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Natural Balance Dog Treats | Limited Ingredient Diet Chewy Bites

Maui and Emma have been after me to let them do another treat review, so here we go!

There are thousands of different kinds of dog treats on the market but not all of them are appropriate for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies or medical conditions that require they be on a limited ingredient diet.

Natural Balance has a full Limited Ingredient Diets (L.I.D.) menu for dogs that consists of dry kibble and wet canned dog foods as well as crunchy and soft dog treats. Maui and Emma's regular dry kibble is actually the Natural Balance L.I.D. lamb meal and brown rice formula dog food.

Last time I brought Maui in for her grooming appointment her groomer commented on how nice Maui's coat is compared to the time before. Wouldn't you know it, I switched Maui and Emma back to the Natural Balance L.I.D. diet a couple months previous. I attribute the improvement in Maui's coat to the Natural Balance dog food.

Based on our experience with the Natural Balance dog food, when we were given the opportunity to do a review on their L.I.D. Grain-free Chewy Bites we jumped at the chance!

Natural Balance Chewy Bites

Chewy bites are soft delectable treats (direct quote from Maui 😉).

These morsels of chewy goodness come in three flavor recipes:

  • Lamb
  • Duck
  • Turkey

Each flavor recipe contains a single animal protein; none of them contain any chicken products. Chicken is one of the main meat proteins that dogs are allergic to, so this is really great news!

Chewy Bites Highlights

There are a lot of great things that make these Limited Ingredient Diet dog treats something special!

  • Each recipe is made from a single animal protein
  • That single animal protein is number one on the ingredient list
  • None of the recipes contain chicken
  • Each recipe has only two primary sources of carbohydrates
  • Include no grains, fillers, or potatoes
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Good for puppies through adults!

Size, Texture, Appearance, and Calories

These look a bit like an extra skinny Slim Jim cut into pieces. All the pieces are symmetrically round in shape and cut into about 1-2 inch lengths.

If they are a little bit big for your dog you are in luck because these jerky like treats are pretty easy to cut into smaller pieces! This is great for small dogs or to use them as training treats!

The bag indicates each turkey treat is about 8 calories.  Some pieces are significantly smaller than others so I'd say 6-8 calories. Cut them into smaller pieces and you have a 2 calorie meaty treat for your dog!

I always stick my nose in the bag when we open some fresh treats and these didn't have a whole lot of smell to them. If you hang out in the bag for a while it kind of starts smelling a little bit like jerky crossed with dog food, but still not too bad. 

Natural Balance Turkey Chewy Bites

Natural Balance: Dick Van Patten

Did you know that Natural Balance was founded by the actor Dick Van Patten! Pretty cool that such a big-time actor loved dogs so much that he created his own pet food brand!

Sadly Dick Van Patten passed away in 2015 but Natural Balance continues his legacy of believing

that, as members of the family, our dogs and cats deserve the very best. 

Mr. Van Patten had a clear mission to see every animal was treated with respect and love. This mission began by creating pet foods based on sound scientific principles & nutritional truths.

Giving Back to the Community

Natural Balance does a lot to help out animals and pets in our communities. This makes them pretty special, as well as their foods!

UPC Charity Rebate Program

Bring your UPC label from your Natural Balance pet food bag along with its original receipt to a participating non-profit 501 (c)(3) animal rescue organization and that animal rescue can make some money from those UPC symbols!

Nonprofit animal rescues ascended a minimum of 50 UPC codes and they get a check in the mail within eight weeks!

What an easy way for us and Natural Balance to help animal rescues and animals in need!

Non-profit Animal Rescue Sponsorship

Qualified non-profit animal rescues can apply twice a year to receive free Natural Balance pet food sample bags to provide to new pet parents adopting their animals!

Free nutritious pet food to new pet owners! What a great way to get new pet ownership off to a great start.

Guide Dogs for the Blind Partnership

Natural Balance partners with Guide Dogs for the Blind, an organization that provides guide dogs to the visually impaired - free of charge. The Natural Balance website really doesn't indicate how they support this organization but by searching the Internet I discovered it is through monetary support. Raising and training any type of service dog is a very expensive endeavor so having the support of a company like Natural Balance can give a service dog non-profit the stability needed to continue their mission.

What You've Been Waiting for!

We know you are all anxiously awaiting an opportunity to get these chewy sticks of jerky goodness, so here it is!

These treats come in a 4-ounce bag, which seems kind of small (that is until the bag is shoved in your face). There are quite a few treat pieces in this bag for its size! I like that they didn't waste a lot of packaging making it seem like a larger bag. The number of treats you get paired with the quality ingredients makes the price of these treats pretty great! has the turkey recipe for $6.31 ($5.99 if you put them on AutoShip).

Buy now on

(prices subject to change)

Maui Golden retriever with Natural Balance Limited ingredient diet dog treats

Natural Balance L.I.D. Turkey Chewy Bites Final Review

Maui and Emma both enjoyed these treats!

Emma goes bonkers for anything that looks like food and goes doubly bonkers for anything that actually is. Needless to say, Emma gobbled these down like they were her last meal.

Maui definitely enjoyed them as well! She seemed to really enjoy the piece that was two stuck together. Her eyes closed a little bit and she really enjoyed chewing on that one! When we were done taste testing the treats I rolled off in my wheelchair, turned around to see her still sitting at attention waiting for more. What a cutie!

Here is Maui and Emma's final review of the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Turkey Chewy Bites:

What does your dog think of Natural Balance?

Have a favorite Natural Balance food or treat?

Let us know your thoughts below in the comments!

Happy munching,


Turkey Jerky Dog Treats By Only Natural Pet!


I don’t know about you but we get a lot of junk in our U.S. mail nearly every day. Most of it I throw away without giving it a second glance. Luckily, on this particular day, I decided to look a little more closely at what we received. Good thing I did because there was a coupon from PetSmart for a free bag of Only Natural Pet treats!

We finally got around to using the coupon. I let Maui sniff around at the bags of treats and choose the one she wanted. She chose a bag of Only Natural Pet Jerky Wraps made with free-range turkey and sweet potato.

That’s a mouthful to say! Let’s see how much of a mouthful they are for Maui to eat!


Only Natural Pet Jerky Wraps

These jerky wraps are certainly a treat not only for the tongue but for the eyes as well! The jerky wraps come in two flavor choices:

  • chicken wrapped in carrot
  • Turkey wrapped sweet potato

Maui chose the range free turkey wrapped sweet potato Jerky Wraps.

These jerky wraps truly look like something made for human consumption (I would not try them though because they ARE made for dogs … just in case you were thinking about it).

A delicious balance of taste and texture with the chewy turkey or chicken jerky paired with dry roasted carrots or sweet potato.


What Makes Them so Special

These chicken jerky dog treats and turkey jerky dog treats are super special and delicious because the meat and vegetables are slow roasted. This helps the jerky wraps achieve a fun to eat chewy texture and a delicious taste!

Roasting is a healthy way to cook vegetables; it lets the food retain a lot of the natural nutrients. Roasting also intensifies flavors!

The turkey and chicken are USA sourced and raised cage-free with no added antibiotics or hormones!

Get this – they are hand wrapped!



More Detail Please

The Only Natural Pet website indicates the whole muscle meats and the vegetables used in their jerky wraps are all sourced within the United States:

  • Turkey from North Carolina
  • Sweet potatoes from Mississippi
  • Chicken from Georgia
  • Carrots from Michigan

I absolutely love that they share where each of these main ingredients is sourced. It makes me feel like they kind of just went to a next door neighbor to get ingredients to make these jerky dog treats!


Ingredient List

Short and sweet. Nothing artificial or mysterious here.

Turkey, sweet potato, molasses, vinegar, salt, and some natural preservatives.



What These Dog Treats Are Missing

They certainly are not lacking in the flavor and texture categories but what they ARE missing is:

  • Hormones and antibiotics
  • Artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors
  • Grain, corn, and soy
  • Ingredients from China
  • A lot of fat


Opening the Bag

These treats come in a 4.5-ounce bag. These treats are a decent size, I’d guesstimate the size of 2-3 quarters.

They look like jerky wrapped around a chunk of sweet potato. Imagine that.

They smell … well, not bad! They kind of smell like a sweet jerky meat. Not bad for the human nose at all!



Calories per Treat

The free range turkey and sweet potato recipe of Only Natural Pet jerky wraps contain about 96 calories per ounce.

Ugh …. I have to do math….

If I ignore all of the little pieces of jerky that are not part of a whole treat, our bag has 15 treats.

That works out to about 29 calories per treat. Not too bad, but keep it in mind when feeding ’cause those extra treat calories add up!


Show Me the Money

These turkey jerky dog treats and chicken jerky dog treats only come in 4.5 oz. bags. Here are some retailers and their current advertised price (which is pretty standard across the board). What will make the difference in your overall cost is an AutoShip discount and if free shipping is available.

PetSmart – $9.99 – $9.99 ($9.49 with AutoShip. Free shipping over $49) – $9.99 ($8.49 with auto delivery. Currently free shipping for first-time buyers)


What People Are Saying

Only Natural Pet is a small business that originated and is still located in Colorado. The reviews for these treats are few.

The reviews out there, for the most part, are positive.

These jerky wraps have a 4.7 / 5-star rating on the website!

They have a 5 / 5-star rating on!


Pros & Cons


  • USA sourced and made
  • Whole muscle meat
  • Slow roasted
  • High-protein (25%)
  • Natural ingredients


  • One reviewer’s dog did not like the turkey jerky but ate the sweet potato
  • One reviewer indicated the chicken jerky was difficult for her dog with tooth issues to eat
  • I only get one a day (that was Maui’s input)


What Maui Thinks

Probably not hard to guess that Maui loves them! She’s a good size dog and was able to fit the entire piece in her mouth and chew it. I could tell it was very chewy but not hard.

As a side note, the drool was everywhere!



The Final Score

Maui gives these turkey jerky dog treats lots of drool and a butt hits the floor really fast, I want another one, paws way up!

I give them maybe an 8/10 because there were a lot of small pieces of jerky in the bag and they don’t tell you how many calories per treat.

I also find their website too commercialized and not personal enough. It’s kind of set up strangely where they appear more like an e-commerce store than a small, intimate pet food company.

Chew on, chew on!

Lynne and Maui

Does your dog love these treats?

Did your dog not like these treats?

Listen on your experience; Maui would love to know!




I and Love and You Nice U.S.A. Made Jerky Dog Treats.

Wow, sorry we have been absent so much lately! Maui’s typist (i.e. me) has just had a lot on her mind lately and on top of that, computer problems and a summer cold. It feels like we are getting back in the groove and back to business now, though!

Maui has been anxious to get back to writing because during our absence she received her next items from for participating in their Influencer Program. Maui said it’s like Christmas and she must tell everyone about what she got!

We will start out by telling you about the delicious, chewy USA made dog jerky she received. She just can’t stop drooling about them (excuse me while I go get a towel)!


I and Love and You Nice Jerky Bites

The Nice Jerky Bites come in a variety pack! This one was totally a celebration for Maui! She thought it was just one bag of treats but to her surprise, after opening the outside bag three smaller bags spilled out! She didn’t know which one to sniff first!

This variety pack of super tender, chewy grain-free dog treats contains three delicious flavors of jerky:

  • Chicken & salmon
  • Beef & lamb
  • Chicken & duck

Have you ever had your favorite bag of snacks out and you feel like you could eat the whole thing? Yeah, that’s how Maui feels about these!

By the way, you can buy each jerky flavor recipe individually as well, instead of the variety pack!


Super Barktabulous Ingredients

Each flavor recipe of the Nice Jerky Bites has real meat as the first ingredient! No wait, they have real meat (or salmon) as the first two ingredients!



Actually, all of the I and Love and You dog foods, cat foods, and treats have real meat as the first ingredient!


Calories Per Treat

Have to do some work and math for this one. The image shown above tells us how many kcal/oz, not per treat. We gotta figure it out…

The three different recipes average out to about 108 kcal/oz.

Maui’s three bags average 22.5 treats/bag …. doing the math …

That’s about 19 calories per treat.

Thanks for the math refresher I and Love and You. Maui skirted the math task over to me since she couldn’t get the buttons with her paw.



Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients

I’m liking this company! They are upfront and honest about whatever you want to know (even their pets’ favorite music).

When it comes to sourcing ingredients for their products, they are upfront about where things come from.

All of their products are manufactured in the USA but some of the high-quality ingredients are sourced from other countries such as Canada, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.

None of their high-quality ingredients such as proteins, fruits, and vegetables are sourced from China but they do indicate some of the added vitamins, amino acids, and minerals are sourced from China.

While these supplements are sourced from China, they are “formulated, sourced, and blended in the United States by a US company”. These ingredients are thoroughly tested and quality checked to ensure they are safe for our pets to eat.


Size and Shape

This USA dog jerky honestly looks good enough for us to eat!


When we opened the bags we were not met with an overwhelming ‘jerky’ smell like you get when you open a pack of human beef jerky. To be honest I don’t consider this a bad thing because I can’t stand the smell of beef jerky.

The Jerky Bites are thick, super tender, and deliciously chewy (Maui said so).

The pieces are rectangle or square in shape and range in size from about 1 to 1-½ inches.

Maui just flat out loved these, but I love the fact that they are real meat protein and can be very easily ripped or cut into smaller pieces.


More Variety Than a Variety Pack

You can purchase the three different flavors as a variety pack which contains one 4 ounce bag each of the chicken & salmon; chicken & duck, and beef & lamb flavor recipes.

You can also purchase each flavor recipe individually in a 4 ounce bag; as a 3 pack (3 4-oz bags); or as a 1 pound bag!


What People Think

Maui got lucky when we were doing the video for these. I was recording her first experience eating the treats so we could share with you … but I didn’t push the record button. Maui got to do it all over again, getting to eat a second round of these pawlicious jerky treats! I heard no arguments coming from her!



I and Love and You is a smaller, employee-owned company in Colorado. The reviews for the different flavored Nice Jerky Bites are not huge in number but they are huge in love! People (well, hopefully their dogs) love these jerky treats!

The average rating for each flavor recipe individually as well as the variety pack range from 4.7 – 4.9 stars out of 5!




Where to Find Nice Jerky Bites

You can find I and Love and You products at major online retailers, large brick-and-mortar retailers, and surprisingly a lot of smaller co-op and market type of retailers. You can easily look up local retailers on their website by clicking HERE.

Current prices for the variety pack are: – $16.99 – $16.99 ($16.14 with Autoship) – $31.99 (that’s crazy!)

Individual 4 ounce bag prices are: – $5.99 -$4.08 – $5.99 ($3.08 – $5.69 with Autoship) – $4.09 – $5.99 – $4.08 – $6.19

Target – $4.39

Maui golden retriever with I and love and you nice jerky bites

Pros & Cons

Incorporating the pros and cons we found online along with ours:


  • Dogs LOVE them
  • Limited ingredient treat
  • Easy to break apart
  • Enjoyed getting the three different flavors in the variety pack
  • Great for dogs with few teeth


As can be expected, Maui had none!

  • A couple of reviewers said the easy open bags did not tear very easily
  • One reviewer on felt the price for the variety pack was too high (others felt the price was reasonable)


The End Result

These I and Love and You Nice Jerky Bites are definitely tail wag worthy! Not only does Maui love them but nearly everyone else who tried them LOVES them, too!

Going to deduct a fraction of a point for not listing the source of the glycerin on the bag, so these treats get 9.5/10 paws!


Drool on my frens, drool on!

Lynne and Maui





Have you tried these jerky dog treats?

Tell us what you think of them!







Salmon Jerky for Dogs | Natural Grain Free Dog Treats by Nulo

Nulo freestyle salmon jerky stripsMaui was telling me tonight it’s time to get back down to business and write about some treats. I figured she was right, as it is past the middle of June and we haven’t written about either of the treats she chose from for being a part of their Influencer Program. provides these treats to her free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion and review. Maui is excited so let’s get started!

This month Maui chose some salmon jerky dog treats by Nulo as well as Sizzlers by Blue Buffalo. Today we are only going to look at one of the treats Maui chose, the Nulo freestyle grain-free jerky strips salmon recipe.

Funny Story

When we received these treats from I set them on the table next to my computer. The next morning the bag was on the floor halfway across the room. Mysterious. We picked them up and put them back on the table where they were in the first place and the next morning they were on the floor yet again. I took a closer look at the bag and realized there were a bunch of tiny little puncture marks in it.

Figured out that our cats were so interested in the treats that they were trying to chew through the bag and pushed it off the table and across the floor! I’m going to have to let them try these salmon jerky strips, too!

Nulo’s Beginnings

Black lab with toyMichael Landa founded Nulo in 2010 after becoming aware of how fat our pets are getting. At the time he worked at The Pet Staff (his Los Angeles pet care company) and was shocked at the rising number of overweight and diabetic dogs. The Pet Staff conducted a study asking over 6000 households about what they fed their pets and determined poor nutrition was the root cause. Pets were being over fed, often with low quality foods.

In the Community

Nulo Pet Food headquarters can be found right here in the United States in Austin Texas. According to their website Nulo appears to be really active in their community supporting pet related organizations, events, and active individuals that promote pet nutrition. They also partner with shelters and organizations across the country offering donations when they are able.

Nulo’s Food

Nulo prides itself on taking no shortcuts and only using the highest quality natural ingredients in their foods and treats. They strive to provide their customers with the freshest foods and treats possible by producing and distributing products in small batches. This means their products spend less time sitting on the store shelf where they can lose flavor and nutrients. Nulo aims to keep their “products the freshest recipes you’ll ever find on the store shelf or to arrive at your door”.

Nulo foods are made in FDA approved facilities. Their dry food kitchen facilities are inspected annually by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and consistently receives a “superior” rating. The AIB offers several different Standards for Inspection, depending on the industry of the company they are inspecting. While Nulo does not specify which Standards for Inspection were used when AIB inspected their kitchen facility, a rating of “superior” is as good as it gets!

Nulo Freestyle

Nulo Freestyle foods and treats are:

  • grain free
  • free of corn, tapioca, wheat, and white potatoes
  • protein rich with at least the first three ingredients being animal sourced proteins
  • made with low glycemic and low-carb ingredients to provide stable energy levels
  • made with their patented BC30 probiotic for immune and digestive health

You can find every single recipe listed on their website listing all ingredients, calorie content, and guaranteed analysis. Transparency at its best!

Freestyle Jerky Strips

Nulo freestyle jerky stripsThe Nulo Freestyle jerky strips come in five different recipes including:

  • beef with coconut
  • duck with plums
  • chicken with apples
  • salmon with strawberries, and
  • turkey with cranberries

I feel like I just described dinners for my family for a week! Maui wanted to try the salmon recipe so that’s what we went for this month’s influencer choice.

Ingredient List

These Salmon Jerky Strips are 92% Chilean salmon and 3% oh so yummy strawberries!

The ingredient list for the salmon jerky strips is pretty short and simple and includes salmon, strawberries, coconut glycerin, distilled vinegar, citric acid, dried Bacillius coagulans fermentation product, and mixed tocopherols. Descriptions of some of the possibly lesser-known ingredients are listed here –

Coconut glycerin: Glycerin is a fatty compound often used as a sweetener and a binder. The glycerin used in these treats is naturally derived from coconut.

Citric acid is an organic weak acid found in citrus fruits that is used as a natural preservative.

Dried Bacillus coagulans fermentation product is used as a probiotic and is a beneficial bacteria to aid in digestion.

Mixed tocopherols: This is a safe, natural vitamin E preservative.

Calorie Content and Guaranteed Analysis

Each four-inch salmon jerky strip has 26 cal. You can feed them all as an awesome, nutritious, delicious snack or break/cut them into smaller pieces. You could easily get 12-16 smaller pieces out of one jerky strip making these treats a good sized snack for small dogs or for use in training.

Even though these are just treats and should only be given occasionally, I still like to include the guaranteed analysis for folks like me who just like to be in the know.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein 45% minimum

Crude fat 15% minimum

Crude fiber 2% maximum

Moisture 28% maximum

Bacillus coagulans 175,000 CFU/g minimum

Reviews and Price

Nulo Freestyle salmon jerky strips seem to be kind of new on the retail scene. has only five reviews, but they are sporting a 4.6/5 stars with 100% of the reviewers saying they would recommend these treats!

Amazon also offers these amazingly delicious salmon jerky strips and they have a 4.3/5 star rating there, as well!

The price is the same no matter which retailer you purchased from. The salmon jerky strips are currently selling for $11.90 on and Amazon for a 5 ounce bag.

Other flavor recipes of the Nulo Freestyle jerky strips range in price from $9.99 to $12.99 on both Amazon and

Amazon offers free shipping if you have Prime and Chewy offers free shipping if you make a purchase of $49 or more.

Here’s a quick link to Amazon so you can check them out. Your dog will thank you for it!

These Amazing Jerky Treats

Maui with Nulo salmon jerky stripsWhile some people may balk at the price for such a small bag, it is good to remember that these are made nearly completely from salmon (or other single ingredient animal protein) which isn’t usually a cheap commodity.

These jerky strips are made from fresh, nutritious, good for your pet ingredients. In my mind they are worth the cost.


Please let us know what your dog thinks of these amazing salmon jerky strips by leaving a comment below! Let us know if you try any of the other flavors as well, we are always interested to know what you think!

Lynne and Maui





Primal Pork Jerky Nibs | Amazing Pork Jerky Dog Treats

Maui has coaxed me back to writing about more treats! It works out because we happen to have what she considers to be a very yummy new treat to write about. These treats came to us by the way of the Chewy Influencer Program. sends us a couple different treats each month in exchange for an honest review. It’s a win-win for everyone! Maui gets to try new treats more often and I get to share what she thinks of them with you.Maui with primal treats pork jerky nibs

One of the treats Maui chose in May are the pork nibs made by Primal Pet Foods Inc. These little pork nibs are little tiny pork jerky dog treats. Maui was so cute when we received these treats. We held up two different bags of treats and asked her which ones she wanted to try first. She sniffed each bag a couple times and then took the bag of Primal pet treats out of my mother’s hand and brought the bag to me. She definitely wanted to try those first!


The ingredient list for these chewy pork jerky nibs is about the shortest ingredient list I’ve come across yet. Are you ready, hold on to your boots. The ingredients in these treats are:Honey honeycomb

  • pork heart
  • honey
  • sea salt

That’s it. Super simple, single protein, all-natural, wholesome pork jerky.

I don’t even know what more to say about it. It’s kind of like what a ham might be to me. A delicious ham with some sweet honey on it and the yummy salty taste of the meat. Absolute perfection in the simplest form.

These little dog jerky treats are also grain and gluten-free!


Primal treats pork nibsThese little guys have no added preservatives and are made from pork heart so their shelf life expectancy sitting in the bag on the counter is significantly shorter than a highly processed, dry treat that has added preservatives.

Once you open the bag always be sure to reseal it tightly. If these pork nibs are left unrefrigerated after opening Primal suggests using them within three days. If you place the bag in the refrigerator after they are opened, Primal suggests using them within 14 days.

I offer Maui a variety of treats when we train and there is no way we would use that entire bag in 14 days. I chose to divide all of the treats in the bag into four piles. I kept one pile for use right now and put the other three piles into separate baggies and put them in the freezer. This will extend their shelf life even further.

Kind of like when you go to the store and buy a steak. If you leave it sitting out on the counter you will want to use it right away; if you put it in the fridge you probably have a few days to use it; and if you put it in the freezer it can hang out there for a really long time until you decide to thaw it out to use it.

Guaranteed Analysis and Calories

These treats are very high in protein content as they are made only from meat.

  • Crude protein 45% min
  • Crude fat 16% min
  • Crude fiber 1% max
  • Moisture 22% max

The bag does not mention how many calories are in each treat. The website says there are 119 calories per ounce, which equals 476 calories for the entire bag.

When using these for training it is always good to keep in mind how many treats your dog gets throughout the day. To avoid giving your dog too much food in a day, decrease the amount of their regular dog food on the days they have gotten a lot more treats.

Great as a Training Treat

These treats are super small. When I gave the first couple to Maui I think she didn’t realize she chewed and swallowed them, they were so small. What’s good about such a small treat though is that they are great for using when you’re doing a lot of training. Here is a photo of some of the nibs next to a dime to give you a size comparison.

Primal treats pork nibs size

Training dogs can often mean they are getting a lot of treats. Lots of treats can add up to a lots of calories if you don’t watch which treats you use as well as their size. These tiny little nibs and their low calorie content make them an excellent choice for training. You could even break the little dudes in half if you wanted to.

Wash Your Hands!

It’s always a good idea to wash your hands after handling any treats or food that is made from animals.

Cat tongue outGreat for Friends

These little treats seem to be promoted mainly as dog treats but they are a great healthy treats for cats as well! Their small size and chewy texture make them juuuust right for your dog’s feline friends. … Or just for your cat if you don’t have a dog. We have four cats here in our home so I’m going to see what they think these little treats, too!

Cat update: Tried them out on our youngest cat Oreo. Took her forever to sniff it out but then she gobbled up one of them! Gave her another but she wasn’t all that interested in having seconds. All the other cats are snoozing away right now so can’t try it on another right now.

About the Meat

The primal pork jerky nibs are made from vegetarian-fed pork that has been raised in the United States. The meat used is 100% USDA edible-grade meaning it is not made from a lower pet-grade meat. The pork is processed and inspected under strict USDA guidelines for sanitation and safety.

The treats are slow cooked at a low temperature to bring out the great flavor and texture.

Pork organ meat is:

  • high-protein
  • low in saturated fat
  • rich in the trace mineral selenium
  • rich in niacin (B vitamin)
  • rich in vitamin B6
  • rich in iron
  • a natural source of bioavailable glucosamine and chondroitin, and calcium

The Primal Company

Primal was founded in early 2000’s when Matt Koss formulated a raw diet for his dog Luna, who was displaying early signs of renal failure. After switching to his special formulated Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet Luna’s health and quality of life improved dramatically. Matt was inspired to bring this special diet to market and make it available for everyone so that your pets can enjoy a healthier, happier, more vibrant life.

Primal prides itself on providing you with the highest quality raw foods and treats possible. They obtain all of their ingredients from vendors which they have strong, long-term relationships with and only use “vendors that humanely raise, sustainably grow and responsibly process all of the proteins, organic fruits and vegetables, and unrefined food-based vitamins and minerals used in their products”.

They are actually so proud of the ingredients they use they are 100% transparent as to where each of the ingredients used in their foods and treats are obtained. You can find the ORIGIN OF THEIR INGREDIENTS plainly listed on their website. This is pretty awesome; I admit it’s great to know exactly where each ingredient is obtained. It gives peace of mind.

Primal’s Commitment to Quality

qualityPrimal is 100% committed to providing safe foods and treats. When making anything that gets eaten or put into living organisms companies should follow strict procedures and guidelines. Primal does this to the fullest extent by:

  • adhering to Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • having a Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) program
  • segregating/separating different production lots
  • following other industry best practices

Primal also adheres to and follows other safety and quality measures which you can explore on their website

Price and Availability

These amazing little treats can be found on Amazon,, and a few other Internet pet supply sites.

The price on:

Click on these bullet point to go there and check them out.

Sounds a little pricey but I believe not unreasonable considering the quality of the ingredients and the number of treats per bag.


There is absolutely no doubt that Maui LOVES these little nib pork jerky dog treats! I will definitely add these to our “purchase regularly” treat list.

10PROS:  The treats are made with amazingly high quality ingredients; are all-natural and incredibly nourishing; the company is transparent about their manufacturing procedures and the origin of ingredients; they are great for dogs and cats; and perfect size to use a dog training treat.

CONS: The shelf life is very short once the bag is opened (but this can be worked around by refrigerating and freezing unused portions) and the price is a little higher than some other treats (but is not unreasonable due to the exceptional quality of ingredients and attention to safety in manufacturing).

Maui definitely suggests giving these treats a try! Nothing truly negative to say about this treat or company we both give these primal pork jerky nibs a 10 out of 10!


Let us and other readers know what your dog thinks of these Primal treats by leaving a comment below.

Happy snacking!

Lynne and Maui