I and Love and You Nice U.S.A. Made Jerky Dog Treats.

Wow, sorry we have been absent so much lately! Maui’s typist (i.e. me) has just had a lot on her mind lately and on top of that, computer problems and a summer cold. It feels like we are getting back in the groove and back to business now, though!

Maui has been anxious to get back to writing because during our absence she received her next items from Chewy.com for participating in their Influencer Program. Maui said it’s like Christmas and she must tell everyone about what she got!

We will start out by telling you about the delicious, chewy USA made dog jerky she received. She just can’t stop drooling about them (excuse me while I go get a towel)!


I and Love and You Nice Jerky Bites

The Nice Jerky Bites come in a variety pack! This one was totally a celebration for Maui! She thought it was just one bag of treats but to her surprise, after opening the outside bag three smaller bags spilled out! She didn’t know which one to sniff first!

This variety pack of super tender, chewy grain-free dog treats contains three delicious flavors of jerky:

  • Chicken & salmon
  • Beef & lamb
  • Chicken & duck

Have you ever had your favorite bag of snacks out and you feel like you could eat the whole thing? Yeah, that’s how Maui feels about these!

By the way, you can buy each jerky flavor recipe individually as well, instead of the variety pack!


Super Barktabulous Ingredients

Each flavor recipe of the Nice Jerky Bites has real meat as the first ingredient! No wait, they have real meat (or salmon) as the first two ingredients!



Actually, all of the I and Love and You dog foods, cat foods, and treats have real meat as the first ingredient!


Calories Per Treat

Have to do some work and math for this one. The image shown above tells us how many kcal/oz, not per treat. We gotta figure it out…

The three different recipes average out to about 108 kcal/oz.

Maui’s three bags average 22.5 treats/bag …. doing the math …

That’s about 19 calories per treat.

Thanks for the math refresher I and Love and You. Maui skirted the math task over to me since she couldn’t get the buttons with her paw.



Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients

I’m liking this company! They are upfront and honest about whatever you want to know (even their pets’ favorite music).

When it comes to sourcing ingredients for their products, they are upfront about where things come from.

All of their products are manufactured in the USA but some of the high-quality ingredients are sourced from other countries such as Canada, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.

None of their high-quality ingredients such as proteins, fruits, and vegetables are sourced from China but they do indicate some of the added vitamins, amino acids, and minerals are sourced from China.

While these supplements are sourced from China, they are “formulated, sourced, and blended in the United States by a US company”. These ingredients are thoroughly tested and quality checked to ensure they are safe for our pets to eat.


Size and Shape

This USA dog jerky honestly looks good enough for us to eat!


When we opened the bags we were not met with an overwhelming ‘jerky’ smell like you get when you open a pack of human beef jerky. To be honest I don’t consider this a bad thing because I can’t stand the smell of beef jerky.

The Jerky Bites are thick, super tender, and deliciously chewy (Maui said so).

The pieces are rectangle or square in shape and range in size from about 1 to 1-½ inches.

Maui just flat out loved these, but I love the fact that they are real meat protein and can be very easily ripped or cut into smaller pieces.


More Variety Than a Variety Pack

You can purchase the three different flavors as a variety pack which contains one 4 ounce bag each of the chicken & salmon; chicken & duck, and beef & lamb flavor recipes.

You can also purchase each flavor recipe individually in a 4 ounce bag; as a 3 pack (3 4-oz bags); or as a 1 pound bag!


What People Think

Maui got lucky when we were doing the video for these. I was recording her first experience eating the treats so we could share with you … but I didn’t push the record button. Maui got to do it all over again, getting to eat a second round of these pawlicious jerky treats! I heard no arguments coming from her!



I and Love and You is a smaller, employee-owned company in Colorado. The reviews for the different flavored Nice Jerky Bites are not huge in number but they are huge in love! People (well, hopefully their dogs) love these jerky treats!

The average rating for each flavor recipe individually as well as the variety pack range from 4.7 – 4.9 stars out of 5!




Where to Find Nice Jerky Bites

You can find I and Love and You products at major online retailers, large brick-and-mortar retailers, and surprisingly a lot of smaller co-op and market type of retailers. You can easily look up local retailers on their website by clicking HERE.

Current prices for the variety pack are:

IandLoveandYou.com – $16.99

Chewy.com – $16.99 ($16.14 with Autoship)

Amazon.com – $31.99 (that’s crazy!)

Individual 4 ounce bag prices are:

IandLoveandYou.com – $5.99

Chewy.com -$4.08 – $5.99 ($3.08 – $5.69 with Autoship)

Amazon.com – $4.09 – $5.99

Jet.com – $4.08 – $6.19

Target – $4.39

Maui golden retriever with I and love and you nice jerky bites

Pros & Cons

Incorporating the pros and cons we found online along with ours:


  • Dogs LOVE them
  • Limited ingredient treat
  • Easy to break apart
  • Enjoyed getting the three different flavors in the variety pack
  • Great for dogs with few teeth


As can be expected, Maui had none!

  • A couple of reviewers said the easy open bags did not tear very easily
  • One reviewer on Chewy.com felt the price for the variety pack was too high (others felt the price was reasonable)


The End Result

These I and Love and You Nice Jerky Bites are definitely tail wag worthy! Not only does Maui love them but nearly everyone else who tried them LOVES them, too!

Going to deduct a fraction of a point for not listing the source of the glycerin on the bag, so these treats get 9.5/10 paws!


Drool on my frens, drool on!

Lynne and Maui





Have you tried these jerky dog treats?

Tell us what you think of them!






  • Craig says:

    My mom and dad come visit me every few weeks and they always bring their golden. I am always tempted to feed her unhealthy snacks and treats becuase that’s what we did for our golden when I was a kid! But these days they want me to be healthier so I’m always looking for good snacks to keep on hand. These look like a perfect option to have available for Morgan!

    I think Morgan will likely end up as lucky as Maui did during recording. She’ll probably beg her way into an entire bag over the first weekend…Do the easy open bags reseal or do I need to have something else to keep the opened treats in?

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Craig, yes Maui was not too disappointed we had to do the recording twice 🙂 The easy open bags have a Ziploc type seal to keep them nice and fresh! If you don’t see your parents dog very often I might suggest keeping the jerky treats in the freezer until her next visit. It should extend the shelf life. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Sabina says:

    Ooh Maui is so sweet! As soon as I saw the page with her photo at the top, it drew me in! I love your super cute vid of her too – she’s so well trained – it’s like she only starts after getting the ok from you.. Anyway, all-natural foods are so important to me and my family, and that includes our furry pals, because I want them to get the benefits of real food, not pet food full of fillers, artificial ingredients and dyes. It’s great that the ingredients are listed on the packet, it goes to show that there isn’t anything that would be worth hiding. I love how the company is a small one – it makes me feel confident that they have created a brand that is genuine and true to its claims and one I can trust. Woohoo!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Sabina, You made Maui blush 🙂 She is a great girl and loves doing the work for this website. I love that I and Love and You is a small, US-based company as well. It’s great when companies are so transparent about the ingredients. I contacted them asking about the source of the glycerin as it wasn’t listed on their website. They wrote back within a day or two letting me know that all the glycerin is animal based and they were going to be sure and add it to the glossary on their website. I hope you give them a try and let us know what your pup thanks! Thank you for stopping by and we hope you come back often. Maui says woof.

  • Andrea says:

    This site is just one of my favorites 🙂 I just love dogs. these treats sound like a perfect snacks for my babies. I will definitely try them out and see if they like it. The price is right and I cant resist the model in the picture. Adorable!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Andrea, Thanks for stopping by again 🙂 Maui says thanks for the compliment and you made her blush 🙂 definitely give these a try for your pups, Maui loves them and she thinks your dogs will too!

  • Tower Bridge Consultants LLC says:

    Lynne it was nice to meet you and Maui. 🙂

    It was nice to read good things about the jerky dog treats as I have purchased them for my dog Connor awhile back and he definitely liked them a lot. I’ve noticed the prices vary greatly among different dog treats.

    The old saying is definitely true if you were to ask my dog. You get what you pay for. The more expensive treats definitely smell better, are fresher, and my dog seems to wag his tail a bit more when it’s a better quality treat.

    Thanks for sharing.

    – Jay S.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi, it definitely does seem to ring true that you get what you pay for. You can certainly get a lot of fillers and low-quality proteins if you buy cheap treats but if you want the ones that are full of a lot of animal protein and healthy fruits and vegetables the price tag definitely goes up. I feel a lot better feeding the high-quality treats to my dog, though! Nice to hear that you have tried the treats for your dog before and that he loves them!

  • Genesis says:

    My dogs would love these! The fact that the ingredients are nice and simple is also a big point in their favor. I like stuff that isn’t full of chemicals for my pups. Which one do you think Maui liked best? Or were they all big hits? (Sorry if that was covered in the video, I don’t have the ability to watch on my phone).

    • Lynne says:

      Hi, It is great that these jerky treats are just pure and simple ingredients. I mean, we care about what we put in our bodies so why should we care about what we put in our dogs, right 🙂 I think truly that Maui equally loves each flavor. They are nice and meaty and I think that’s what she loves more so than having a preference of one over the other. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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