way to celebrate the holiday than getting your dog some super durable fun new rope toys and help feed and shelter dogs in need!

Chuckit! Dog Ball Launcher

If you’re not sure what to get a family or friend’s dog for Christmas, this one is a sure bet!

If you don’t have one for your own dog yet the two of you are missing out on some incredibly fun human, dog, ball bonding time! $7.42 and up

 3571 reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars!

Chuckit dog toy
chuckit dog toy

These ingenious gadgets are amazing! A cleverly designed yet so simple ball holder that lets you launch your dog’s ball farther and faster than you ever could with just your arm! Once the ball is covered in slobber or dirt you can just pick it up with the ball launcher and not have to get any of that on your hands either! That is a definite plus at times!

There are several different Chuckits and balls to accommodate different sized dogs and their varied abilities!

You can get Chuckit balls that bounce, float, glow in the dark, whistle, and are soft  so they make for a great variety of fun activities!

Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Tossing Smart Device

This device is so fun and so cool, I can hardly stand it! It gets a big seal of approval from Ellen DeGeneres as well!

Ellen DeGeneres recomendation

When you are away from home this insanely awesome little device lets you:

  • see your dog with the 1080p full HD camera
  • talk to your dog with the two-way audio
  • toss your dog treats
  • check in at night with the camera's night vision capabilities
  • know if your dog is barking with the programmable barking alert
  • more

Amazon $199

2196 reviews

4 out of 5 stars

Furbo dog camera

This device has a wide angle, HD, Wi-Fi enabled camera so you can tune in and see your dog anytime you are away, day or night (full HD night vision capabilities).

 It has two-way audio so you can talk to your dog and you can hear each other!

Want to give your dog a little treat? Fill the device with your dog’s favorite goodies and toss little treats by using the Furbo app! If you will be busy and unable to tune-in to toss your dog treats, you can program it into the app and Furbo will toss your dog a treat at the scheduled time.

Not only is it fun, Furbo can help relieve separation anxiety when you’re not able to be together.

The two-way audio chat has a barking alert. Furbo will send an alert to your smart phone when it detects barking at home. You can then check in to see what’s going on and calm your dog down.

Furbo provides you with the most useful information about your dog.” - POPSUGAR

"I'm convinced Furbo has improved my mental health as a dog parent.” - TODAY

“Gorgeous. Simple & easy to use.” - WIRED

“Why didn’t I buy this sooner?” - BUZZFEED

"Furbo is the #1 best-selling dog camera in 10 countries!" -FORBES

Kong Low Stuffing Squeaker Dog Toys

The famous Kong brand makes squeaky toys for dogs with minimal stuffing! This means if your dog likes to de-stuff plush toys like our Emma does, there won’t be much for them to pull out of these! has several super cute Kong plush, tug, and/or tough toys to choose from ranging in size from extra small to large so you’re sure to find something to fit the pupper in your family!

You can visit to see their great selection by clicking on any one of the super cute plush toys!

Prices start at $1.99

Kong plush duck
Cozie Marvin moose
Dynos T-rex

Some of these toys have a removable squeaker! That means if you’d like to actually hear the TV show you’re watching while your dog plays, you can take the squeaker out then put it back at a later time.

Some come with two squeakers for twice the squeaky fun!

Squeakers in many of the Kong toys are replaceable, which is a great plus - I know squeakers get broken or punctured a lot around our house!

These Kong toys are also available on but in general I found Amazon's prices to be higher on these items than they are on If you'd like to see what Amazon has to offer for Kong plush dog toys click HERE!

Toy Multi-packs

Adopting a new puppy or dog for the holidays? Need to stock up on a lot of toys really easily or want to give a nice gift pack to a new puppy parent?

Here are a couple highly rated toys multi-packs that are sure to be a ton of fun!

12 or 5 Toy Pack for Puppies and Small Dogs

The 12 pack include multiple chew toys, squeaky toys, a flying disc, a treat ball, and rope toys!

The 5 pack includes three rope toys, a rope ball, and a flying disc!

These two multi-toy packs are designed for puppies, small dogs, or maybe even medium dogs.

It’s difficult to find quality toys especially when shopping on the Internet. You never know really what you’re going to get. I like to read reviews when I’m purchasing online and these two packs have high customer ratings and satisfaction. A definite plus when you're shopping!

$20.95 for the 12 toy pack

$11.99 for the 5 toy pack

339 reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars!

10 Toy Multi-Pack for Small Dogs and Puppies

This multi-pack was also designed with small dogs and puppies in mind!

The photo in description indicates it comes with 10 toys plus a carrying bag:

  • 3 rope balls
  • 2 long rope toys
  • 2 rope shapes
  • 2 plush toys
  • 1 rubber squeaky toy


140 reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars

10 dog toy pack for small dogs
10  dog toy pack for small dogs

The plush toys are super cute but do not indicate their durability. I would definitely stick to small dogs and puppies for this multi-pack. Love the rope carrot and the rope teddy bear! 

Rope toys are great for teething puppies and for keeping teeth clean and gums healthy!

This is a nice little multi-pack of toys! I think if you were to go to a pet store and buy all of these individually the price tag would likely be much higher than this pack so it definitely seems like a good deal to me!

Holiday Freshmint Greenies Dental Chews

Greenies are an incredibly popular dog treat and for good reason! Greenies are fantastic at cleaning your dog’s teeth and this holiday freshmint flavor will help them have even fresher breath!

Greenies are low-fat, made with natural ingredients including added minerals, vitamins, and nutrients and are easy to digest.

The freshmint Greenies are made with dried spearmint - ahhhh fresh!

Maui and I did a review of the pumpkin spice flavored Greenies - both Maui and Emma go bonkers for them! I suspect that the fresh mint flavor will be no different. I’m going to grab a bag of these for  a stocking stuffer!

Freshmint is seasonal so there are only 20 reviews for this flavor but they have 5 out of 5 stars!

There are several other Greenie flavors if the fresh mint doesn’t interest you or think your dog will not like it. If you’d like to check out the other flavors you can click on the red button!

holiday freshmint greenies dental chews

Kong Wubba Extra-Large!

If you want awesome toys for your extra-large dog check out the Kong Wubbas!

These toys are designed for interactive tugging, tossing, and shaking play.

There are a few varieties ranging from solid colored to cute characters but all are made tough to withstand play by your extra-large dog.

Kong wubba friends

Chewy starting at $10.99 for XL

buy on Chewy

Amazon starting at $15.99 for XL

Kong wubba dog toys

They are made with durable ballistic nylon with reinforced fabric and stitching for extra toughness!

And ... they can be machine washed! prices vary on the Wubba toys depending on the vendor you choose. seems to generally have lower prices on these toys.

Zuke's Mini Naturals

A Christmas stocking just wouldn’t be right without some delicious little treats in it!

Zuke’s Mini Naturals are small  chewy treats that are suitable for all dog sizes ranging from extra small to large (they work great as a training treat for the bigger dogs).

Zuke's are made in the USA with all natural, wholesome ingredients and no wheat, corn, or soy!

They come in a variety of drool worthy flavors:

  • Peanut butter & oats
  • Chicken
  • Rabbit
  • Salmon
  • Duck
  • Pork

Each flavor is really highly rated with 4.7 to 4.9 out of 5 stars on and 4.5 out of 5 stars on!

Some of the flavors are on super-sale right now at so I'm giving you that link below!

4.7 - 4.9 out of 5 stars

$8.94 - $12.74 on sale

buy on Chewy
Zuke's Mini Naturals

Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys

I just couldn’t resist this one because it’s so darn cute ... and has such unbelievable reviews!

Little squeaking plush squirrels hide inside a plush tree trunk.

Place the trunk on the floor and watch your dog search, sniff, and hunt out the little squirrels.

Perfect for the hide-and-squeak game or playing fetch with just the squirrels.

Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys Dogs

$9.99 - $12.24!

10,523 reviews!

4.3 out of 5 stars!

This one comes in four sizes:

  • Small - includes 3 squirrels
  • Medium - includes 3 squirrels
  • Large - includes 3 squirrels
  • Ginormous - includes 6 squirrels

If that’s not enough squirrels; you can buy additional squeaking animals to add to the collection!

I literally took a break from writing this to buy the ginormous one for Maui and Emma!

There’s no way you can beat this price for such a highly rated toy!


There you have our list of 10 PAWSOME toys and treats to get for your dog or a dog that is special to you!

I will update this post with the picture of Maui with her squirrel toys after she opens it for Christmas!

Happy shopping and Maui, Emma, and I wish you all the happiest of Howlidays!

Let us know what YOUR dog thinks of any of these toys and treats

by leaving a comment below!

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