Full Moon Chicken Strips Review – Chicken Jerky Dog Treat Made With Real Chicken

My puppy is a service dog. She’s been highly trained to do a lot of specific tasks to help me out with my daily activities. In order to keep her skills sharp, we do a little bit of training every day. Goldens are very highly food motivated and giving her a small treat when she does something right is an awesome reward for her.

One of my puppy’s top favorites are Full Moon chicken strips. These chicken jerky dog treats are made only from chicken. Nothing else. They come as a jerky strip but can easily be broken into pieces and used as smaller reward treats.

Human Grade Ingredients

Full moon chicken strips - chicken jerky strip

The Full Moon chicken strips package indicates they are made from 100% human-grade ingredients.

Human grade isn’t a standard upheld by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Human grade is more of a claim or statement, but that statement has a lot of meaning to Full Moon. They go above and beyond this just being a claim, it really does appear to be a standard, a way of everyday life for them. Full Moon’s website indicates they only use “certified human edible ingredients”.

“Human Grade means that all of the ingredients used to make our treats can be eaten by you and me.* While this makes our ingredients more expensive, it ensures that we are feeding our dogs the highest quality foods. Our treats are all produced to rigorous standards in kitchens that are suitable for human food production.”          –      Full Moon Pet website

While they use ingredients that could be eaten by humans, that little * above leads to a statement saying that the treats are made for pets to eat, not for you! I would imagine there are some processing, manufacturing, taste, and textural differences that would make them something we just shouldn’t and wouldn’t want to eat.

Made in the USA

Full Moon Pet is located in Salisbury Maryland and while their website does not indicate their treats are made in Maryland, it does say all of their treats are cooked in US-based kitchens. I always appreciate products made in the United States; I feel good about purchasing them and supporting our nation’s economy.

Not only are these chicken jerky dog treats made in the U.S., they are made from USDA approved meats. Animals used are also inspected and approved by the USDA to assure the health and quality of the animals. The chickens are raised cage free on family farms and are only fed foods with no steroids or hormones.

100% Grain Free

Grain-free dog foods and treats have become very popular over the last several years. While dogs do have the ability to digest grains, their ancestors and are still primarily carnivorous (meat-eaters). Some feel including grains in foods and treats is just an unnecessary filler. Some animals actually have grain sensitivities or allergies which would make the Full Moon Chicken Strips a great treat choice for those dogs.

Nothing Artificial and No Fillers

chicken and rosemary

Who needs grains and fillers anyway when you have a sweet and simple ingredient list like this:

  • Chicken
  • evaporated cane syrup
  • vinegar
  • rosemary extract

That’s it. Nothing else included. No artificial colors or flavors; corn, wheat, or soy. Just pure and simple good food for your dog.

Nutrients and Size

These Full Moon chicken strips look like a piece of chicken jerky (I guess because they are). Here’s a picture of a couple of pieces next to a ruler so you can get an idea of their size. Feeding instructions say that a large dog could have 4 to 5 chicken strips a day, a smaller dog of 5 to 10 pounds could have ½ to 1½ per day.

Full moon chicken strips - chicken jerky dog treat - size comparison

Each of these chicken jerky dog treats has 46 calories per treat. Despite feeding instructions on any treats, you always need to be careful when feeding your dog a lot of them. Calories can add up fast and make for an overweight pup. Each strip has a guaranteed minimum of 45% protein and 15% fat.

Tested and Approved

I use these chicken strips as a training reward for my puppy. What’s nice about them is that they can easily be broken into smaller pieces using the little serrations on the strips. We break each strip up into several tiny pieces so my puppy can get a little treat reward for doing well, which she is completely happy with. I have a small bowl of treats sit out all the time for easy access. The strips do tend to get hard and crunchy when they sit out, but my puppy doesn’t care one bit. I honestly almost think she likes them crunchier.

Leave a comment below and let us know what your pup thinks of these treats.

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