Wellness CORE Grain Free Dog Food Toppers – Simply Shreds with Shredded Real Meat!


Wellness is a well-known pet food manufacturer; I think we probably all know their name. I came across them when I was looking for an awesome topper or dog food mixer to share with you today. They have an amazing dog food topper made with delicious, nutritious, whole foods; something we can feel good about feeding our furry family members.

I came across the Wellness CORE line of natural, grain-free toppers, pet foods, and treats. Within this CORE line, they have a product called Simply Shreds. Not to sound weird but they actually sound pretty delicious! They are made with meat or fish, broth, and vegetables.

These delectable little packets of shredded meat and broth are used as a dry dog food mixer (topper) and they are what Maui want to share with you today!


Wellness CORE

The Wellness CORE brand is a grain-free, protein-rich product line of foods, toppers, mixers, and treats for cats and dogs. All products in the CORE line are rich in protein and carefully balanced with other quality, natural ingredients to give our pets incredibly nutritious foods, minus any unnecessary, useless fillers. The Wellness Pet Food website states:

“Wellness CORE® is a family of grain-free, natural pet food, treats and toppers that is big on protein and flavor, rooted in the belief that pets love and thrive on hearty animal proteins.”

Simply Shreds

Within the CORE family are the CORE Simply Shreds that can be used as a mixer or topper. Each flavor recipe of Simply Shreds is made with only five natural, whole food ingredients including high-quality, premium shredded meat and diced veggies.

Simply Shreds come in four flavor recipes:

  • Chicken, beef & carrots
  • Chicken, wild salmon & pumpkin
  • Chicken, chicken liver & broccoli
  • Tuna, beef & carrots

Simply Shreds are not intended to be a full meal for your dog. They are intended to be fed on top of or mixed with your dog’s regular food.



Taking a Look at the Ingredients

Since each recipe only includes five ingredients it will be easy to list each one of them for you here.

  • Chicken, beef & carrots: Chicken, chicken broth, water sufficient for processing, beef, carrots
  • Chicken, wild salmon & pumpkin: Chicken, chicken broth, water sufficient for processing, salmon, pumpkin
  • Chicken, chicken liver & broccoli: Chicken, chicken broth, water sufficient for processing, chicken liver, broccoli
  • Tuna, beef & carrots: Tuna, fish broth, water sufficient for processing, beef, carrots

Pretty straightforward, natural, and nutritious ingredients.


Simply Shreds contain NO:

  • meat by-products
  • artificial colors or flavors
  • preservatives
  • wheat, corn, or soy



Appearance and Texture

The pouches contain a lot of delicious broth. Within the broth, you will find pieces of shredded chicken or flaked pieces fish (depending of course on the chosen recipe). They look like a chicken soup totally loaded with meat and minus the noodles.

This is from WellnessPetFood.com showing you the appearance and texture of one of the Simply Shreds recipes.


wellness core simply shreds


Calorie Content

These delicious little pouches of protein-rich goodness have only 40-48 calories per pouch – again depending on the recipe! Makes sense as they consist only of protein-rich meat, broth, water, and a vegetable.


What Do People Think

Each flavor recipe has a rating of 4.2 or 4.3 out of 5 on Chewy.com!

Wellness core simply shreds chewy reviews


109 reviews on Amazon give it 4/5 stars!

Size, Price, and Availability                                                                      

Simply Shreds only come in 2.8-ounce pouches but you must purchase a case of them which contains 12 pouches. You cannot purchase the individual pouches on their own.

Current prices:

Amazon – $18.24 to $20.40 depending on the recipe

Chewy.com – $17.33 to $19.38 depending on the recipe (Autoship prices)

Petco – $21.59 ($20.51 with repeat delivery)

PetSmart – Actually has them available by individual pouches for $1.70 each. This is great if you want to give them a try without having to purchase an entire case! To give you a comparison to the other retailers, this would come out to $20.40 if you were to purchase a case of 12 pouches. They are only available for in-store pickup.

Pros and Cons


  • Dogs love it!
  • Quality ingredients


  • Pouch hard to open
  • Have to scrape the meat out from inside the pouch
  • Price
  • Too much broth, not enough meat (if your dog likes broth this definitely is not a problem!)


Tasty Ending

These brothy, meaty packets are delicious boosts of moisture and protein for your dog! They are made with only high quality, nutritious ingredients and are super low in calories.

Wellness CORE grain-free real meat pet food toppers are a great addition to your dog’s regular diet. The meaty goodness can jazz up that regular kibble once in a while to make it something extra special!


Enjoy the broth!

Lynne and Maui

Have you tried these? Tell us what you doggo thinks of them!



  • Amy says:

    Thanks for a very detailed review. I’m fairly new to being a dog owner so I’m not sure what the benefit of using a topper like this is? How often would you suggest adding Wellness CORE grain-free real meat pet food toppers to my dog’s regular food?

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Amy, The purpose of a topper like this is to add some really healthy, natural, high-protein real foods to your dog’s diet. It’s also just to give your dog’s regular kibble a little jazzing up 🙂 toppers and mixers are not meant to be the entire diet. You can add them on every day if you like but just be sure to decrease the amount of regular kibble a little bit to adjust for the added calories of the topper.

  • Hi Lynne. You’re correct, those foods do look delicious. I’m sure our dog diesel will love them. No, Diesels not a boy, Diesel is a girl. She was named by our granddaughter, Fortunately , her name has been shortened to DD…. Which sounds more girlish. We will definitely be trying out the Wellness products. Jim

  • Rachel says:

    I’m so glad I found this page! I love my dog to death & I’m always giving him healthy treats for him to try. Dogs should eat as good as we do. I haven’t tried this brand & the price for healthy dog treats isn’t that bad either. I think I might do what you suggested by buying one pouch from PetSmart to make sure he likes the kind then buy in bulk to save money. My dog tends to like healthier treats better. I believe it is because of all the natural ingredients in them. No additives or preservatives. What do you think?

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Rachel, we are so glad you found this page, too! Yeah, I was a bit discouraged when I saw that Amazon sells them by the case but it’s great that Pet mart offers a by the pouch so you can see if your dog (or cat) likes them before you invest in a whole case. I have found that Maui sometimes doesn’t like things poured over her kibble, so I just give her a separate little treat of the topper all on its own.

  • Fran says:

    Gee, those food snacks look good enough for people to eat!  The product sounds excellent.  I am sure that the reason for a lot of broth is to better mix with dry kibbles.  The moisture will help mix the whole thing together.  So, is there a similar product in this line available for cats?  Have you tried it?  I’d  like to learn something about it, too — hope you will be writing about what is available for cats soon.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Fran, They sure do don’t they! If you like a good brothy soup these look like they would be delicious (don’t get any ideas though they are made for dogs) 🙂 there definitely is a similar product for cats! You can find it here on Amazon 

  • Clay Westfall says:

    Lynne, I like how this food goes on top of the food that my Rex is already eating.  I have tried new dog foods before, and Rex is just not a new food kind of dog.  By putting this delicious looking food on top of what he is already eating, I think we may have a shot.  Now, I will have to see if it is worth the steep price, but Rex and I will be optimistic.  

    Thank you for your comprehensive review.  We will let you know how it goes…   Clay

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Clay, wellness definitely has a great quality product here with the Simply Shreds. High quality ingredients and high-quality protein usually does equate to a higher price tag. Please do let Maui know how Rex likes the topper! Maui always loves to know what her friends think of products she reviews. 🙂

  • Shelley Ann says:

    Hi Lynn, this looks delicious, so much so – when I saw your top photo – I was thinking yum! I don’t have a dog, but I have a close friend who just spoils her dog. She also likes to be healthy, and I think that transfers across to her beautiful pet dog.  I know when I’ve had pets, it was so hard to find quality easy meals (the tin food – was rubbish). I know what I’m buying my friend for Christmas, thank you!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Shelley Ann, I know right! These look like a really good meaty soup with some great broth! Well you know that old saying “you are what you eat”. I believe this applies to dogs as well. Feed them healthy, nutritious, high-protein foods and it will definitely help them be healthier! Please let Maui know what your friends dog thanks of these delicious toppers!

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