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Easy Homemade Pumpkin Dog Treat Recipes That Will Make Your Tail Wag!


We have been promising some recipes for homemade pumpkin dog treats for a couple weeks now, and the time has come! We had intended on posting them much earlier in the month but somehow November slipped by in the blink of an eye, especially as we got closer to Thanksgiving!

If you’ve taken a look at the other homemade dog treat recipes I have posted, you can tell I’m a no-nonsense type of gal. It’s fun to make some homemade treats for Maui, but I’m not the type to put a ton of time into them making them look super cute. Call me lazy or call me practical, I don’t know.

I think if we all sit down and think about it we know that dog treats are made to look cute to satisfy our human eye; dogs don’t care what treats look like as long as they smell and taste awesome!

My version of these homemade pumpkin dog treat recipes may not win any awards for being super cute, but they certainly do win kudos from Maui and Emma for being yummy! They were both crawling all over me to get more after they tried the first ones!

So let’s have some fun and make some easy homemade pumpkin dog treats!


Health Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs

Pumpkin is safe beneficial for dogs as long as it is pure pumpkin; you don’t want to use canned pumpkin pie filling as it often has added sugar and spices that dogs don’t need.

Pumpkin is low in calories, high in fiber, and a good source of beta-carotene, zinc, potassium, iron and vitamin C!

Not only is loaded with fiber and beta-carotene (which is converted to vitamin A), it can actually help your dog if they have diarrhea OR constipation. Yep, it helps with both!

Pumpkin can also:

  • help your dog lose weight
  • help maintain a healthy urinary tract
  • be good for your dogs skin and fur
  • be used as a natural remedy for parasites
  • be used as a natural remedy to help your dog stop eating its poop!


Drop Pumpkin & Banana Dog Treats

This recipe is super simple and uses common ingredients you probably have around your kitchen.

This recipe is easy, but I have made a couple changes to simplify it even more for my no-nonsense kitchen.


The original recipe comes to us from  where they take the time roll out the dough and cut it into little shapes.


Mini Pumpkin Dog Treat Cookies

I was looking for recipe that was just pumpkin. We adapted a recipe I found and came up with these little pumpkin dog treat cookies. This dog treat recipe has only three ingredients!

The inspiration for this recipe came from’s Pumpkin Sweet Potato Bites recipe.


What Maui and Emma Think

Maui and Emma both absolutely love both of these pumpkin dog treat recipes.

Both recipes came out a little chewy, but the dogs don’t mind at all! They both cling to me like flies on flypaper when I have some of these in my hand!

There’s not much that rates higher than extreme love from your puppy 🙂


Have fun making these recipes and watching your dog thoroughly enjoy them!

Love the pumpkin,

Lynne and Maui






Let us know if you try either of these recipes!

Have any tips or tricks that might make them better?

How much did your dog love them?

Let us know in the comments section below!



The Best Organic Oven Baked Pumpkin Dog Treat Maui’s Ever Tasted!


Thanksgiving has come and gone and Maui and I hope all of you that celebrated had a wonderful holiday!

We honestly can’t believe how quickly November has passed by! We have one more bag of pumpkin treats to talk about as well as posting some awesome homemade pumpkin dog treat recipes for you! I feel like posting about pumpkin after Thanksgiving might be a little late but, is there really an official end to the pumpkin and pumpkin spice season? I don’t know of one, so maybe we are not too late after all!

We have some amazing organic, all-natural pumpkin oven-baked dog treats by Grandma Lucy’s to tell you about! I always let Maui try out the treats before we write our post and I honestly could not keep her away from these treats! Every time I looked away she had her head buried in the bag!


Not only did Maui and our new housemate Emma absolutely love these treats, but they are also the cutest darn dog treats I think we’ve ever talked about!


Grandma Lucy’s Organic Oven Baked Dog Treats

I’m going to admit it and say that I have never heard of the Grandma Lucy’s brand before purchasing this bag of treats. They were offered as an option for us to choose as a Chewy influencer. Maui wasn’t being too picky so I opted to stick with the pumpkin theme and chose these. Maui and I are definitely glad we gave Grandma Lucy’s a try and they are going on Maui’s ‘favorites’ list!

Grandma Lucy’s organic oven-baked dog treats come in several wooftacular flavor recipes:

  • Pumpkin
  • Blueberry
  • Banana & sweet potato
  • Apple
  • Cranberry
  • Coconut
  • Lemon honey

and their newest seasonal flavors of

  • Pumpkin pie
  • Gingerbread (might have to try this one for Christmas)


Grandma Lucy’s Quest to Give You Only the Best

Eric and Breann Shook begin creating their delicious Grandma Lucy’s dog foods and treats back in 1999 when Breann’s 11-year-old English cocker spaniel (Lucy) became very picky about what she ate.

In an effort to give Lucy healthy foods and treats that she’d actually eat, Breann and Eric began home cooking Lucy’s dog foods and treats. This was the start of their passion project – Grandma Lucy’s.

Their ingredients and philosophy have not changed over the years as their company and product line continues to grow. They are still committed to using only the highest quality organic human grade ingredients in their products!

If it is not good enough for humans to eat, it will never be included in our food or treats – Grandma Lucy’s pets eat better than people! We know that not everyone has time to cook for their pets. We provide you with food and treats you can trust and feel comfortable feeding to your pets because everyone at Grandma Lucy’s is a concerned and loving pet parent.



Suppliers and Manufacturing

Grandma Lucy’s insists on close personal contact with their local growers and suppliers to assure all ingredients are of the highest quality.

All ingredients including fruits, vegetables, and meats are required to meet Grandma Lucy’s strict specifications. Each supplier must sign a

Vendor Promise stating that the ingredients are processed in a human facility, the country of origin, are free of chemicals and preservatives, each batch is tested for salmonella, lead, e. coli, mercury, arsenic, coliform, and melamine in accordance with human food standards.

All treats and foods are baked at their Rancho Santa Margarita facility in California.

All of this makes me feel pretty darn good about feeding these to Maui and Emma!



Ingredients in Their Oven Baked Pumpkin Dog Treats

The ingredient list for their pumpkin treats posts an all organic list!



I had to look up what Maltodextrin is, as this was not a familiar ingredient to me. Maltodextrin is a tasteless food additive that is often added to foods to improve the flavor, texture, and shelf life of the product. Maltodextrin can be made from any starchy food such as potato, corn, tapioca, wheat, or rice. It has no real nutritional value but is easy to digest and can provide quick energy from the carbs.

Something I and other reviewers noticed is that these treats do contain quite a bit of organic cane sugar and organic invert cane sugar syrup. Organic cane sugar is ingredient number two and organic invert cane sugar syrup is ingredient number four. Both of which rank higher than the pumpkin included in these treats

While both the cane sugar and cane sugar syrup are of course organic, it is a lot of sweet for dogs.


Look, Size, Texture & Calories

These organic baked dog treats have to be the cutest treats we’ve ever reviewed so far!

Each teddy bear treat is about the size of two human Teddy Grahams – so a giant Teddy Graham, but cuter! I know dogs don’t care if treats are cute or not but darn it, they definitely are!



I always take a few big whiffs when I open a new bag of treats … I mean, don’t you? These pumpkin organic baked dog treats kind of smell like a cinnamon Teddy Graham, too. They don’t smell like dog food and they definitely did not smell bad! Another positive for my human senses!

They are a crunchy treat but definitely not hard. They might be a bit too crunchy if your dog has no teeth or a sore mouth but likely appropriate for any other dog.

Each pumpkin treat has 15 kcal per treat; pretty low-calorie for this size of a treat.


Oven Baked Organic Pumpkin Dog Treat Reviews reviewers (171 of them) give these pumpkin treats 4.5 / 5 stars!




Amazon reviewers (174 of them) give these treats 4.2 / 5 stars!



Pros and Cons

Maui golden retriever with grandma Lucy's organic pumpkin oven baked dog treatsMaui and Emma both love these treats! When Maui REALLY wants something I have, she sits so perfectly still and stoic you’d think she was a statue. I don’t think she could have been sitting and posing any more still than she did for these treats! It’s kind of like when you tell a little kid they can have something if they behave … they behave like perfect little angels to get what they want. That’s what Maui was doing for these treats!


  • Organic ingredient
  • Baked
  • No preservatives
  • Maui and Emma love them!
  • Picky eater loves them!
  • Great size


  • Too small for big dogs (one reviewer)
  • Too much sugar
  • Not enough pumpkin
  • Not gluten-free (this matters for some dogs but definitely not all)


Where to Get Them

You, of course, know my favorite online retailers are and You can find these treats listed on both. They come in a 14-ounce bag, which is a great size!       $7.74 with Autoship ($8.15 without Autoship; free shipping over $49)     $8.15 (free shipping with prime)

These are also the best prices I could find online. Looks like Walmart carries them but they are out of stock. You can purchase them on but they are $9.96 per bag.



I Tried Them!

Several reviewers commented on the fact that these treats contain a significant amount of sweetness. Many also said they tried the treats because they smelled so good. Well, far be it from me to let them have all the fun in trying the treats!

Yes, I actually did try one of these organic pumpkin dog treats and you know what, they are good! I know, call me crazy! They honestly do taste like a graham cracker. Unfortunately, this is pretty irrelevant for dog treats.

I don’t need to buy dog treats that I enjoy eating …. one for you, one for me, one for you….

I gather that it is the cane sugar that makes them appealing to the human pallet and I have to side with other reviewers and say dogs just don’t need that much sweetness in their food or treats.

Given that these are just a treat, I’m not super concerned about feeding two or three a day to my dog. It will not be a significant part of their diet. But, I will be sure to limit the amount of these treats I feed to them per day more so than I do other treats.


Grandma Lucy’s Organic Pumpkin Oven Baked Dog Treats Review

Maui and Emma absolutely devoured these treats! Maui literally buried her head in the bag during our photo shoot. I have never see Maui so attentive and so intent on behaving well so she can get a treat. Maui and Emma definitely give these treats 5 / 5 paws!

Combined with my thoughts on the treats here is our overall review:


Texture:               Crunchy







These treats were provided to Maui for being a part of the Chewy Influencer program.
Products are provided to her for free in exchange for an honest review.


Enjoy the treats and … Share with your human,


Have you or your dog tried a grandma Lucy’s dog treat?

What did either of you think?



Purina Honest to Dog Natural, Grain-free Beef Dog Treats


Taking a break from pumpkin and Halloween today to tell you about some meaty treats we received this month (don’t worry, we have a couple more pumpkin posts coming up later in the month).

Don’t get us wrong, we still love pumpkin but we understand not everybody does. So we ordered up a bag of Purina Honest to Dog Tasty Crispy Cuts Beef & Blueberries Recipe Grain-free Dog Treats. Wow, I couldn’t say that whole name in one breath!

Let’s check them out!


Honest to Dog Crispy Cuts

Honest to Dog is a new product line made by Purina! It is an all-natural, grain-free dog treat product line produced right here in the United States.

We haven’t opened our bag of beef and blueberry Crispy Cuts yet (we will do that here with you) but the name almost sounds as if they should be crispy like a little meat flavored popcorn cake!

They come in two flavor recipes of:

  • Beef with blueberries
  • Chicken with apples

The first ingredient in the crispy cuts is real animal protein!

Interestingly when I just went to the Purina website and browsed their dog products I could not find these treats! I discovered they have a separate website just for treats. Strange, but okay.


Smell, Appearance, and Texture


Opening the bag for the first time, they actually almost smell like a grilled hamburger. Of course, not quite as delicious for sure but the smell didn’t instantly remind me of dog food.


The Purina beef Crispy Cuts honestly look like a teeny tiny hamburger! The color is pretty much spot on and even at a glance, the texture looks like a baby hamburger.

These mini-me burgers are definitely larger than a nickel (I couldn’t find a quarter for this picture). I would say they are even slightly bigger than a quarter.




I will say one thing for sure these Crispy Cuts are very hard! I initially expected them to be crispy kind of like one of those smaller popcorn or rice cakes but they definitely are not. Just to see how hard they were I tried to break one with my teeth (no, I did not eat any) and found them hard to break by biting them. My daughter could not break them by hand, either.

I would not expect to be able to easily break or cut these into smaller pieces if you have a smaller dog or want to use them as training treats. I also would not recommend them if you have a dog with dental issues or few teeth.

Back when Maui and I wrote a post about homemade dog treats we made some beef jerky training treats. When you read that post you will see that I overcooked them so instead of being little jerky training treats they were more like crunchy training treats. That’s what these Crispy Cuts remind me of but in a bigger form.


Honest to Dog Beef and Blueberry Recipe Ingredients

The ingredient list for the beef and blueberry crispy cuts is very short and pretty simple. Most of them look really good!

The beef with blueberries recipe does include chicken as the second ingredient. This is definitely something to keep in mind if your dog has a sensitivity or allergy to chicken.

The ingredient list for the beef dog treat recipe consists of:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Textured soy protein product
  • Water
  • Guar gum
  • Sage
  • Thyme
  • Blueberries
  • Natural mixed tocopherols (natural preservative)



Soy Protein Product

I was dying to know what a “textured soy protein product” actually is. I couldn’t find a real definition that fits this exactly but it’s obviously descendent from some form of soy product or process (duh). If you know what a textured soy protein product is please let us know by commenting at the bottom of this blog.

I am not sure if it comes directly from soybeans, as soybean meal, or from tofu. I have reached out to Purina to ask exactly what this soy product is and will update this post when I receive a response.

Soy is becoming quite the go-to item because it is high in protein, but soy products, in general, have a lot of controversy surrounding them. Dogs Naturally Magazine indicates that 90% of the soy grown in the United States is genetically modified.

UPDATE – It is been a week since I reached out to Purina and I have not heard back regarding their ‘soy protein product”. I will continue to watch my emails and if I ever hear back I will definitely post their response here for you.


Guar Gum

Guar gum is derived from the guar bean and is often used as a thickening agent, firming agent, stabilizer, and emulsifier. In this case, it is likely used to help hold the treats together in their little burger shape.

Some feel guar gum is a no-no in pet foods and treats and others believe it has definite health benefits. Some believe it is linked to digestive tract upset while others are certain it can lower cholesterol and improve glycemic control.

Definitely two sides to this coin.


What IS Great about These Treats

These dog treats do have a lot going for them!

As already mentioned, they have real animal protein as the first ingredient! The beef dog treats are 36% protein (although this may include protein from beef as well as the soy product).

Great things about The Honesty to Dog Crispy Cuts:

  • They are grain-free dog treats
  • They contain real herbs and fruit
  • Meat protein is the number one ingredient
  • They are produced in the United States
  • Products used are natural
  • The smallest size is a 1 pound bag!


Calorie Content and Nutrition

The beef and blueberry recipe dog treats contain 18.7 calories per treat. If you’re interested in the chicken recipe, they contain 17.6 calories per treat.



Where to Find These Crispy Cuts of Deliciousness

Maui received her Honest to Dog Crispy Cuts for being part of the Influencer Program. So, you can definitely find them at

I could only find the Honest to Dog treats at two retailers online. Here are their current prices for the 1 pound bag.       $13.99 (free shipping with $49 order)     $13.99 (free two-day shipping with prime membership)

If you’re interested in purchasing a bag you can click on the deal ads on the right side of your screen.

Since these are a new product line I would expect additional popular retailers to begin carrying them in the future. If you have a favorite shop that you like but they don’t carry them yet – keep checking back.



If you’re interested in signing up to get dog and/or cat product coupons from Purina, you can go to their website and sign up! Click on the banner below to be directed to the sign-up page!



Maui’s Final Review of Purina Honest to Dog Beef and Blueberry Crispy Cuts

Before letting you in on her final review of these beef dog treats Maui wanted to let you know that she received these for free as being a proud member of the Influencer Program. sends her two products per month for free in exchange for an honest review. Maui is always honest.

Texture:                      Very hard






The ingredients rating is from Maui’s point of view. You may feel more or less strongly about the presence of a soy product or guar gum so the ingredient rating might be different for you.


Crunch away my frens,

Lynne and Maui


What do you think of Purina products?

Have you tried their Honest to Dog treats yet?

What are your feelings about soy products?

Join the conversation below in the comments section!




Spooky Soft Halloween Treats For Dogs by Paws Barkery


Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love that it is just pure fun!

Shopping the pet store around this time a year is always a blast! I love looking at the costumes; Maui has a nice set of red wings this year that she loves to wear!

Using this blog as an excuse, I had a great time browsing the Halloween dog treats this year! By the register, there was a display of Halloween and pumpkin flavored dog treats. I just had to grab a couple of bags!

The cutest Halloween dog treats that grabbed my attention are made by a small Wisconsin bakery called Paws Barkery. They make artisan dog treats and for Halloween, they make special Gravestone Ghost Cookies!


Artisan Gravestone Ghost Cookies

Paws Barkery Gravestone Ghost CookiesPaws Barkery makes a limited variety of treats and for Halloween, they decided to make a special edition Gravestone Ghost Cookie! These little ghosts are so darn cute!

Paws Barkery makes “artisan baked dog treats”.

I am going to admit to you right now that I have heard the word artisan applied to foods before but right now I am faced with the realization that I do not really know what it means. Looking around on the Internet I gather that artisan means:

  • crafted with care by a real person
  • made by hand in small batches and/or in limited quantities
  • is made using specialty ingredients
  • the product reflects tradition, passion, expertise, or a special process

I understand the application of the word artisan now as Paws Barkery makes all of their treats in small batches.


Size, Appearance, and Texture

The ghost size is generally a bit bigger than a quarter. They come in spooky Halloween colors of orange and sort-of black. The orange cookies kind of look like a miniature ghost gingerbread man and the dark brown/blackish cookies are a heart shape.

These spooky little ghosts are soft and chewy so no matter if your dog is still a puppy or a senior, these little treats are a really great option for your dog.


Paws Bakery gravestone ghost cookies up close


Wire-Cut Dog Treats

I came across some more terminology that I’ve never heard before. These spine-tingling graveyard ghost cookies are wire-cut. I had no idea what it means for a cookie to be wire-cut.

I took to YouTube to find out what wire-cut cookies are all about. The video below is not specific to Paws Barkery, but wait until you are a few seconds in and it shows a great view of how wire-cut cookies are made.



Where to Find Them and Cost

These are a super special item with limited availability.

The only place you can find these adorable chewy Halloween dog treats is PetSmart (if you have found them at a different location please let Maui know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post). It looks like you can only get them at their brick-and-mortar stores as I cannot find them on the PetSmart website.

I do not expect them to be available for too much longer since they are produced by a small little company. Plus, Halloween is almost upon us so they will be ghosts of Halloween past. I guess if there are any left after Halloween they might be put on the clearance table so keep an eye out for that!


When Maui and I purchased the Gravestone Ghost Cookies a couple weeks ago the price was $3.99 per 5-ounce bag. Somehow I hit a sale and the actual price I paid was $2.79. SWEET!


Where They are Made

All manufacturing of Paws Barkery dog treats and packaging happens in the United States.

The company also indicates while all ingredients used in their treats are sourced from within the United States as well.

All of our manufacturing – both our treats and our packaging – happens right here in the United States. Our ingredients are also sourced from within the U.S. to ensure our treats meet our high-quality standards.


Paws Barkery Ingredients

Paws Barkery is an all-natural dog treat company. Their treats are simple, aromatic (they really are!), and absolutely drool enticing (Maui can vouch for that)!

Each of their regularly produced treat recipes are made with simple ingredients that you would find in kitchens throughout the country. The treats include nothing unpronounceable, nothing unknown, just wholesome real food ingredients that you might have in your cupboard right now.

Their products have no added preservatives. Even with no preservatives there treats have an 18-month shelf life so you know they are super fresh and getting to the store and you really quickly!


Gravestone Ghost Cookie Ingredients

That being said, the Gravestone Ghost Cookies present a little bit of a different story.

Reading the bag it says –

Paws Barkery makes artisan treats that are baked in small batches with ingredients that can be found in your kitchen. Our treats contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

That might be the case with their regularly produced dog treats, but it does not seem to hold true for the special Halloween dog treats.

The Gravestone Ghost Cookies ingredient list consists of:

  • Wheat flour
  • Honey
  • Palm oil
  • Sweet potato
  • Peanut butter
  • Dried whey
  • Cinnamon
  • Whole dried eggs
  • Artificial color (red 40 lake, yellow 40 lake)

Your kitchen might be a little fancier than mine; I have never had palm oil, dried whey, or dried eggs in my pantry.

The kicker though is bag says right on it that the treats contain no artificial colors, but you can see as the last ingredient these gravestone ghost cookies DO CONTAIN ARTIFICIAL COLORS red 40 and yellow 40.

I’m guessing the colors are to achieve the Halloween orange and black colored cookies, but now those cookies do not seem so cute anymore knowing it is achieved with artificial colors.


Artificial Colors

Artificial colors in food is an area of high controversy.

Red 40 is one of the most commonly used artificial colors in the United States. The FDA has approved it for use in our human foods and cosmetics but the scary part is, it is synthetically derived from petroleum.

In humans, Red 40 can cause hypersensitivity in some folks. This can include hives and swelling around the mouth. Red 40 may also contain contaminants that could trigger hyperactivity in kids and contribute to cancer in humans.

According to the watchdog group, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, some scientific studies have shown Red 40 to damage the DNA of mice.

Several countries throughout Europe have banned the use of artificial colors in food.



I know these allegations are focused on humans, but dogs are mammals as well and I cannot imagine artificial colors being any better for them than they are for us.


Decisions, Decisions

Knowing the story behind artificial colors and Red 440 presents a little bit of a dilemma.

We certainly don’t want to feed something to our dog that is bad for them but on the other hand, these are dog treats only intended for occasional feeding, so they won’t be eating a lot of them.

I probably do not want to know how many artificial colors, including Red 40 that I put into my body on a weekly basis.

The fact of it is, artificial colors are incredibly common and are likely to be found in many of the processed foods we eat.

Will the amount of artificial coloring in these treats be a problem for your dog? Unless your dog has a hypersensitivity to artificial colors, probably not. But, this is definitely a decision for you to make on your own.


Maui’s Paws Bakery Gravestone Ghost Cookies Review Results

Maui has a new rating system! She hopes you find it super informative so you can make the best decision for your dog.

Maui has a new rating system! She hopes you find it super informative so you can make the best decision for your dog.


Texture:                      Soft with a slight crunch







Be Sooooky!

Lynne and Maui




Wellness Grain Free Pumpkin Dog Treats Here for Halloween!


It’s October, the month of Halloween and mischief, ghouls, and goblins! Maui loves Halloween because she gets to wear her special red wings and she loves that everyone makes special Halloween treats just for her! I haven’t wanted to tell her companies do not make these delicious treats just for her (she would be pretty pouty). But, lucky for you and your pup these spooky good Halloween dog treats are available to everyone!

Maui Golden retrieverWellness grain free dog treats magically change before Halloween into some of the best pumpkin dog treats ever! The Wellness Crunchy WellBars make an eerie transformation into crunchy little dog treats in spooooky Halloween shapes! Maui is curious how that happens!


Wellness Crunchy WellBars

Here is another super fun Halloween dog treat for you to check out! During “those other” regular times of the year Wellness makes five drool-worthy flavors of crunchy WellBars but during the Halloween time of year, they also make a special pumpkin recipe WellBar! Their awesome flavor recipes are:

  • Pumpkin (special Halloween flavor)
  • Chicken & cheddar
  • Lamb & apples
  • Yogurt, apples & bananas
  • Peanut & honey
  • Whitefish & sweet potato

Those flavor combinations sound absolutely delicious! I mean so much so that I would want to make a meal or treat for myself out of those flavors (not the treats, the real foods for this human)!


Frightfully Good Ingredients

What is nice about Wellness is that ingredients in their treats and foods are normal everyday ingredients. Their treats and foods contain nothing weird that you can’t pronounce or spell, just good natural foods that you might have in your own home (barring the mixed tocopherols that are used as a preservative).

Wellness puts a lot of thought into the foods that go into their recipes as well as the foods that stay out. If you are curious as to the purpose of a specific ingredient you can refer to their ‘Quality Ingredients’ glossary found on their website. It’s refreshing to understand the reasoning behind including specific ingredients in your dog’s treats and food.



Perks For You at

Sign up to be a part of their community and you will receive $4 off any Wellness Natural pet food purchase! In addition to the great information, it also set you up for future coupons and exclusive savings!

Share a photo of your pet with a Wellness Pet Food product on their website HERE or on Twitter or Instagram with #wellnesspetfood for a chance to see your pet’s photo featured on the Wellness website!


Recycle Your Pet Food Packaging to Earn Cash for Your Favorite School or Nonprofit

Wellness has partnered with TerraCycle. This means you can recycle your Wellness pet food packaging which helps eliminate waste, and in doing so you can earn money to donate to your favorite school or nonprofit organization!

How It Works

  1. Register HERE
  2. Ship your Wellness pet food packaging to TerraCycle for free!
  3. Earn Rewards! Each pound of waste sent to TerraCycle equals 1000 points. You can redeem your points for gifts or cash to your favorite nonprofit or school!

Items eligible for recycling are:

  • Wellness Complete Health and Wellness Complete Health Grain Free dry food packaging,
  • Wellness CORE dry food packaging
  • Wellness TruFood food packaging


The WellPet Foundation

Wellness Pet Foods also has the WellPet Foundation. By providing financial support, Wellness aides groups whose goals are similar to their own – helping pets live happier, healthier, longer lives.

We are committed to giving back to the world we share with our pets. WellPet Foundation supports non-profit organizations and activities that encourage healthy, active lifestyles for pets.



Calories and Nutrition

Now that you know about the nutritious ingredients Wellness strives to include in every one of their products as well as the good that they strive to do for our communities, here are some more details about the Wellness grain free pumpkin dog treats!

Wellness pumpkin wellbars nutrients caloriesEach crunchy pumpkin recipe WellBars treat has 16 calories each.

Not a lot of protein in these treats but they are just treats and your dog will have a minimal number of these per day so protein content isn’t as critical like it is in your dog’s regular mealtime food.

Nice amount of vitamin E and vitamin A in these treats. Vitamin E is good for your dog’s muscles and circulatory system and vitamin A is good for your dog’s immune system, vision, and reproductive systems.


Size, Appearance, and Texture

Pumpkin WellBars come with four spine-chilling Halloween shapes in each bag, ghosts, pumpkins, bats, and skulls! Don’t worry; they are not scary enough to keep your dog from gobbling them down!

There is a little variety to the sizes but in general, they range somewhere around the size of a quarter.

These treats are super crunchy so be sure your dog has the chompers to be able to eat them. You can always break them into smaller pieces, but since they are so crunchy I would not advise them for dogs with few teeth or dental issues.


Wellness pumpkin well bars size


Wellness WellBars Reviews

Wellness is a premier brand and is well loved by us pet folks. Here is what people have to say about the pumpkin Halloween WellBars.




Where to Find Them!

Since these are limited edition Halloween treat they are not as easy to find as the Wellness treats that are available year-round.

I found them on for $4.49 per 8-ounce bag (free delivery with $49 or more order).

You can also find them on for $4.99 per bag (free delivery with prime)


Pros & Cons

I Browsed the Internet for opinions from pet parents about these treats and gathers some of their comments here for you.


  • Dog loves them
  • Smell good
  • Grain free
  • Extra crunchy
  • adorable shapes
  • made with pumpkin


  • Caused gas for one doggy
  • Extra crunchy
  • One dog wasn’t a super fan


Maui’s Thoughts

Maui found these Wellness Halloween dog treats to be extra delicious! She even invaded my photo shoot and ate all the treats I had on display!

I could tell when she was eating them that they are super duper crunchy, but she loved that!

Maui gives the Wellness Crunchy WellBars with Pumpkin a drooly paw up (and a little red batwing wiggle)!


Eat well be scary!

Lynne and Maui


Let Maui know what you and your pup think of Wellness by leaving a comment for her below!