Earthborn Holistic Dog Treats – Lamb Treats for Dogs!


Have you ever debated between helping to save the planet and buying a bag of dog treats? Me neither. But if you ever have, Earthborn Holistic will certainly help solve that dilemma!

Not only does Earthborn Holistic make premium dog foods, cat foods, and dog treats, they have a program that turns UPC codes from their product packages into trees!

They also have the ReBORN program that donates money to pet charities AND they are huge into finding ways to help the environment and our earth.

Maui’s BFF at Chewy.com helped us choose the lamb recipe Earthborn Holistic dog treats for our participation in the Chewy influencer program. In exchange for Maui’s honest opinion of products, Chewy sends us a couple of bags of free treats per month. As you can imagine, Maui loves Chewy!


Earthborn Holistic EarthBites

Earthborn’s EarthBites lamb treats for dogs are soft, moist, and chewy premium treats your dog will totally drool for! They are made with high-quality lamb meal, wholesome fruits and vegetables and are packed full of omega fatty acids and vitamins!

EarthBites come in several different pawsome flavor recipes including –

  • Cheese
  • Chicken meal
  • Lamb meal
  • Peanut
  • Hip & joint (turkey protein with glucosamine & chondroitin sulfate)
  • Skin & coat (fish protein with balanced Omega -6 & Omega -3 fatty acids)

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EarthBites Lamb Meal Recipe

All of the EarthBites recipes are grain free and the lamb meal recipe is no exception.

The lamb recipe is packed full of protein-rich lamb meal as well as nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables.


Lamb meal is right at the top of the ingredients which packs these treats with a good amount of protein  – a minimum of 15%!

These treats are also a good source of vitamin E, vitamin C, Omega-6 fatty acids, and Omega -3 fatty acids. All of which help keep your dog healthy in their skin and coat soft and shiny!

Earthborn lamb earthbites analysis

The Look and Size

A company called Earthborn Holistic makes me think of a business that is reliable and genuine but also down to earth with a solid straightforward approach. I think this comes through in the appearance of the EarthBites.

Earth Bites are just a simple cylindrically shaped dog treat. Kind of like if you were to cut a Slim Jim into 1-inch pieces.

Since the treats are soft and chewy, the shape makes them super easy to break or cut into smaller pieces which is great for smaller dogs or for use as training treats.

In a way, I find the shape comforting … knowing they didn’t spend extra time and money trying to make the treats cute. Instead, they spent their time and money making the treats nutritious and healthy.


Earthborn earthbites lamb sizes


What People Think

Maui couldn’t get enough of these Earthborn dog treats! When she REALLY wants something she is perfect at sitting at attention and she was sitting like an angel for these! Even if I would move an inch, she’d be up but her rear would hit the floor ASAP! I couldn’t even get her to let go of the bag when we were taking a picture for this post!

Earthborn isn’t a massive company like some other manufacturers so the number of reviews is smaller. The reviews they do have are excellent!

Earthborn earthbites reviews Amazon

People are saying great things on Chewy.com –

Earthborn earthbites reviews chewy.com


UPCs for Trees

Earthborn Holistic has an awesome program called UPCs for Trees.

Each Earthborn Holistic product has a UPC code on the package. When you mail in those UPC codes, they plant trees!

So far this program has planted 552,402 trees around the world, helping to reduce harmful greenhouse gases!

Here’s how it works –

It’s pretty spectacular that by doing a little thing like sending back UPCs, we can have a big impact on our earth!


Donating to Pet Charities

In partnership with TerraCycle, the Earthborn ReBorn Project helps raise money for pet charities; so far they’ve helped raise $32,802.

How it works: bring your empty Earthborn Holistic bags to a participating retailer and place them in the ReBORN collection bin. The bags are shipped to TerraCycle where they are weighed and recycled.

Each pound of Earthborn Holistic bags results in money being donated to that retailer’s pet charity of choice!

Find a participating retailer so that you can recycle your Earthborn Holistic bags!

earthbor reborn find a retailer


Where to Find EarthBites

There are multiple online and brick-and-mortar retailers that carry Earthborn Holistic products so you shouldn’t have any problem at all finding these treats.

Listed here are some online retailers that carry the Earthborn Holistic EarthBites lamb treats for dogs. The price doesn’t vary too much from retailer to retailer, ranging from $5.44 to $5.99 per 7.5 ounce bag.

Chewy.com – $5.99

Amazon.com – $5.99     buy from amazon

Jet.com – $5.99

Petguys.com have them on sale right now for $5.44


Pros & Cons

Polling my and Maui’s opinions of the Earthborn Holistic EarthBites lamb meal recipe, here are some pros and cons –


Maui absolutely devours them

The price is great

Earthborn Earthbites with golden retrieverMade with high-quality lamb meal and fruits and vegetables

Earthborn Holistic is extremely active in preserving and saving the environment

Decent size package for treats


Maui found no cons

The only con I have is that they smell like wet dog food, so not a big deal considering they ARE a dog food.

One reviewer on chewy.com indicated he felt they were too “medicinal” smelling (I did not find with our bag).


Final Score

These Earthborn Holistic lamb treats for dogs are big paws up for Maui! She honestly could not get enough of them and was glued to my side until I finally put the bag down on the countertop.

Maui gives them a paw way up!


Cheers to our Earth,

Lynne and Maui

  • David says:

    Great article. I’m going to show my friend they make me so mad they feed their dogs stuff like bologna and other human foods as treats and I always tell them how can you tell me you love your dog when your killing them with food that’s not even good for us. Thank you again for the great information.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi David, I have to agree with you about those kinds of foods for dogs. You hit it right on the head – that kind of food isn’t even good for us humans, so it’s certainly not good for our dogs either. I once had a friend who fed his dog pasta and pizza all the time. Made me furious. Thank you so much for stopping by and we hope you stop by again 🙂

  • I love dogs, and I absolutely believe that they deserve the best treats. I love how detailed the review is on the earthbites. It shows that even though it contains lamb meal, it’s also packed with fruits and veggies, which contain nutrients that would be perfect for the health of these lovely pets.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi, there are so many treats on the market today it’s important to look at the ingredients and make sure what’s in the package is actually good for your dog. These Earthborn EarthBites are packed full of good protein and fruits and veggies. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you here again!

  • hong says:

    Love the article. I found it very informative, I just got shown to a puppy for the first time yesterday. My friend has 1 big dog and 3 small puppies. They are the most adorable;e thing in the world. She loves dogs. I will share this awesome information with her. I am sure she is going to love it. Thank you so much for putting this article together.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Hong, dogs and puppies are wonderful little companions! We would absolutely love it if you would share this information and website with your friend 🙂 Maui says woof!

  • Tyler says:

    hey Lynne it Tyler here, wanted to let you know your post looks amazing and is also very informative and it has link to where and i can go find these awesome treats will be back to read about more of the other products you have wrote about!

  • Wiebren says:

    Thanks for the review. Very comprehensive. Love the pictures.

  • Lester says:

    What a great article and detailed information. I especially liked the detailed breakdown of the EarthBorn dog treats.
    I also liked the listing of reviews. I look forward to ordering through the link you provided.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Lester, I’m so glad you enjoyed the information! Maui loves taste testing them for you, then I get to tell you what she thinks 🙂 I’d love it if you would purchased through the link. Thanks for stopping by!

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