Protective Dog Winter Boots – The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Dog’s Paws

We are deep into winter (at least here in the United States) and us folks up here in the Midwest are cold! We had a strange winter this year. Not a lot of snow like usual but actually rain and freezing temperatures.

Strange weather like this can make for some treacherous walking conditions not only for us humans but for our dogs as well!

Our pup's pads are right on that cold snow and ice. Walking on this can make your dog's feet dangerously cold. Not only that,  the ice can be sharp causing cuts and abrasions. Keeping your dog's paws protected in weather like this is really important so Maui, Emma, and I have put together a list of some great dog winter boots and booties to get you through this cold season.

You can even use them when you're out hiking or on walks in warmer weather to protect your dog's paws from rough terrain, sticks, thorns, hot pavement, etc.

Some boots are designed to give minimal protection to your dog's paws while others are designed to keep your dog's paws dry and more protected from whatever they may step on (kind of like a slipper versus a hiking boot).

Many will be waterproof which means when you get home from that muddy or wet walk your dog's paws are still clean; you just take the boots off and your house stays clean, too!

Maui and it up with some broken toes a few years back and that paws is especially sensitive to the cold. That paw always needs a boot!

Depending on where you live your winters may be harsher or pretty mild so

here are a variety of dog boots and booties to help keep your dog's paws protected and dry.

Water Resistant Boots with Reflective Fastening Straps & Anti-Slip Sole

My Busy Dog brand dog boots are a favorite on Amazon with nearing 2000 reviews. They are also incredibly loved on the My Busy Dog website with 27 reviewers giving these boots 5-star ratings!

They are available in eight different sizes and four different colors (red, orange, black, and green).

What I like about these boots:

  • They have rugged, tough anti-slip soles that will be good during winter or any other season to help prevent damage to your dog's paws from ice, salt, glass, sticks, hot pavement, etc. The soles also provide great traction and stability.
  • The adjustable Velcro straps are reflective, adding an element of safety when it's dark.
  • The front of the boot shaft is split for easy on and off.
  • They are water resistant to help keep your dog's paws warm and dry,
My busy dog dog boots


  • Fabrics used to make these boots are sewn together (not just glued), increasing the quality and life expectancy of your dog's boots.
  • The boots are hand washable. The company recommends fastening the Velcro straps and washing the boots using pet shampoo and leaving them out to air dry. Detergents and other shampoos can be irritating to your dog so using pet shampoo helps make sure any residue that may potentially be left on the boot won't be irritating to your dog's paws.

What I like about the company - if you purchase the boots directly from My Busy Dog (a small U.S. family business) every purchase made on their website helps feed dogs in need.

You can also purchase them on Amazon. Right now the prices the same on Amazon vs. My Busy Dog. but Amazon has a 5 dollar coupon at the moment.

Both websites have easy to understand size charts and directions of how to measure your dog's paw so you purchase the right fit.

The listing does not indicate but reviewers state that the listing is for 4 boots.

Price: $35.99

Anti-slip Waterproof Dog Boots with Reflective Velcro Straps

These QUMY dog boots are a bestseller on Amazon so definitely worth a mention.

They come in 4 sizes and two colors (red and black).

The sizing chart on the Amazon listing makes it seem as though there are 5 sizes but Amazon only lists the four and the QUMY website also only lists four sizes. Guessing they must have discontinued the smallest size.

These boots are:

  • easy to put on and take off with the easily adjustable reflective Velcro straps
  • made with a split seam on the top so the boot can expand to better accommodate your dog's paw
  • made with a rubber anti-slip sole for better traction, stability, and protection
  • waterproof
  • sewn together with high- quality fabrics
  • hand washable

The link below brings you to a listing that is for a set of 4 boots.

QUMY dog boots


Price: $27.99

RoyalCare Boots - Waterproof, Reflective, & Anti-Slip

These boots are available only in black and are available in 3 sizes.

These look pretty similar to the first two options. They are rated well on Amazon but have fewer reviews.

These boots:

  • have a rubber anti-skid sole for better traction and protection.
  • are waterproof
  • have a leather upper
  • are lightweight and breathable
  • conform to your dog's natural paw shape
  • are hand washable
  • have reflective adjustable straps
Royalcare dog boots

The listing has easy to understand instructions how to measure your dog's paw as well as sizing information.

These boots come in a set of four and are just a tad bit less expensive than the first two options. 

Price: $23.39 and up (depending on size)

Neo-Paws Dog Boots

Neo-Paws has a few different kinds of boots but I want to highlight two of their winter boot products - the Neoprene Regular Performance Shoe/Boot and the Neoprene Orthopedic High-Performance Outdoor Shoe/Boot.

Neo-Paws is a small Canadian based privately owned business. It specializes in providing high-quality, innovative products for your dog that will keep them safe and comfortable.

Their line of products includes dog life and safety jackets/vests, rain bodysuits, dog seatbelts, performance and orthopedic dog boots/shoes, and a few other items as well.

The Neo-Paws website has great instructions on how to size your dog's feet as well as which size is appropriate.

Neoprene Orthopedic High-Performance Outdoor Boot

These boots are available in black and sizes XS to XXL!

These boots are intended for snow, rain, water sports, and protecting wounds caused by dragging paws.

These boots are not intended for extended indoor use or use in the heat!

I love these boots because:

  • the upper is made out of water-resistant neoprene with water-blocking features
  • the rubber sole is made in a process similar to a human running shoe
  • the rubber covers the entire paw and rises up around the seams (great for keeping out water)
neo-paws high performance dog boot


  • they have a rubber toe cap to protect your dog's toes
  • they are made with a reinforced heel for increased durability

The website indicates these boots are recommended by veterinarians worldwide for dogs with paw injuries, to comfort hip dysplasia, arthritis, and dragging paws (the rubber toe cap and reinforced heel come into play here!)

The website also notes that these particular boots are not recommended for dogs under 15 pounds as the boots will not stay on properly and will likely be too bulky.

These boots come in pairs (so sets of two). They do this since back paws are sometimes smaller than the front, this allows you to purchase two different sizes if needed.

Price: $28.00 - $40.00 per pair (depending on size)

Neoprene Regular Performance Boot

This boot also comes in sizes of XS to XXL and is available in black, pink, blue, red, and green!

The Regular Performance Boot is similar to the Orthopedic Boot but a bit less expensive alternative.

The Regular Performance Boot Differs from the High Performance Boot in that the sole is a bit different and does not provide as much rubber up over and above the seams.

The Regular Performance boot also has:

  • a water-resistant neoprene rubber upper with Aqua-blocking features
  • a sole made from "an injection molded rubber for added strength offering maximum protection and comfort".
  • Specially designed toe cap
  • reinforced heels

These boots are also great for swimming (and protecting your pool liner), running, walking, and for dogs that have dragging paws or hip dysplasia.

These boots are great for rain and snow!

These boots are not intended for indoor use or in the heat.

Price: $25.00 - $34.00 for a pair of 2 (price dependent on size) 

neo-paws standard dog  shoe boot


Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

These dog booties come in black or red and 6 different sizes. They come in a set of 4 booties.

These boots are a bit more flexible than others I mentioned. More of a bootie style rather than having a rubber sole like a shoe or boot.

They are made with water-resistant nylon designed to keep your dog's feet protected in wet, dry, hot, and cold environments.

The toe and sole are coated in what they call 'ToughTek' which is a flexible, grippy, skid resistant, durable thermoplastic.

Ultra paws dog boots


They have:

  • a split seam on the upper shaft of the boot to make them easier to get on and off
  • dual fuzzy fasteners straps
  • foam ankle pads for comfort
  • the grippy sole to help prevent slipping and sliding on tile or hardwood floors

The lowest price I could find on these were at Chewy.com where they are currently having a sale on winter items! 

Price: $22.36 to $25.49 four sets of four (price dependent on size).

buy on Chewy

Dog Boots and Booties

Maui, Emma, and I selected some great options for you to consider when getting ready to make that purchase.

No matter if you give one of our suggested dog boots/booty options a try or some other brand, it's important to keep your dog's paws protected and safe when they are out in the cold or on terrain that could potentially damage their paws.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Maui and Emma say you guys are pawsome and asked if you could check out their Facebook page!

Enjoy the snow!

Do you have any dog boots or booties that you just love?

Have you tried any of these?

Please share your experiences with us so we can learn from each other!

  • Matt's Mom says:

    Oh my gosh I am loving these.  Now I live in Florida, and they are definitely not necessary here.  But, I travel to Alaska to visit my dad quite frequently and I take one of my dogs with me.  The last trip was rough, he did not want to go outside and walk on the snow.  We were there right after the earthquake, so most everything in my dad town was closed down for repairs.  Amazon takes 2 extra weeks (even with prime) to deliver to his town…..ugh.  So, I am gonna have to get these for our next trip which is coming soon!  Love them!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi! Any of these boots would definitely come in handy in Alaska! I am going to get a pair for our little Emma because her feet are so incredibly sensitive to the cold. Once they start getting cold she freezes up and won’t walk anymore. Thanks for taking a look and please don’t forget to use a link from our post to get into those awesome dog boots!

  • Murasa says:

    I’m still not entirely sure if my dog does need these booties. They do look pretty nice on them and I would consider getting a set just to dress up my little pupper. Apparently there is research in Japan that dogs have a special circulatory system that is really close to the arteries which allow blood to return quickly back to the inner core of their body. Other hazards are still a concern though!

  • Seun Afotanju says:

    I love the fact that you guys came up with something for dogs this winters, my dogs are always locked at home most of the times during winter because of the cold or ice, the provision of this dog winter boots makes it easy to take my dog out anytime I please during winter knowing its feet are protected.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Seun, I am not much of a fan for going out in the winter either! Maui loves to go for walks though and so it’s important we keep something on her feet, especially sensitive one. Thanks for stopping by!

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