Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch treats | 98% high-quality animal ingredients

Golden retriever with Stella & Chewy's Carnivore CrunchGetting ready to write this treat review my loyal Golden retriever Maui is close by my side. Right now I’m not so sure the need to be close is out of loyalty or more so out of wanting one of the treats out of this bag! Good thing I have such a willing taste tester!

A while back I did a post about 9 of the best dog training treats and Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried raw Carnivore Crunch was highlighted in that post. Today we are going to do a little more in depth review of the company and the carnivore crunch treats so you know exactly what you’re getting.

The Company

Stella & Chewy’s is located in Oak Creek Wisconsin and was born out of an owner’s love for her dog and her quest to bring him to good health. Marie Moody adopted a dog desperately in need of a loving forever home. When Marie found Chewy in an animal shelter he was sick, a bit destructive, but super sweet. After getting Chewy home and bringing him to the veterinarian she learned her newly adopted dog had distemper. Her veterinarian suggested she put Chewy on a raw food diet.

Moving Chewy to a raw food diet drastically improved his health and he recovered! After seeing the dramatic improvements feeding a raw diet could have on a dog’s health, Marie was determined to do what she could to bring this diet to the world so that pets everywhere could benefit.

This is how Stella & Chewy’s was born.

Believe in Raw

Stella & Chewy’s believes in the nutrition and power of raw and that any amount of quality raw food provided in a dog’s diet will have a positive meaningful impact. Marie saw her own dogs thrive when she began feeding them a raw diet back in 2003 which inspired her to make and bring treats and dog foods to the market that were as good as the raw dog foods she made at home.

Big Focus on Product Safety

I want to point out something really cool on the Stella & Chewy’s website. You can actually check the product safety test results of the food or treats you purchased!

Stella & Chewy's product safety testingUp in the top right corner on the website you’ll see a little purple box that says “see your product safety” and a box for you to enter a lot number. Each package of food or treats has a lot number printed on it. Granted, on our bag of duck Carnivore Crunch the lot number was incredibly small and half of it was covered by a “Best By” sticker, but if you’re able to read that lot number you can enter it in that product safety box. This will bring you to a PDF with the product safety testing results for your exact batch of food or treats!

How cool is that to be able to see the actual official testing results of the food you have in hand!  Here are test results for the carnivore crunch treats we purchased.

Stella & Chewy's product testing results

How It’s Made

All Stella and Chewy’s food and treats are made at their Wisconsin location in the United States. They feel this gives them the ability to assure the treats and foods are of the highest-quality possible.

They only use animal proteins responsibly sourced from ranchers and farmers they know and trust. The animals are:

  • Carnivore crunch treatsgrass fed
  • cage free
  • wild caught
  • farm raised
  • and have no added hormones or antibiotics

The beef used in Carnivore Crunch is sourced from New Zealand, Australia, and North America, and the poultry is also sourced from North America.

No ingredients are sourced from China.

Now to the Treats

Carnivore Crunch treats come in beef, chicken, duck, and turkey recipes. Each carnivore crunch recipe consists of 98% meat, organs, and ground bone. The other 2% is pumpkin seed, fenugreek seed, and tocopherols.

Chicken breastTocopherols are a natural preservative used to keep the treats fresh. They are a natural antioxidant and source of vitamin E.

As mentioned above the beef is grass fed and all of the poultry is cage free or wild caught with:

  • NO added antibiotics
  • NO added hormones
  • NO gluten
  • NO grains

An additional great thing about these treats is that each treat has only 3 calories! If you do decide to use them as training treats you be able to feed more of them without worrying about a large impact on your dog’s overall calorie intake (not saying that you should feed the whole bag or anything though!)

What are they Like?

Carnivore crunch treatsThe Carnivore Crunch treats are kind of an odd consistency. Right out of the bag I was afraid to grasp them too hard as I thought they would crumble part. If you are gentle with them, they will stay as shaped but if you squish a bit they do start to fall apart.

They are not crunchy but are a soft treat easily broken into smaller pieces if needed. This could be ideal if you have a smaller dog.

If you do decide to use them as training treats I would not recommend putting them in a treat pouch as I’m pretty sure they would fall apart very rapidly. I’m in a wheelchair so I keep Maui’s training treats on my lap in a small bowl mixed with some other treats and the Carnivore Crunch holds its hape just fine that way.

How do They go Down?

Very quickly and very easily! Maui loves these treats! I have to admit, one of our cats loves them as well! I set one of the duck recipe pieces on the floor for Maui and before I told Maui she could go get it, one of our cats was at it!


Overall these are a great treat packed with wholesome, nutritious raw ingredients that Maui and I both love (for different reasons of course). Maui loves the taste and I love that they are super fresh; you can check the product safety testing results; they are made from quality proteins without any unnecessary fillers; and they are super low in calories.

The only downside to these treats is the consistency, unless you want to crumble them and add it to a meal. You just need to be careful where you store them if you use them as training treats so they won’t crumble apart.

I love buying things on Amazon because with prime I get free delivery.  Click on the bag of Carnivore Crunch treats to head over to Amazon if you want to give a bag or two a try.

Happy snacking!

Lynne and Maui