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Today we are expanding our reach and our minds. Not only is this site dedicated to treats, treat toys, and chatting about dog topics and trends, we are going to also be talking about dog food toppers.  I’m pretty excited about this because these pet food toppers seem pretty darn drool worthy!

We are going to start out our first post about dog food toppers checking out The Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers.

What Are Pet Food Toppers?

Do you ever feel kind of bad feeding your pet the same kibble morning and night, day in and day out? I mean we get a variety of foods! Why can’t our dog get a variety, too? Toppers give us the chance to offer this to our pets.

Sprinkle a bit of a dog food topper on top of your dog’s food to add a kick of variety to that boring old kibble. The Honest Kitchen toppers are clusters of crunchy deliciousness made from human grade ingredients and are packed with real meat proteins.

The Honest Kitchen

I came across this company by chance but I’m super happy that I did! Reading through their website about their philosophy; how they produce their pet foods; and the quality ingredients they use – it’s just kind of redeeming to the pet food industry!

Their website states “Honest is more than a word in our name – it’s who we are and strive to be” and it offers tons of information lending truth to that statement.

Human Grade Requirements

There are laws and regulations that companies must follow and adhere to in order to lawfully claim their pet foods, treats, toppers, etc. are human-grade.

According to the Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) in order for a pet food label to lawfully claim it is human-grade, every single ingredient used in the pet food must be suitable for human consumption and the product must be made in a licensed human facility that meets good manufacturing practices (GMP) for human food production.

In addition, every ingredient and every final product must be stored, handled, processed, and transported in a way that “is consistent and compliant with regulations for current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) for human edible foods as specified in 21 CFR 117”.

The Honest Kitchen’s Human Grade Claim

The Honest Kitchen claims their foods are human-grade. This means that every single ingredient used in their products must be suitable for human consumption. Their website screams “100% human grade”. This means that all of the ingredients used in their products are of a high enough quality for us to eat (but keep in mind this is still dog food and not intended for human consumption).

Ingredient Sources

The Honest Kitchen states right on their website that they only source ingredients from suppliers they trust. They require all suppliers to provide:

  • proof of food origin
  • screening
  • handling
  • cleaning
  • and more

They’ve been working with some of their suppliers since 2002!


Also interesting is The Honest Kitchen indicates they produce their dog food products alongside human food. I assume this means in the same kitchen! They are routinely inspected by the FDA and claim their kitchens to be seven times cleaner than feed-grade facilities!

You can find information about their Kitchen Standards and Quality Assurance Program on their website under The Honest Difference tab.

Feed-grade Versus Human-Grade

In case you were wondering – yes, there are feed-grade ingredients that are not suited for human consumption that many pet food manufacturers use in producing pet foods and treats. This feed-grade quality food can include some nasty stuff. Here is a comparison of human-grade ingredients versus feed-grade ingredients from TheHonestKitchen.com.

Proper Toppers

The Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers (as well as their other foods) are made with dehydrated ingredients. They feel this process preserves food nutrients making it a healthier choice for your dog.

Proper Toppers come in 4 recipes including chicken, turkey, beef, and fish.

Taking a quick peek at the ingredients for the beef recipe it contains 80% ranch raised beef and is loaded with dehydrated real foods as well as many added vitamins and minerals. The top six ingredients are:

  • dehydrated beef
  • dehydrated egg
  • dehydrated pumpkin
  • dried apple
  • dehydrated chard
  • dried blueberries

The chicken and turkey recipes have 90% free range chicken or turkey, respectively and the fish recipe has 85% wild caught fish. Other main ingredients are all dehydrated or dried real foods!

Sizes and Prices

These dog food toppers come in 5.5 oz bags for $9.99 and 14 oz bags for $19.99 on the TheHonestKitchen.com website.

Being the Amazon shopper that I am, I found (at this time) you can get the 5.5 oz bag for $9.79 or the 14 oz bag for $15.67 to $23.31, depending on the recipe. Prime members get free shipping.

Chewy.com has the smaller bags for $9.79 and the larger bags for $15.67 to $19.59, again depending on the recipe.


The package recommends if using the Proper Toppers as an extra topper on top of your dog’s kibble, to use 2 tablespoons per 20 pounds of bodyweight. Each tablespoon contains 47 calories so you will want to decrease the amount of kibble to compensate for these additional calories.

The Proper Toppers package also indicates you could use this product as a total meal! Feeding amounts for this purpose are listed on the back of the package. It says to just splash the Proper Toppers with warm water before serving (this product will not swell up with the addition of water).

Proper Toppers also make great treats!

Other Cool Ingredient Facts

The Honest Kitchen is located in the United States and all of their ingredients are processed in the U.S. They do not use foods source from China or genetically modified ingredients or proteins.  All ingredients are free of preservatives and chemicals including hormones and antibiotics.

Perks on Their Website

Browsing around TheHonestKitchen.com I found some nice perks if you order directly from them.

  1. Free shipping on orders over $49
  2. Sign up for their newsletter and get $5 off your next order
  3. if you are interested in their foods, you can order a 2 pound starter meal box so you can give it a try without having to purchase a larger quantity!


If you want to give your dog a little bit of variety but don’t want to completely change your dog’s kibble, adding a pet food topper could be just what you and your dog are looking for!

Give these Proper Toppers a try and let me and Maui know what you and your pup think of them! Look forward to hearing from you!

Lynne and Maui

  • catherine says:

    Great post. Thank you for sharing. I have given these to my dog before and will definitely be doing it again. I would recommend these to anybody reading. Thank you for sharing!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Catherine, so excited to hear that you’ve tried the Proper Toppers and that you highly recommend them. It’s always great to get other people’s opinions of products. I was just taking a look at your website as well and will be paying some visits there in the future!

  • Eric Cantu says:

    I’ve never used these and I’ve always wanted to know what the reasoning behind them was. Very cool that you love animals so much to put this out there. Very well written, and I can feel the love for animals in every word. Nice job!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Eric, Well basically I think they are a way for us to give our dogs a bit of a variety in their food. We like to change things up in our diet and I think it’s nice to do the same thing for our pets. Thank you so much for your compliments and for stopping by!

  • Very nice article! I had never heard of pet food toppers. It is really nice that they are human grade. This means it will be much more healthful for our dogs. I am going to tell my mom about this. She has a Maltipoo and wants to give Zoey good things–not junk. Thanks for posting this!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Robert, Thank you for stopping by another post! Toppers are kind of new to the market and I believe are going to be a pretty big deal! The Honest Kitchen brand is made of super high quality nutritious foods so they would be a great choice for your mom to give her little Zoey!

  • Matts Mom says:

    Cool, I love these. And yes! I do feel guilty that they have to eat the same things day in and day out. I do switch out there kibble and canned food and provide them with different flavors. I do also add chopped fruit and carrots, along with fresh chicken. You can tell I do feel guilty! But these meal toppers sound like a great idea. I like the idea of ordering a 2 lb starter box. I have one dog that is extremely picky, but the other will eat anything. So I don’t think I would have any problem getting everything in the box eaten LOL

    • Lynne says:

      Hi, I know, I feel guilty about that too! Maui gets a lot of fresh vegetables at dinner time because I usually have a salad and save some out for her 🙂 Hey what’s neat about the 2 pound starter box of The Honest Kitchen dog food is that it actually makes 8 pounds of fresh food! The ingredients are dehydrated are dried so when you add a little bit of water it expands and that little 2 pound box gives you 8 pounds of food!

  • nikolina says:

    This is great – I’ve never thought about ordering food for my pet online. I usually get it from the local pet store for a much bigger price. Thank you so much for this information!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Nikolina, I love to shop at the smaller local pet stores but if I ever have to resort to one of the bigger pet food chains I’d rather just do it online because usually I can find cheaper prices. Thanks for stopping by and Maui hopes you come by again!

  • Maun says:

    Hi Lynne,
    Great news for a dog owner!
    I have heard a lot about The Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers, but I had never seen an explanation of what it was. Thanks for sharing this, your points about how it can help dog owner was exceptional.
    I will definitely try it out since they are in my budget.

    Nice review, thanks for this!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Maun, I’m so glad you enjoyed our post! Maui is asking if you could please let her know what your dog thinks of the Proper Toppers! If you could let us know, that would be pawsome!

  • chris says:

    Very interesting article, as a dog lover myself, i will be purchasing some proper toppers.
    i will let you know how i get on with them, or should i say how my dog gets on with them.


    • Lynne says:

      Hi Chris, So glad you enjoyed the article and will be trying the Proper Toppers! Definitely please let us know how your dog likes it! Maui is excited to know!

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