The Honest Kitchen Pour Overs Dog Stew – Pumpkin & Turkey Dog Food Topper


All Hollows Eve has passed and we hope you had a spooky evening! Maui and her new housemate Emma wore their costumes and borked at all the little monsters that came to the door in search of treats.

Now that Halloween has passed it is time to move on to the next spectacular holiday, Thanksgiving! (We will not forget Thanksgiving like so many retailers do today. I bet if we went shopping today we would hear Christmas music at some stores already.)

Pumpkin is obviously a really big deal for Thanksgiving! Who doesn’t love a pumpkin pie! And of course you have the turkey; Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without the turkey!

To celebrate both of these spectacular foods Maui thought we should take a look at The Honest Kitchen Pumpkin Pour Overs Turkey and Pumpkin Stew recipe! It is essentially a dog food topper, but a little chunkier.


Pumpkin Pour Overs

Pumpkin Pour Overs are a new product for The Honest Kitchen and there are three awesome flavor recipes you can choose from:

  • Salmon & pumpkin stew
  • Chicken & pumpkin stew
  • Turkey & pumpkin stew

These stews feature diced meat in a pumpkin and apple purée. Pumpkin helps support your dog’s healthy digestive system!

With the holidays coming up Maui decided to choose the turkey and pumpkin stew recipe in honor of Thanksgiving of course, but also because both of those foods are absowoofly delicious!!


Maui golden retriever the honest kitchen pumpkin pour overs dog stew


What are Pour Overs?

Pour overs are essentially the same thing as a dog food topper, dog food mixer, dog food inclusion, etc. You just pour some of the Pour Over on top of your dog’s regular food to give their ordinary meal an extra boost of incredible flavor and texture.

The Honest Kitchen has a few Pour Over varieties and all are labeled as a stew. This means the pour over is going to be thicker and chunkier than say, a broth. Think in your mind and compare a chicken broth soup to a chicken stew. It’s going to be thicker, hardier, chunkier, and (I think) much yummier!


The Honest Kitchen Standards

The Honest Kitchen takes pet food really seriously!

Honest is more than a word in our name – it’s who we are and who we strive to be. We believe that the more you learn about The Honest Kitchen, the more likely you are to serve it to your pets.

All foods made by The Honest Kitchen are made with 100% human grade ingredients. This means if the ingredients are not good enough for you to eat; they won’t be used by The Honest Kitchen as an ingredient to make food for your pet.

That, of course, doesn’t mean you will want to or should eat these foods. Dogs have a different pallet than you do and they just might not taste as good to you as they do to your dog. But, if you want to give it a try and let us know what you think, please tell us in the comments below! (Just kidding, don’t eat it. It’s for your dog.)

The Honest Kitchen’s promise to you:

A vast majority of pet food makers use stuff we never use from places we don’t trust. The Honest Kitchen is made in the USA and never contains the potentially unsafe and unhealthy ingredients found in feed-grade products.


What’s Not in Their Foods

The Honest Kitchen is missing a lot of things in their foods, but that is a good thing!

Their foods contain:

  • No by-products or fillers
  • No additives or preservatives
  • No corn, wheat, or soy
  • No GMO ingredients
  • No “4D” meats or feathers (dead, diseased, dying, disabled)
  • No ingredients from China

See, I told you that it is a good thing … a really good thing!



What Is in Their Foods

… Only high-quality ingredients that meet strict food safety standards. In fact, The Honest Kitchen is subject to 100 quality and manufacturing control regulations in making their pet foods.

Ingredient suppliers must provide proof of food origin, screening, handling, cleaning (and more).

Ingredients are only sourced from suppliers The Honest Kitchen knows and trusts.

  • 67% of their ingredients come from North America
  • 13% from South America
  • 14% from Europe
  • 5% from Asia
  • less than 1% from Africa
  • 0% from China


Pumpkin Pour Overs Ingredients

Pumpkin Pour Overs are made like a true stew. They are slow cooked with delicious meat proteins, veggies, and super nutritious pumpkin!

The pumpkin and turkey Pour Overs dog food topper is made with human grade:

  1. Turkey bone broth
  2. Turkey
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Apples
  5. Butternut Squash
  6. Tapioca
  7. Potato
  8. Cinnamon
  9. Ginger

Seriously sounds good enough for us to eat! (But again, I wouldn’t and won’t …. unless you give me a lot of money. Just kidding.)

On top of the super nutritious human grade ingredients another great thing about the Pumpkin Pour Overs is that they are good for all life stages – puppy, adults, active adult, less active, and senior dogs.


Where to Get Them and Cost

The Pumpkin Pour Overs come by the case of 12. Each box in the case contains 5.5-ounces.

Chewy.com – $22.23/case with AutoShip discount ($23.40 without the discount).

Amazon.com – $23.88 (free shipping with prime membership; 40% off if you add this to your ‘subscribe & save’ pet food order)

TheHonestKitchen.com – $23.88/case (out of stock as of 11/1/18)

There are a few other random pet supply stores online that carry them for approximately the same price up to $25/case.


I found them by the individual 5.5-ounce box at:

OnlyNaturalPet.com – $1.95/box (and as of today 11/2/18 they are having a free shipping deal)

This is a great option if you just want to give them a try before committing to an entire case.


If you would like to try out these awesome Pour Overs for your pup, you can order through the links presented above.


Calories and Nutrition

The pumpkin and turkey stew recipe contains about 77 calories per box.

The box indicates it contains approximately two servings per box. Of course, this will vary depending on the size of your dog. A smaller dog can probably get three or maybe four servings from one box while an extra-large dog might just get one serving per box.

Remember to decrease the amount of regular food you give your dog when you add on any sort of dog food topper or mixer. If you give them the same amount of the regular food plus this, over time the extra calories could make for a chubby puppy.


What It Looks Like

Dogs don’t care what food looks like! All they care about is if it tastes good and if it smells good! The pumpkin and turkey pour over dog food toppers put a tail wag in both of those boxes!

I will be the first to tell you though, from a human perspective, these don’t look very appetizing to my human eye. Here’s a picture from The Honest Kitchen website. Keep in mind, like with any advertising or commercial, things always look better on TV or in print then what yours looks like.


The honest kitchen pumpkin pour overs pumpkin and turkey dog food topper


Maui’s Final Score

Here is Maui’s (and my) final review of The Honest Kitchen Pumpkin Pour Overs pumpkin and turkey recipe dog food topper.


Texture:                      Like a super thick, chunky gravy







If you would like to learn more about The Honest Kitchen you can visit their website here!

Maui wanted to let you know that she received this product for free as being a proud member of the Chewy.com Influencer Program. Chewy.com sends her products each month for free in exchange for honest reviews. Maui and I are always honest.

All hail the stew!




  • kingsleysbeauty says:

    Thanks for sharing. I need to try this for my pet. He will not eat his regular dog food. I have to mix in chicken or rice. This is a much healthier choice and I’m loving that Amazon discount on set and save. Plus, the fact that this product is free of GMO,  soy, corn, and fillers. When he eats this perhaps he won’t beg for my food. 

    • Lynne says:

      Hello, This is a really great dog food topper to try if you’re contemplating giving something like this ago. Super healthy and no artificial anything in here! Please stop back and let us know if your dog likes it (or not). We always enjoy and appreciate hearing what people think of the products we recommend.

  • Jennifer David says:


    Thank you for yet another helpful and useful article.

    This product actually looks good to be eaten by humans and the ingredients look really healthy.  Thank you for yet another good find.  I will be checking this product out and see how we go.

    I will also be sharing this article because I feel that the word needs to be out with this. lol

    See you soon for your next review.


    • Lynne says:

      Hi Jennifer, Thank you so much for stopping by! These Pour Overs definitely do sound good enough for us to eat but like I said, unless someone offers me a lot of money I’m not going to do it 😉 So glad you enjoyed the post and we look forward to your coming back again!

  • Holly Knudson says:

    This is an awesome post as I’m always on the hunt for new ideas for dog treats. I have five dogs at this point in time, and boy do they get tired of dog food. I’m constantly making oatmeal dog cookies for them, but sometimes I get tired of making them. Pour overs is an ingenious idea to make their food taste better, and the best part is they are healthy. I’ll definitely be checking out these products. Thank you! 

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Holly, These Pour Overs are super healthy and super easy! Let us know if you give them a try we always are interested to know what people think of things we review!

  • Wayne says:


    Very informative information on some dog treats that go with the festive holidays. I did have a dog a little pekinese and I can tell you he would have loved some of these. The best thing about them is they are healthy for our pets and that is the #1 pick for me when I was looking for treats or food for him.

    Your pictures look tasty but as you say dogs don’t care about the looks just the taste, Thanks for giving me some new insight into feeding our pets, lots of new treats out there now since I had my pup.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Wayne, There are a ton of treats and foods out there! It’s actually pretty overwhelming. I love The Honest Kitchen because all of their ingredients are such high quality and nutritious. And you are correct, who doesn’t like a little pumpkin and turkey around the holidays! 🙂

  • Todd Matthews says:

    Wow, this is great. I have a lot of family and friends I can point this site out to as they will benefit tremendously from the information allotted here. Thanks so much for the article and I look forward to sharing this and the whole site with others with pets! 

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Todd, Maui and I would love it if you would send your friends and family our way 🙂 we are always looking to meet and help out new folks. After all, that’s why we are here! Thanks so much for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you, your family, and friends!

  • Chrissie Spurgeon says:

    Many thanks for your post about pour over stews  (or should it be paw over!!?)

    I really like the fact that they have no unnecessary additives, and that the food is human grade – dogs need good nutrition too in order to remain healthy.

    Are these pour-overs suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages?

    This post is likely to be of great interest to all dog owners who really care about their pet’s nutrition.

    Many thanks for a very helpful and informative post.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Lynne says:

      I love that! Paw over! Very clever 🙂 The Pour Overs are definitely suited for dogs of all sizes and ages. You will just want to adjust the amount you give them based on their size and how much they usually eat. So glad you enjoyed the review and look forward to seeing you again 🙂

  • Leo says:

    Irresistible treats for dogs, I would not refuse any of these recipes if I was in their shoes:) lol

    Anyway dogs should eat healthy, I agree with you, even if some of the ingredients sound strange to be consumed by a dog, ginger for ex. But if dogs like this food, then why not to give them the possibility to eat healthy?

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Leo, Well Leo, dogs don’t wear shoes 🙂 but I know what you mean! I think sometimes companies add spices or flavorings because it sounds more appealing to us humans. Dogs might not care about a little ginger or cinnamon in their food. Thanks for visiting and please let us know if you give them a try!

  • Vwegba says:

    Hello Lynne, I am very sure you are doing just fine. Thanks for this awesome review. It’s quite educative since I never heard about pour over and never knew what Pour Overs is. And nice to see your unbiased review of KITCHEN POUR OVERS DOG STEW – PUMPKIN & TURKEY DOG FOOD TOPPER. I think this would be a great treat for my dog.


    • Lynne says:

      Hi, thank you for visiting 🙂 it is a really great topper for your dog’s food and we’d be thrilled if you give it a try. Let us know!

  • Bushra says:

    The ingredients and nutrition in food can make a huge difference in your dog’s health. We need to make sure that our dog is getting fed the best. A nutritious, balanced diet is really important to keep our dog healthy. According to The Honest Kitchen, they use all natural food ingredients. The company does not use chemicals in their foods. Great article, thanks for sharing.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi! You are correct! Just like ingredients and nutrition can make a huge difference in our health, they can make a huge difference in our dog’s health as well. The Honest Kitchen uses pure, wholesome, nutritious ingredients that are good enough for us to eat! Can’t beat that any day. Thanks for visiting!

  • Henry says:

    Hi! Lynne! You’re fun! 🙂 “Just kidding, don’t eat it. It’s for your dog.” Hahaha.

    The honest kitchen has a whole bunch of awesome products and I really liked your review concerning this one! The best way to decide if Pour overs dog stew is good is to watch our dog wagging their tail while eating it. I’ll order one and tell you what I found! I may even give it a try myself! Just kiiiding! 🙂

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Henry, you’re pretty funny yourself 🙂 well sometimes you read the ingredient list and it sounds good enough for us to eat; don’t you think? Please feel free to purchase some through the links in our post. It helps support Maui’s treat habit 🙂 Let us know what your dog thinks of them as well; we always love to hear what other dogs think of the products we talked about.

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