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So I know the name of this blog is The Best Dog Stuff and have focused mainly on writing about treats.  But there is a lot more great dog stuff out there besides treats (although Maui might disagree with me on that one). And anyway, treats necessarily don’t need to be just food right! When we treat ourselves, it can be anything we do nice for ourselves … something fun, something extra and special. Well today I am going to talk about something extra fun for dogs!

If you are anything like me, you have several different treats around for your pup. A nice way to give those treats and keep them occupied for a while is to put the treats into a dog treat dispensing ball. There’s a few great brands out there but the one I want to tell you about today is the Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew ball.

About the Chew ball

This treat dispensing chew ball is soft yet extremely durable. I’ve seen some other treat dispensing toys out there and some are a very hard rubber. For some reason my goldens have never really get into the hard toys too much. My golden has a very soft jaw (meaning she does not usually grab on really hard), so she tends to enjoy this softer treat dispensing chew ball.

Even though this ball is incredibly durable, nothing is indestructible. There may likely be some very focused, hard chewers for which a harder treat dispensing toy might be a better choice.

Why a Treat Dispensing Toy?

Treat dispensing toys can be used for a few different reasons.

To slow down eating:

Some dogs tend to be voracious eaters. My first golden could down her meals in about 10 seconds. Some people like to load the treat ball with a portion or all of their dog’s meal kibble and let them work at it to get there food. This slows down the eating process tremendously.

Slowing down the eating process is much healthier for your dog. Eating too fast can cause bloat (when the dog stomach fills with air, food, or fluid and puts pressure on other organs). Even worse, it could cause gastric dilation-volvulus which is a condition when the stomach twists or distorts, which could be fatal.

To keep them busy:

Putting a few of your dog’s favorite treat inside the chew ball can keep them busy and prevent destructive boredom behaviors. Having to figure out how to get the treats out of the ball keeps your dog’s mind busy; it works on their problem-solving skills.

My first golden Lulu had this treat ball completely figured out but Maui has a much gentler mouth and it takes her longer to get those treats out. If you fill it up with your dog’s dinner kibble, not only will it slow down the eating process but will likely keep them busy for a long time!

Whatever you do fill them with, be sure that the kibble or treats are not too small. If they are too small they will fall right out when your dog rolls the ball.

Other Benefits

Other things that are great about this treat dispensing dog toy is it:

  • is free of latex and vinyl, both of which can cause serious allergic reactions.
  • is dishwasher safe.
  • can hold nearly any hard or soft dog treat or jerky (just break them in small enough pieces to get through the whole).
  • The size of the opening in the ball can be adjusted easily using a scissor.
  • comes in three diameters –
    • medium is 2.75 inches and recommended for dogs under 15 pounds
    • medium/large is 3.5 inches and recommended for dogs under 40 pounds
    • large is 4 inches and recommended for dogs over 40 pounds

Specialized Interlocking Treats

The treat dispensing to ball can also be used with Starmark interlocking treats to give your dog an even more challenging chewing experience.

Treat Fun

Depending on how well your dog has the ball figured out and the size of the treat put into the chew ball, this treat dispensing dog toy can certainly keep your pup busy for a while. It’s not going to keep them busy for as long as something like a bully stick but it will definitely get their mind working trying to figure out how to get those treats out. Gotta keep the mind active!

It is easy to re-load and it is dishwasher safe (Nice alternative to handwashing a dog slobbered treat ball).

So if you’re looking for a durable yet soft treat dispensing toy for your dog we recommend giving this one a try! Let us know if you do! We love to hear what you think of it.

Lynne and Maui

  • Gabriella says:

    Dog toys are such a great way to keep your dog’s mind active! I had a dog that was able to control their hyperactivity through the use of toys and it was overall so much more helpful to my family as well.

    These are too cute! And it’s certainly a plus that the nut and bolt are edible. Any way to get the ingredients on those?

    • Lynne says:

      Hello Gabriella, thank you for visiting! Dog toys are an excellent way to give a dog something to do that is positive rather than destructive. I will certainly look into the ingredients as you requested and do an update. Thanks so much!

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