Greenies Pumpkin Spice Dental Treats for Dogs!


Pumpkin spice Greenies are in the house! Maui and Emma couldn’t be happier!


Fall is here and I find myself gravitating more towards warm soups, steamy tea, and hot cocoa. Besides those obvious “warm me up” favorites, there is another fall comfort that cannot be ignored … pumpkin spice!

Starbucks has their Pumpkin Spice Latte; Caribou Coffee has a Pumpkin Pie Latte; Dunkin’ Donuts has their new Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Signature Latte; Einstein Brothers has pumpkin muffins and bagels, and ….. well, you get the idea!

With all of this pumpkin spice going on, dog treats are not left out of the picture! Greenies Dental Treats are in the game with their Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Flavor Greenies Dental Treats!

Let’s check them out!


Greenies Dental Treats Pumpkin Spice Flavor

Greenies Pumpkin Spice flavor dental treats for dogs is a limited edition flavor! (Ummm, that means you better get some for your dog really fast.)

The Pumpkin Spice Flavor Greenies come in all of the usual Greenies sizes:

  • Teeny (for dogs that weigh 5-15 pounds)
  • Petite (for 15-25 pound dogs)
  • Regular (for 25-50 pound dogs)
  • Large (for 50-100 pound dogs)


Show Me the Ingredients

The ingredient list for pumpkin spice flavored Greenies is fairly long so this is a copy/paste from the Greenies website:

Greenies pumpkin spice ingredients

The ingredient list on these puppies is a lot longer than for most of the treats we review. Greenies start out with wheat flour and wheat gluten as the first two main ingredients, so definitely steer away from these if your dog has a gluten sensitivity.

They also contain natural poultry flavor, so keep this in mind if your dog has a poultry sensitivity or allergy.

They contain a lot of added minerals and vitamins, which is great!


Ingredient Sourcing

I searched high and low on the Greenies Dental Treats website and could find no indication of transparency regarding where they source their ingredients. That being said, it does not mean their ingredient sources are shady, it just means that they are not sharing.

Their website does indicate greenies are made in Kansas City

“with quality ingredients from around the world”.

Greenies is a MARS company and Mars abides by The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. This Act boils down to treating everyone touched by their business

“with fairness, dignity and respect” and they seek “to promote and advance respect for human rights across our value chain – from farms to our suppliers’ factories to our own workplaces.”


Nutrition Information and Calorie Count

I purchased the large size Greenies treat for Maui as her ideal weight is 60 pounds. Taking a look at the calorie content of these treats, I will definitely have to cut back a bit on her food the days she gets these.

Calorie content for the large size pumpkin spice Greenies is 145 calories per treat!

Calorie content for the other sizes is:

  • Teeny: 26 calories/treat
  • Petite: 55 calories/treat
  • Regular: 90 calories/treat

Maui tends to put weight on easily so next time I purchase we will probably opt for the Regular size rather than the Large. It’s an easy way to control portion size and calories but still give her the great teeth cleaning benefits of a Greenie.

I was really surprised when I looked at the nutrition information to see how much protein these have!



Size and Appearance

Pumpkin spice greenies dog treatsAs dog owners, we probably all know what Greenies look like! That trademark toothbrush shaped green, chewy dog treat.

The pumpkin spice Greenies are no different.

The large size is about 4-5 inches in length. Since we did not purchase the other sizes, I’m unable to fill you in on their size.


Do They Smell Like Pumpkin Spice?

When I received these, the first thing that went through my mind is … do they smell like pumpkin spice?

Well … they might a little bit, but more than smelling like pumpkin spice, they smell like dog food to me. Maybe dog food with a very tiny hint of a pumpkin pie spice scent.

So don’t get too excited and think you’re going to be hit with the delicious aroma of a pumpkin pie when you open the bag.


What People Think of Them

The reviews are great – 4.9 / 5 stars on Chewy.com

Chewy reviews pumpkin spice greenies

Amazon rating pumpkin spice greenies4.4 / 5-star rating on Amazon.com!

The Greenies brand is hugely popular and well-liked. The regular Greenies dog dental chews have almost hundreds to even thousands of reviews with 4-5 / 5-star ratings!


Price and Where to Get These Goodies

Greenies are so incredibly popular, they can be found probably at any online or brick-and-mortar pet supply store.

Here are just a few retailers and prices (for the Regular size pumpkin spice):

Chewy.com: $15.99

PetSmart: $15.99

Walmart: $15.99

An Honest Thought

I have a memory from years ago, hearing about Greenies causing intestinal issues if your dog did not chew them well. This thought popped into my mind but I do not know how much validity there is to it (if it is true or not). Maui and Emma really chew these up so I’m not worried about them when they eat them. If you have a dog that does not chew their food well, you might want to look into the intestinal issues thing before trying these.


Pros and Cons

I personally have no cons regarding this product except for the non-transparency regarding ingredient sourcing. The dental chews are soft and chewy, so they will help get that tartar off the teeth.

Maui nor Emma have any cons about these Greenies! I tried to get our usual “pose with the bag” picture but they would not stop trying to get the bag open so I had to settle for whatever shot I could get!

Chewy and Amazon reviewer pros and cons:


  • Smell good
  • Great for teeth
  • Dog loves them


  • Some felt they were pricey (I find the price to be reasonable)
  • Smell bad (I don’t think they smell bad but don’t expect them to smell like your pumpkin spice latte)


Maui golden retriever with greenies pumpkin spice

The Verdict

The river of drool lets me know that these Greenies Pumpkin Spice Flavored Dental Treats are a huge hit! Maui tried to steal the extras that were sitting on the table as I was trying to take pictures!

Drool, drool, drool and paws way up for Greenies Pumpkin Spice!

Enjoy the beginning of fall,

Maui and Emma signature





Were you able to find these Limited Edition Greenies?

What does your dog think of this fall flavor?

Share your experiences with us in the comments below!



  • John says:

    Hi Lynne,
    this is a very informative post about what is a healthy treat – I will pass your article onto my parents as I think their dogs would really enjoy them.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi John, Maui and I would absolutely love it if you shared our article with your parents! Greenies are very popular so I think a lot of dogs really love them. I bet your parents’dogs would, too!

  • Matts Mom says:

    My two dogs love greenies and they love pumpkin, so this is a great combination all around! Yes, Greenies are somewhat expensive but great for their teeth! Glad to learn about this variety 🙂 My dogs are going to love them!

    • Lynne says:

      Maui absolutely loves these pumpkin spice Greenies! Let us know if you give them a try and what your dogs think of them 🙂 We always appreciate your stopping by!

  • Dany says:

    Thank you for your informative article. My friend is looking such kind of product and I’ll pass your link.
    Just a question: is there an age limit for dogs to use dental chews?

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Dany, Greenies are designed for adult dogs with their permanent teeth. The UK Greenies website recommends not giving these two puppies under six months of age. Thank you so much for the question and for stopping back!

  • David says:

    Fantastic review. Yes the pumpkin spice everything season is upon us. So figure why not let my dog join in with these treats. I like to give him healthier treats as he’s getting older and I want to keep him healthy. I’m so happy I found your site very informative review and I know I’m making the right choice with these treats.
    Thank you so much,

    • Lynne says:

      Hi David! Pumpkin spice is everywhere around here already! I honestly had never tried Greenies before this opportunity but Maui really loves them! They seem to be very chewy. But that’s the whole point; the chewy texture rubs on the teeth to help get off the plaque. Let us know if you give them a try 🙂 Maui would love to know!

  • Felix says:

    Interesting product. Never heard of Greenies here in Austria. We have a male border terrier. Do you know, if the pumpkin is only in low dosage for flavour or if it also will have an effect on his prostate?

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Felix, Greenies are incredibly popular here in the US. They are a firm but chewy treat given for the purpose of helping to clean your dog’s teeth. The spice smell is not overwhelming and is low on the ingredient list, so I don’t think it’s an overwhelming flavor. I am not in the veterinary medical field so I cannot advise you on the prostate question. Best to ask your dogs veterinarian about that one. Thank you for stopping by!

  • Ash says:

    I love Greenies but I haven’t introduced our dog to pumpkin flavored anything so I wonder how he’ll take to it. But this is a super cute idea to try out just in time for fall. Plus I’ve never heard of this flavor so I think I’ll have him try them out.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Ash, I hadn’t heard of pumpkin spice Greenies either until I saw them at PetSmart and on Chewy.com. The smell of them leads me to believe it’s not an overwhelming spice flavor. I can tell you that Maui does love them! Let us know if you give them a try, and if you do, please feel free to use the link in my post. 🙂

  • Lee Ann says:

    I love pumpkin spice and we give our dogs the dental sticks.
    I want to get them the pumpkinspice ones for them.
    BUT, I do have a question.
    Our Retriever has some type of allergy all of a sudden.
    Reading the ingredients that you so graciously included, made a light bulb go off..
    I never thought to see if it was something in the dental sticks. We just started him on prednisone as the allergy meds weren’t helping.
    I appreciate this useful information. I hope that I am able to get them for him and that it isn’t a gluten allergy.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Lee Ann, I’ve been getting Maui the Greenies for a few days now and she absolutely LOVES them! Definitely give them a try! Surprisingly a lot of the meat proteins can be allergy triggers for dogs as well, that’s why I mentioned the chicken ingredient in the pumpkin spice Greenies. I believe Maui has an allergy to something and I am having a really difficult time figuring out what it is. I have to keep trying single protein foods to see if any single protein seems to bother her more than others. Good luck in figuring out what your pups allergy is! Thank you so much for stopping by.

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