You love your dog & we are tail-waggin happy to help you make them the happiest on the block! Maui & Emma know toy testing, treat munching, and food gobbling is serious business! They give it their all so we can give you wooful honest reviews! We like to bark about all sorts of dog stuff, so stick around & sniff us out!

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miss maui wowwy


(and her human mom)

About the Author

I am a Helping Paws service dog. I went through some intense training for 2.5 years to become a proud service dog, so I know quite a lot about training treats! We still use a lot of training treats so I'm really good at taste testing new ones! I love food and toys so I'm an expert in those areas, too! Emma, my dog sister helps me review stuff for you! She loves food and toys, too!

We have a big family with four cat brothers and sisters; two human sisters, and our mom! We love trying out new stuff for you and can't wait to tell you about it all!

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