Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper by Sojos.


Maui gets to try her first dog food topper!

We received the Sojos Mix-a-Meal freeze-dried raw lamb dog food topper for being part of the Chewy.com Influencer Program. I was pretty excited about this one because we (I mean Maui) have never tried a topper before. I kind of felt like a kid in a candy store (thinking that might not be a good analogy since I am talking about raw freeze-dried lamb).

Sojos makes a meal food topperMaui is always interested in the bags we get from Chewy. She was especially interested after one of her teeth poked a hole in this bag and she could smell what was inside!


Sojos Mix-a-Meal Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food Topper

The Sojos Mix-a-Meal dog food topper is a grain-free, freeze-dried raw meat to add your dogs’ kibble as a protein-rich, uber delicious topper (or mixer). Toppers are not meant to be the main meal but are meant to be added to what your dog regularly gets as a meal.

Maui received the freeze-dried lamb flavor but the Mix-a-Meals come in a variety of different recipes:

  • Lamb
  • Turkey
  • Beef
  • Chicken


Freeze-Dried Raw Meat

Talking about the ingredients is pretty darn simple with this product. The Mix-a-Meal freeze-dried lamb topper includes …. lamb. That’s it.

The other flavor toppers are just as easy. The chicken topper includes chicken; the turkey topper includes turkey, and the beef topper includes (are you ready for it) beef.

Each of these freeze-dried raw meat toppers only includes that one single ingredient. High-protein, super nutritious freeze-dried meat.

This is great for dogs with any sort of food sensitivities or allergies. Single ingredient, single protein foods make it effortless to be 100% sure of what your dog is eating.


Raw beef and chicken

Source of Ingredients

The Sojos website is a bit minimalistic compared to other pet product brands. Had to look in the FAQ section to find out about where ingredients are sourced.

Sojos sources about 80% of their ingredients from the United States. Some protein options, as well as the seasonality of ingredients, require they source some ingredients from elsewhere. As an example, they say the venison comes from New Zealand and goat from Australia.

Other Sojos products included vitamins and minerals. The company indicates most are sourced from the United States; some from other countries; but none are sourced from China.



The Look and Smell

I definitely would not recommend sticking your nose into the bag. I do this with every new treat and food Maui gets; I guess just because I’m curious. I definitely would not recommend taking a big whiff of this freeze-dried topper as it is not a very pleasant smell. Don’t know what I expected, as it literally is just freeze-dried meat.

The freeze-dried lamb pieces are comparable I would say to one or two pieces of Captain Crunch or one or two crunch berries. They are a little bit randomly shaped but consistently about that general size.


How Much to Feed Your Dog

These Sojos Mix-a-Meal freeze-dried toppers are meant to be a supplement to your dogs regular dry or canned food.

The bag offers no suggestion of how much to feed. I guess they leave it up to us to determine how much we want to add in. It will certainly depend on the size of your dog and how much they normally eat.


Calories and How to Feed

I do want to stress – you need to watch the calories! If you leave the amount of dry or wet dog food you feed the same and then add this on top, your dog will be getting a lot more calories than usual. This can add up quickly and your dog will become overweight.

Sojos dog food topper caloriesThe freeze-dried lamb recipe indicates there is 228 kcal/cup.

When you add a topper to your dogs’ food be sure to decrease the amount of regular dry or wet food your dog gets to compensate for the added calories of the dog food topper.

When I gave it to Maui I decreased her regular kibble by about ¼ cup and only added ½ a cup of the Sojos freeze-dried lamb topper to her food.

Depending on the size of your dog; how much they regularly eat; and how much of the topper you want to add, you will have to decide the most suitable ratio of food to topper for your pet.


What People Think

This is a new product for Sojos as none of the flavors of these Mix-a-Meal toppers have reviews on Chewy.com yet.

Pulling up other Sojos products on Chewy.com shows me that people really, really like the brand! Nearly all of the Sojos products listed have a 4 to a 5-star rating!


Sojos dog food topper selections


People seem to like the Sojos product line on Amazon as well!

Sojos reviews

Pros & Cons

I can only go based on my impression of the product and Maui’s reaction to the product, as there are no reviews of this specific product as of yet.


  • Great source of protein (not less than 50% for the lamb recipe)
  • No added, unnecessary ingredients
  • Can easily use these as treats, too!
  • Made in Minnesota


  • Maui Golden retriever with Sojos dog food topperNot completely transparent about the source of individual ingredients
  • Maui won’t stop bugging me for it when she sees the bag
  • Can only currently be found on Chewy.com (it’s a brand new product!)


What We Think

I’m sure you know that Maui absolutely loves it! She already knows the bag and will definitely be disappointed when it’s all gone.

I love that it’s a single ingredient, single protein topper. I do wish that Sojos was more upfront and transparent about the origins of all of their ingredients. I also find it a bit confusing that I cannot find this product anywhere except on Chewy.com; it is not even listed on the Sojos.com website. For these reasons, I give this product a 9/10.

Maui gives the Sojos Mix-a-Meal freeze-dried lamb raw dog food topper a definite two paws way up! She loves it so much she tried to steal the bag when we were doing photos!

Top it all,

Lynne and Maui





Give the Sojos dog food toppers a try and let Maui know what your pup thinks of it!

Share your experiences below in the comments!



  • Babsie says:

    She is the cutest dog ever! I absolutely love that she loves the topper so much! She is adorable! I am going to tell my dauther-in-law about your website. She is a dog fanatic, and she is a huge proponent of a raw meat diet. Her and my son have a gorgeous pitty who eats lots of raw meat, and I know they would love this topper for his food. Thanks!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi! Maui says thank you. She would love it if you would tell your daughter-in-law 🙂 We try to review wholesome, natural, nutritious products so I think we would have a lot to offer her. Thank you so much for visiting! Maui looks forward to meeting their pup.

      • Davona says:

        Thank you for posting the contents in this article. The ingredients are so important because different dogs may have different allergies. I once gave my dog a certain popular dog food because it was on sale and i had coupons and it almost killed her. Yes, it was that serious. This so such an informative post I will be looking for some of these treats for my dog. Thanks so much for posting

        • Lynne says:

          Hi Davona, I also believe it is very important to watch the ingredients in what you feed your dog. I am learning that Maui most certainly has a food sensitivity or allergy to turkey, and maybe beef, so I need to watch her main kibble as well as any treats I give her. Maui is glad that you enjoyed her article and hopes you stop by often!

  • Emily says:

    It is really important to know whats the ingredient inside. Good to know there is such a good brand out there! Maui is so cute! Thanks for stressing on how much to feed, its very useful 🙂

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Emily, Thank you so much for stopping by! Maui says thank you for the compliment 🙂 Yes, it’s definitely to watch how much you feed your dog. They can get overweight, just like we can!

  • BUSSY says:


    Your article really opened my eyes to the possibility of overfeeding your dog. Of course everyone thinks about the calories they eat, but I have never thought about the calories my dog eats.

    Do you think it’s required to watch the amount of calories your dog eats? Should I pay better attention?


    • Lynne says:

      Hi Bussy, It is definitely important to watch how many calories your dog eats! Bags of dog food also tend to recommend feeding too much (unless your dog is incredibly active). I always have to feed Maui a little less than the recommended dry food amount on bags of kibble. Due to feeding a little too much and inactivity over last winter Maui gained 10 pounds, so I definitely believe it’s important to watch how much you feed your dog! Thanks for stopping by and we hope you come back often!

  • Hello Lynne, great post on the Sojos Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food. I have two dogs, and I would like to purchase this food topper to see if they would enjoy it. It is excellent in protein, and we all need protein. Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck with your website!!!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Ahmad, I’m glad you enjoyed Maui’s review! Yes, give the product to try and let us know what you think here! I contacted Sojos and this is a brand-new product for them so I’m sure they would love people to give it a try. Right now I could only find it on chewy.com. Thanks for visiting!

  • Autumn says:

    This is so amazing! I had no idea that their was such healthy raw meat meals for dogs, and its freeze dried. such good information and will be passing this on to some of my dog lover friends!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Autumn, It is amazing how many really great, high-quality products are out there now for dogs and cats! Sojos has some really awesome products and I am a little partial to them as they and I are both in Minnesota 🙂 Thank you for visiting and we would greatly appreciate it if you’d pass the information and our site onto your dog loving friends 🙂

  • Hi Lynne (and Maui)!
    Thanks for the great review of this freeze dried all meat topper. I was not at all familiar with the brand even though I buy nearly all my animals products from Chewy. I used the Stella & Chewy freeze dried brand for awhile but it got too expensive. I’ll see if this one is more affordable.
    All the best.
    Kyle Ann

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Kyle Ann, Sojos has a lot of great raw freeze-dried products and products made out of wholesome natural ingredients. This dog food topper was not cheap, but the bag indicates about 20 servings so overall I believe the price is pretty reasonable. This reminds me that I forgot to include the price in my post! Need to fix that! Thank you so much for visiting and we hope that you stop by often!

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