Merrick Dog Treats Recall | Merrick Backcountry Treats & Castor Pollux Good Buddy Treats

It has been a while since I’ve had to inform you about a dog treat recall, so that is good news. Unfortunately I have one for you today though. This one is from a very well-known company whose treats you probably could find just about anywhere.

product recallMerrick Pet Care located in Amarillo Texas in cooperation with the FDA has issued a voluntary recall on their Merrick Backcountry treats as well as their Castor & Pollux Good Buddy treats. These treats contain beef that may have elevated levels of a naturally occurring beef thyroid hormone.

How the Recall Started

A consumer complaint spurred this dog treat recall. The FDA had received a consumer complaint regarding a dog whose health was temporarily negatively impacted when eating the Merrick Backcountry Great Plains Real Beef Jerky 4.5 ounce. After the owner discontinued feeding the treats the dog’s health improved to the point of a full recovery.

The FDA notified Merrick of the complaint. To ensure the safety of their consumer’s pets Merrick issued a voluntary recall of the potentially affected treats.

Why the Recall

cowAlthough I could not find it listed anywhere, I am sure that Merrick must have submitted samples of the affected dog treats to a laboratory for testing to determine why the dog became ill. That only makes sense, agreed? Unless they just assumed since the treats were made of beef that the reason would be potentially high beef thyroid hormone levels … but that would be very presumptuous.

However they determined it, Merrick issued this voluntary recall of a limited number of batches of treats containing beef as they might contain elevated levels of a naturally occurring beef thyroid. My guess is the beef used in the recalled treats all came from one supplier.

As of this time there have been no additional reported cases of illness due to the treats.

Recalled Treats

This recall only includes specific production codes of the following beef treats:

  • Merrick Backcountry Great Plains Real Steak Patties, 4 ounce
  • Merrick Backcountry Great Plains Real Beef Sausage Cuts, 5 ounce
  • Merrick Backcountry Great Plains Real Beef Jerky, 4.5 ounce
  • Castor & Pollux Good Buddy Sausage Cuts Real Beef Recipe, 5 ounce
  • Castor & Pollux Good Buddy Prime Patties Real Beef Recipe, 5 ounce

The production codes (UPC codes) affected by this recall are:

No other Merrick or Castor & Pollux products are affected by this voluntary recall.

Production codes are located on the back of the bag of treats down towards the bottom. Here are images from Merrickpetcare.com showing what each bag looks like and where you can find the production (UPC) code.

Castor pollux good buddy prime patties real beef recipeCastor pollux good buddy sausage cuts real beef recipe

Merrick backcountry Great Plains real beef jerky

Merrick backcountry Great Plains real beef sausage cuts

Merrick backcountry Great Plains beef patties

Where They Were Sold

The affected Merrick Backcountry treats and Castor & Pollux Good Buddy treats were distributed in the United States through online, grocery, and specialty retailers. They were also distributed in limited quantities in Canada.

Why Is Beef Thyroid Hormone Bad?

Consuming beef thyroid can cause the following symptoms:

  • Restlessness
  • increased heart rate
  • increased thirst
  • increase urination
  • weight loss

If consumed for a long period of time, the symptoms will likely increase in severity and include:

  • sad sick dograpid or labored breathing
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting

My Dog Is Sick, What Should I Do?

If you dog is consumed the affected products and is exhibiting any of these symptoms contact your veterinarian immediately.

You of course must also stop feeding your dog these treats (but set the bag aside so you can return them to get your money back).

What to Do with the Treats

If you purchased one of the affected lots of the treats listed above, Merrick has indicated you can contact them 1-800-664-7387 between 8 AM and 5 PM Central Time Monday through Friday or anytime at customerservice@Merrickpetcare.com.

They will instruct you how to proceed so that you can get your money back.

You can also fill out a form at their website here => Merrick Dog Treats Recall Form

What Does Merrick Have To Say

Merrick issued this voluntary recall to assure the safety of their customer’s dogs. They indicate that quality and safety is top priority and they are working with the FDA fully regarding this recall. To quote Merrick from their website:

“As a company of pet owners and pet lovers, we know our consumers place a tremendous amount of trust in us when their pet uses our products. The quality and safety of our products are the top priority for our company. We apologize to our retail customers and consumers and sincerely regret any inconvenience and concerns caused by this voluntary recall. We are working with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration on this voluntary recall and will cooperate with them fully.”

Merrick also issues a reminder that these treats are not intended to be a main part of a dog’s diet and should only be given as a treat occasionally.

FDA logo


If you would like to read the full recall notice posted by the FDA you can find it HERE.

If you believe your dog became ill because of any of these affected treats you can file a report with the FDA. You can find instructions how to do so on the FDA’s website.

You can also call your states FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator.


Has anyone experienced any problems with these treats? Let us know what happened.

Lynne and Maui

  • Thanks for the content on the recall and the reasoning behind this. I personally like the passion that you put into your website. Very well put together website and post

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      Hi Michael, thank you for stopping by and for the compliments. Maui and I do have a great passion for dog treats as we go through quite a lot of them!

  • Joo says:

    Thanks for the informative post! I’m glad to see that Merrick is a responsible company, willing to admit what possibly went wrong. And didn’t wait for more unfortunate episodes to take action.

    • Lynne says:

      Joo, You are very welcome! Yes, Merrick is a very responsible company and they’ve been around for quite a while and have some really popular dog foods and treats. It’s good to see them step up to the plate.

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      Hi Jyoti, thank you so much for stopping by and checking out this recall. I feel it’s important to stay on top of these things to eliminate any potential for our puppies to be eating things that could be bad for them.

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    Interesting post, I have don’t have dogs, so this kind of information is new to me. It’s great the company did respond to the issue! If I have a dog in the future, I will totally get informed of what kind of brand food should I buy. Thank you so much for the info 🙂

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Stephie, It’s always good to be in the know! While nearly companies do their best to manufacture in a clean manner sometimes things just happen there’s a bad batch or a potentially bad batch. I also subscribe to alerts from the FDA for human things as well 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and please come back again! I just might have informed that could be good for your friends that have dogs.

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