What are the Health Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs?


We were at the pet store the other day picking up some cat food (yes, we have four cats in our family, too) and some dog treats. While looking at the dog treats I noticed bone broth on a shelf nearby.

Bone brothI know bone broth is supposed to be really good for us humans but I had never thought about it for our pets. At that moment, bone broth became our next blogging topic.

… Now that I look my statement “bone broth is supposed to be really good for us humans” I realize I don’t really know why it is supposed to be good for us – and our pets.

Let’s explore what bone broth is; the benefits of bone broth for dogs (and cats); and some great brands that make quality bone broth for your dog.

If you like to cook, I’ll also share how to make a healthy bone broth at home!


What Is Bone Broth?

I think we all know that broth, in general, is a clear flavored liquid, like as in a soup. Bone broth is made by simmering bones in water for an extended period of time. During that time awesome flavors and nutrients, including the marrow seep into the water creating a delicious, flavorful liquid.

Primal Pet Foods make their bone broth for pets by slowly simmering bones, tendons, meat, ligaments, and the feet of an animal. They then transfer the nourishing benefits into a liquid consisting of gelatin, minerals, and essential amino acids.

Other companies may not include the extra elements of the animal but only simmer the bones.


Making beef bone broth


What Are the Benefits?

People swear by the benefits of bone broth. Primal Pet Foods indicates bone broth can aid in detoxifying the liver and ridding the body of toxins; adds collagen to a pet’s diet, and can heal and seal a pet’s gut.

Bone broth is known for creating a better environment for healthy gut flora and increasing absorption of nutrients. This makes sense, as collagen just on its own is known to decrease inflammation and support digestive health.

Adding bone broth to your pets’ diet will also increase their fluid intake and can make their food more enticing for them to eat.



Gut Health

Gut health is incredibly important since the majority of a dog’s immune system function is located in the intestine. Just like for us, poor gut health can bring on a ton of elements such as:

  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • vomiting
  • digestive upset
  • redness on the skin
  • hotspots
  • joint pain
  • excessive shedding


Great Bone Broth Options for Your Pet

In researching bone broth for this post I learned there are several brands available out on the market. I put together for you a list of four great bone broth options from companies that make their broth from wholesome, natural real meats and such as. There are of course other companies that make some great broth, but these are common brands that you should be able to find easily at pet food stores or online retailers.


Primal bone brothPrimal Pet Foods

Primal Pet Foods makes bone broth recipes including beef, chicken, pork, and turkey. As mentioned above, their bone broths are simmered not only with the animal bones, but meat, tendons, ligaments, and feet as well. Each recipe is also simmered with delicious organic vegetables and spices such as squash, bok choy, carrots, celery, parsley, cilantro, ginger, turmeric, and apple cider vinegar.

All of Primal’s pet foods are made from editable-grade ingredients; this means the ingredients are good enough for us humans to eat.



Only Natural Pet

Only Natural Pet offers 100% human quality beef, chicken, and turkey bone broth.

The chicken and turkey broths are made from free-range poultry and the beef broth is made from grass-fed beef.

Their broths are also simmered with whole vegetables and fruit such as apples, kale, carrots, parsley, chia, and/or turmeric. Each broth is made in the USA from U.S. sourced ingredients.


The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen has a line of dehydrated bone broth including beef, chicken, and turkey flavors.

Their products are made in the USA; contain no preservatives or by-products, and are made from non-genetically modified ingredients. These dehydrated bone broths are made from (beef, chicken, or turkey) broth and meat of the same source. Recipes may also include dehydrated lentil, kale, parsley, pumpkin, sweet potato, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, and/or cinnamon.

A definite benefit to buying dehydrated bone broth is easier storage conditions and a longer-lasting product life once opened.




These three brands are awesome options for purchasing bone broth made out of high quality, organic, nutritious ingredients but if you are a DIYer you can make your own bone broth at home!

Here’s a great video from a veterinarian describing how you can make your own bone broth for your pet. You can, of course, use a different type of bone and add or take away ingredients as you wish, but this is a really great basic recipe for making nutritious bone broth.



How to Serve It

Bone broth can be served warm or cold (never hot) either by placing some broth in a bowl or by pouring a bit of broth over your dog’s regular food. Follow the feeding guidelines on the bone broth package regarding how much to give your dog.

Please remember that bone broth is only a supplement to your dog’s regular diet and is not meant to replace their regular food.


Have you given your pet bone broth or made it for yourself and seen some health improvements?

Share your experience with us!


Lynne and Maui

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  • Sanders says:

    Lynne, Interesting article on bone broth soup. We have a Boston Terrier who has the red splotches on his shin and hot spots. He also chews at his legs. Nothing we have tried has worked for any length of time, perhaps this will provide some relief for him. Thanks for including the video on homemade soup. My wife is the DIY type, always looking for something new to try.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Sanders, I hope the bone broth helps out your little terrier. I’m sure bone broth is not an overnight fix will take some time. Please let us know what the results are! Yes it’s always nice to make something at home when you have the time and resources! Thank you so much for visiting 🙂

  • AJ says:

    o my goodness. I’m going to have to get some. That is quite the list of good benefits. I have never even heard of it. Crazy. Great read.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi AJ, I’m glad you found it informative! It does have a lot of great benefits! I’m actually thinking of it more for my eldest cat who has a lot of digestive issues. I’m going to see if it helps him out. If you give it a try please let us know what your dog thinks.

  • Boby says:

    I used to have a dog when I was a little girl.
    Recently I’ve been thinking what a great idea is if I have again.
    I found your article just in time!
    The dog’s food looks so much different now than it was 10 years ago.
    Thank you so much for sharing this post, I’m taking notes as we speak!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Boby, There are so many more choices than there were 10 years ago! There’s a much bigger focus on healthy nutritious foods, too. Hope you continue to visit and find our information useful 🙂

  • David says:

    Wow this post is so informative I did not know that bone broth was that good for you and also your dog I will be from now on adding it to my dogs diet as his health is just as Important as mine. thank you so much for the great post.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi David, I’m glad you found it informative! I honestly had never thought about bone brought until I saw it in the store. I too am going to be integrating it into my pets’ diet.

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