Natural Balance Dog Treats | Limited Ingredient Diet Chewy Bites

Maui and Emma have been after me to let them do another treat review, so here we go!

There are thousands of different kinds of dog treats on the market but not all of them are appropriate for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies or medical conditions that require they be on a limited ingredient diet.

Natural Balance has a full Limited Ingredient Diets (L.I.D.) menu for dogs that consists of dry kibble and wet canned dog foods as well as crunchy and soft dog treats. Maui and Emma's regular dry kibble is actually the Natural Balance L.I.D. lamb meal and brown rice formula dog food.

Last time I brought Maui in for her grooming appointment her groomer commented on how nice Maui's coat is compared to the time before. Wouldn't you know it, I switched Maui and Emma back to the Natural Balance L.I.D. diet a couple months previous. I attribute the improvement in Maui's coat to the Natural Balance dog food.

Based on our experience with the Natural Balance dog food, when we were given the opportunity to do a review on their L.I.D. Grain-free Chewy Bites we jumped at the chance!

Natural Balance Chewy Bites

Chewy bites are soft delectable treats (direct quote from Maui 😉).

These morsels of chewy goodness come in three flavor recipes:

  • Lamb
  • Duck
  • Turkey

Each flavor recipe contains a single animal protein; none of them contain any chicken products. Chicken is one of the main meat proteins that dogs are allergic to, so this is really great news!

Chewy Bites Highlights

There are a lot of great things that make these Limited Ingredient Diet dog treats something special!

  • Each recipe is made from a single animal protein
  • That single animal protein is number one on the ingredient list
  • None of the recipes contain chicken
  • Each recipe has only two primary sources of carbohydrates
  • Include no grains, fillers, or potatoes
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Good for puppies through adults!

Size, Texture, Appearance, and Calories

These look a bit like an extra skinny Slim Jim cut into pieces. All the pieces are symmetrically round in shape and cut into about 1-2 inch lengths.

If they are a little bit big for your dog you are in luck because these jerky like treats are pretty easy to cut into smaller pieces! This is great for small dogs or to use them as training treats!

The bag indicates each turkey treat is about 8 calories.  Some pieces are significantly smaller than others so I'd say 6-8 calories. Cut them into smaller pieces and you have a 2 calorie meaty treat for your dog!

I always stick my nose in the bag when we open some fresh treats and these didn't have a whole lot of smell to them. If you hang out in the bag for a while it kind of starts smelling a little bit like jerky crossed with dog food, but still not too bad. 

Natural Balance Turkey Chewy Bites

Natural Balance: Dick Van Patten

Did you know that Natural Balance was founded by the actor Dick Van Patten! Pretty cool that such a big-time actor loved dogs so much that he created his own pet food brand!

Sadly Dick Van Patten passed away in 2015 but Natural Balance continues his legacy of believing

that, as members of the family, our dogs and cats deserve the very best. 

Mr. Van Patten had a clear mission to see every animal was treated with respect and love. This mission began by creating pet foods based on sound scientific principles & nutritional truths.

Giving Back to the Community

Natural Balance does a lot to help out animals and pets in our communities. This makes them pretty special, as well as their foods!

UPC Charity Rebate Program

Bring your UPC label from your Natural Balance pet food bag along with its original receipt to a participating non-profit 501 (c)(3) animal rescue organization and that animal rescue can make some money from those UPC symbols!

Nonprofit animal rescues ascended a minimum of 50 UPC codes and they get a check in the mail within eight weeks!

What an easy way for us and Natural Balance to help animal rescues and animals in need!

Non-profit Animal Rescue Sponsorship

Qualified non-profit animal rescues can apply twice a year to receive free Natural Balance pet food sample bags to provide to new pet parents adopting their animals!

Free nutritious pet food to new pet owners! What a great way to get new pet ownership off to a great start.

Guide Dogs for the Blind Partnership

Natural Balance partners with Guide Dogs for the Blind, an organization that provides guide dogs to the visually impaired - free of charge. The Natural Balance website really doesn't indicate how they support this organization but by searching the Internet I discovered it is through monetary support. Raising and training any type of service dog is a very expensive endeavor so having the support of a company like Natural Balance can give a service dog non-profit the stability needed to continue their mission.

What You've Been Waiting for!

We know you are all anxiously awaiting an opportunity to get these chewy sticks of jerky goodness, so here it is!

These treats come in a 4-ounce bag, which seems kind of small (that is until the bag is shoved in your face). There are quite a few treat pieces in this bag for its size! I like that they didn't waste a lot of packaging making it seem like a larger bag. The number of treats you get paired with the quality ingredients makes the price of these treats pretty great! has the turkey recipe for $6.31 ($5.99 if you put them on AutoShip).

Buy now on

(prices subject to change)

Maui Golden retriever with Natural Balance Limited ingredient diet dog treats

Natural Balance L.I.D. Turkey Chewy Bites Final Review

Maui and Emma both enjoyed these treats!

Emma goes bonkers for anything that looks like food and goes doubly bonkers for anything that actually is. Needless to say, Emma gobbled these down like they were her last meal.

Maui definitely enjoyed them as well! She seemed to really enjoy the piece that was two stuck together. Her eyes closed a little bit and she really enjoyed chewing on that one! When we were done taste testing the treats I rolled off in my wheelchair, turned around to see her still sitting at attention waiting for more. What a cutie!

Here is Maui and Emma's final review of the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Turkey Chewy Bites:

What does your dog think of Natural Balance?

Have a favorite Natural Balance food or treat?

Let us know your thoughts below in the comments!

Happy munching,