Does Your Dog Have A Lot of Toys? Here Are Some Great Dog Toy Storage Containers to Help You out!

I was sitting in the living room the other day looking at all of Maui’s toys scattered around the floor. Some days it seems she takes every single one of them out. Maybe she’s checking to make sure they are all still there or perhaps trying to find just the right one to entice someone to play. Whatever the case, she sure has a lot of toys! Trying to get across the carpet without nailing a squeaker can be a challenge some days.

Maui usually picks up all of her toys at the end of each day, but in cases like that day they got picked up sooner rather than later. It’s a great training exercise for her commands ‘get’ and ‘put’. I tell Maui to get a toy and then to put it in her toy box. She gets a little treat and I get a clean floor. It’s a win-win situation.

Thinking about those toys that day, it struck me … am I ever grateful for her dog toy storage bin! Finding the right dog toy storage container can be a challenge sometimes, especially if you have a dog with large toys. Here’s a list I put together of different large dog toy boxes if you are searching for a dog toy storage bin for your pampered pooch.

What to Look for

I remember when shopping for dog toy storage containers, finding the right one was a bigger challenge than I expected. Maui is a golden retriever so she is a bigger dog. Bigger dogs generally mean bigger toys, so we needed a large dog toy box for all of her goodies.

One of Maui’s favorite toys is an angry bird (it used to be my daughter’s) that’s about 12 inches in diameter! A couple more 18 inch long stuffed puppies along with all of the other random toys means we need quite a bit of storage space.

I tried a random plastic storage bin I had in the garage, but it was too tall. Maui just wasn’t able to get down into the container to check out the toys that had made their way down to the bottom. Here started the shopping adventure looking for a large enough storage bin to hold all of Maui’s toys but one that was also short enough (but not too short) for her to easily reach all of the toys in the bin.

Stylish Dog Toy Storage Boxes

Winifred and Lily dog toy storage bin

Winifred & Lily

Maui’s toy box is right in plain view in our living room so I wanted to shop for something cute and kind of stylish. You can find a lot of storage containers that fit this criteria, but for me many were not big enough and they were too tall.

I did find some super cute dog toy storage containers by Winifred & Lily. These dog toy storage bins come in several different attractive looks and measure 16“ long x 11.5“ wide x 6“ tall. I was really tempted by several of these storage bins because I really loved how they look but was ultimately looking for something even a little bigger because of the size of some of Maui’s toys.

Woodlore Cedar Products Pet Cedar Toy Box, Large

Woodlore Cedar Toy Box

This Woodlore Cedar Products Pet Cedar Large Toy Box is super cute. The box measures 16.5 inches square and is 10 inches tall. It is made out of cedar wood so it has a great smell. I just found this one when I was looking back at my Amazon search results from when I was toy box shopping. If I had found this one back when I was looking to purchase, it very well may have been my choice.

Not so Stylish but Functional

Honey Can Do plastic storage bin

Honey Can Do bin

Found these great, colorful, plastic Honey Can Do bins that measure 16.25″ x 11.75″ x 5″ deep. Exactly what I was looking for if it was just a little bit bigger. Not quite as stylish as the storage containers mentioned above, but these come in 8 different colors to choose from and are plastic, so super easy to wash and keep clean and super durable.

Childcraft plastic storage bin with lid


Another colorful bin is this Childcraft storage box which also comes with a lid. The storage box measures 16 “ long x 11“ wide x 6“ tall which isn’t too bad of a size. Might be nice to have a lid if you ever want to pack up the toys and put them away when company comes over, or something of that sort. This bin comes in 4 primary colors.

Both of these plastic storage container options could be cute if you took a marker and decorated it with your dog’s name and some pawprints, dog bones, or puppies to make it more personalized.

Final Decision

Who knew, with all the different storage bins, containers, and boxes available that it would be so difficult to find a stylish, large enough, easy to clean dog toy storage bin for my Maui.

What did I end up opting for?

It seems to be a trait of mine that I opt more for function over style, and this ended up to be one of those times.

I ended up getting a good ol’ Sterilite plastic storage bin. The one I purchased measures about 25“ long x 16“ wide x 6“ tall. This bin is large enough to hold all of her toys, even the bigger ones yet short enough for Maui to easily reach the toys that are on the bottom of the storage bin.

Sterilite plastic storage bin

While I did a lot of shopping online while searching for the just the right sized dog toy storage container for Maui’s toys, I ended up purchasing the Sterilite container from a local Walmart store. Up here in Minnesota you can also find these types of storage bins at stores like Target, Fleet Farm, Menards, Home Depot, etc.

In the End

In the end it didn’t really matter to me that the dog toy storage box was stylish but more so that it could hold everything it needed to hold. While something cute and stylish may look better in your living room, when shopping for a toy storage bin for your dog be sure to think about your dog’s size and how easy or difficult it will be for them to get the toys out of the container.

When shopping online be sure to check for the measurements of a container before you purchase to be sure you’re getting something appropriate for your furry family member.

With love,

Lynne and Maui

  • Wendi says:

    Love this site. I have a little ShihTzu named Jaxon. He’s not a big dog, but he has 1 big heart. I just love him. I have Jaxon’s Toy Box in the living room. I’m looking for another one. I would like it to look nice and be useful at the same time. Your site is beautiful and chock full of useful information. I’ll be visiting again.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Wendi, thank you so much for stopping by and for the compliments! I truly appreciate it! I love these Winifred and Lily dog toy boxes. You have so many different looks and they are so cute!

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