5 Tough & Durable Dog Chew Toys | Strong Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers!


If you’ve read some of my other posts you might notice a couple about dogs and chewing. One is about giving dogs bones and another is about an awesome treat dispensing chewball. I’m not really obsessed with dogs chewing it’s just that chewing is such a vital part of being a dog. This is obvious by how many dog treats and toys are designed specifically with chewing in mind.

Dogs love to chew. If we as good dog parents do not give them something we want them to chew on, quite often they will find something we don’t want them to chew on. There are different chewing stages throughout a dog’s life, puppy, adult dog, and senior. You can find different chew items and toys for each stage of your dog’s life.

We found five great tough dog chew toys for your adult dog that we’d like to share with you. I hate to say that these are indestructible chew toys because I think there are very few that are literally indestructible, but I think the list below gives you some really great durable chew toys that may end up being indestructible for your dog, but at a minimum will at least last them a good long time.

Why Dogs Chew

Puppy chewing shoeAs part of their ancestry, dogs chewed on prey for survival. Today dogs love to chew because it is still a natural, basic component of being a dog. Dogs experience the world through their mouth so what better way than to chew on … whatever looks interesting, tasty, or just flat out chewable!

Dogs especially love to chew when they are puppies or very young, this often has to do with teething and/or learning about the new world around them. Kind of like little kids, puppies put things in their mouths to learn about them. If left to decide on their own what to chew on, puppies will often choose something you do not want them to chew on like a shoe, table leg, toys, your hand …

Dogs will also chew out of boredom or to relieve stress. Again, if your dog is not given something appropriate to chew on they will find something else to chew on, potentially resulting in destructive behavior. It’s important to give your dog designated, appropriate chew toys to redirect this potentially destructive and dangerous chewing.

The AgriChew

The AgriChew was initially designed to be a shock-absorbing part used in irrigation equipment. During a meeting one of the family dogs attending was getting bored and they gave him one of the shock absorbers to keep him occupied. The dog loved it!

The puck-sized strong shock absorber turned dog toy is made out of a flexible, tough, non-toxic, pet-safe thermoplastic polyurethane that is free from any known sources of mercury, latex, lead, cadmium, natural rubber, hormones, BPA, phthalates, or asbestos.

Another great thing – with every AgriChew you purchase a toy gets donated to a dog shelter.

The AgriChew is not a super large dog chew toy, so the size of it may not be appropriate for extra-large or large dogs that could potentially get this chew toy into their throat. But, for those mid-size and smaller dogs, this heavy-duty dog chew toy could be a big hit!


Jolly pets bounce-n-playJolly Pets produces a lot of highly-rated dog toys. I’m going to highlight the Jolly Ball Bounce-n-Play for this list of top dog chew toys. The Bounce-n-Play comes in three different sizes designed for the adult dog. A fun thing about these balls is they not only come in different sizes but they come in different scents. You can get a Jolly Pets Bounce-n-Play that smells like blueberries, bubblegum, or oranges!

These great balls are made from a low-density puncture-resistant plastic that will not deflate or lose shape if punctured. In addition to being puncture-proof, they float!

These jolly balls are made in the U.S. from non-toxic low-density polyethylene and are safe for your dog to play with and try to chew.

Invincibles Tough Seamz

Invincibles Tough SeamzInvincibles Seamz by Outward Hound has a lot of great features designed for the tough chewer. These super-strong dog toys are designed with durability in mind and as their website says “to play as hard as your dog does!” These dog toys are designed with double layered and double stitched seams to increase their longevity and durability.

Another great thing – they have no stuffing! If your dog is anything like mine once they get a hole in a stuffed toy, every bit of that stuffing is all over the floor. You won’t have that mess with these toys. The squeakers in the Invincibles also keep squeaking even if they are punctured.

Tux Stuffable Toy

Tux dog toyThis toy has the best of all worlds! It is extremely durable and tough; stretchable (without stretching out); has a crazy fun bounce, and can be stuffed with yummy dog treats. Oh, did I also mention that it floats? It comes in a small and large so you can get one that is appropriate for your dog’s size.

The Tux is made in Montana from U.S. sourced materials and is:

  • 100% recyclable
  • non-toxic
  • FDA compliant
  • BPA free
  • phthalate free
  • dishwasher safe

If your dog ever destroys the Tux, the company offers a free replacement!

Kong Extreme

KONG ExtremeI don’t think this list would be complete without the mention of a Kong product. Kong is extremely well known for producing I think the strongest dog chew toys. You can find Kong products in many shapes and sizes but I’m going to highlight the Kong Extreme here.

The Kong Extreme is made from the most durable Kong rubber and is designed for the aggressive chewer. Its unique shape also gives a crazy bounce which is great for playtime. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to extra-extra-large.

Not only is the Kong Extreme designed for the toughest of chewers, but it also has a hollow core which is great for stuffing treats or peanut butter into. To make playtime last even longer you can put the Kong Extreme stuffed with peanut butter (or some other yummy treat) into the freezer. It will take your puppy longer to get that yummy treat out of the center.

Watch Your Dog During Playtime

With any chew treat or toy, it is important to always keep an eye on your dog while they are chewing on it. Even the strongest dog chew toys have the potential to break; have chunks come off, or splinter.

If a dog is actually able to get chunks of a chew toy to break off, these chunks could get lodged in their throat resulting in choking; loss of their ability to breathe; and if left unsupervised this could result in death. Pretty scary!

So please, supervise your dog anytime they have any sort of toy or chew treat they are playing with or chewing on.

Maui, Emma and I are all for fun but it’s important to play safe as well.

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Let us know what your favorite  (well, your dog’s favorite) chew toy is!

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  • Lorri says:

    Love the review. My 2 girls are Labs and love love LOVE the water so the floating ones are great ideas for us. I like that even punctured it keeps its shape.

    • Lynne says:

      Yeah that’s a pretty great feature that it will still hold its shape even if punctured! If you give it a try, stop back and let us know what your two girls think of it!

  • The kongs are great. I stuff it with peanut butter for my boxer dog but never thought about putting it in the freezer. We live in Spain so this is a great idea for hot days.

  • Yvonne says:

    I love dogs but can’t keep keep one right now due to family commitments. However, I do have friends with dogs and these look like they’ll make wonderful gifts for them. They all look like a lot of fun. I think I might just get the Bounce-n-play. Thanks for the recommendations!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Yvonne, it’s always fun to give a new toy! They are always so super excited about it to explore the newness of it and what it will do. Please let us know how your friends dog likes the gift!

  • Koda says:

    Oh puppy puppy puuuppy. So cute. I just got the Kong extreme a couple of weeks ago and Murphy loves it. *Murphy is my dog, by the way* He is a big Belgian mal. and he has one strong jaw. I find it hard to find toys that he doesn’t soon destroy, so I was happy when I realized this was one he wasn’t going to be able to break so easily. 3 weeks in and he still is chewing hard! Quality dog chew toy for sure, will be ordering another one for my pit bull soon (: 

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Koda, Kongs I think about the most indestructible toys that you could find so you made a good choice! Nothing is totally indestructible but hopefully Murphy will be able to destroy that one! Should be a good choice for your pitty too 🙂

  • Lok Which says:

    Finally I found a solution for my dog chewing habit. Smart (My dog) chews almost anything around and sometimes it annoys me. But coming across this post is a great relief. I think I’ll go for the bounce-n-play it really looks like a great deal of fun. I hope this helps smart and I.

    Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll update you as soon as I get one for my dog.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Lok, Thank you so much for stopping by and am glad you found the article useful! Hopefully the new toys will help Smart redirect his chewing behavior so he is not chewing up all your stuff! Please stop back and let us know how it goes! Thank you 🙂

  • AV 2001 says:

    Hey there! I’ve really enjoyed reading this post as it’s very interesting and fun. About in the month of June, my dad has chewed up my new pair od slippers and I got really angry as they were quite expensive. A friend of mine recommended the Bounce n play ball as my friend had it with him already. I bought the ball and it’s been quite peaceful. The ball is quite soft so there are chances that it might break but that depends on how strong the dog’s teeth are. 6 months back and I’m planning to change it as it’s quite old now. 

    • Lynne says:

      Hi! I’m glad the bounce and play ball has worked out well for you and your dog! I’m also happy that you’ve enjoyed the post; we always aim to please!

  • Martin says:

     Hi Lynne, I am a dog lover and thanks for the review you have do am very happy you detailed the kind of toys to avoid which contain chemicals like  mercury, latex, lead, cadmium, natural rubber, hormones, BPA, phthalates, or asbestos. For a purchaser of these toys they should  understand and research on all toys composition. Also by having these toys they help avoid dogs to be destructive at home. 

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Martin, I had never thought about it when I was younger but when I started this website I realize how many harmful chemicals can be in dog toys. It is really important to pay attention to this because dogs often get tiny pieces of the toys in their mouth and inevitably to their bellies. I like to try to pay attention to toys that indicate they are non-toxic and not harmful to dogs. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  • Pattie says:

    Thank you so much for such an awesome Dog Toy article. I am actually super excited to try the invincibles Seamz. I am actually pretty sure my dog will be disappointed that there is no stuffing! Out of curiosity, have you personally tried any of these toys? Which one was your favourite? Thanks Pattie

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Pattie, Glad you enjoyed the article! Maui has a couple Kong toys and the bounce-n-play and invincible came highly recommended from friends! Let us know if you give the toys try! We always love hearing from our readers 🙂

  • Alvaro says:

    Hi Lynne, 

    Great list of chewing toys for all-size dogs. I don’t have a dog but my sister-in-law got a Bernese Mountain Dog that loves to chew and it toy need to be durable and rugged. They got some Kong toys (not sure if it is the Extreme or the Classic) and he loves it. Adding some peanuts was magic for that dog. Sometimes you have to make them work a bit more isnt? hehe 

    Great post. Alvaro

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Alvaro, the Kong toys are great for big dogs like that! I haven’t seen a dog be able to destroy one of those yet. Nothing’s wrong with making them work for their treats; it gives their brain something to think about! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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