How To Store Pet Food & Choose Storage Containers?

Proper pet food storage is important for the health of your pet. If your pet food bag is left open the food may attract ants and the food degrades quickly.  Not only could you be giving your pet stale food but much of the nutritional value is decreasing daily.

For a very modest price, you can find a wide variety of pet food storage containers that will protect your pet’s food and keep it fresh. With occasional cleaning and care, these containers can easily last throughout your pet’s lifetime so they are worth buying.

The following are a few pointers on buying pet food storage bins. The best choice is a rugged, airtight, insect-proof container than can be cleaned easily. The container should hold an entire bag of food. A lid that screws on is best to keep small children and pets out of the food. If you are getting a larger container it is a good idea to find one with handles for moving it in and out of the storage area. Some pet food storage containers have to pour spouts. If so check to see that the spout is sturdy and allows free flow of food.

Other things to consider are:

  • The container should be chew-proof so that an animal cannot open it.
  • It should be stable so that it cannot be easily tipped over or spilled.
  • The size should accommodate an entire bag of food.

Always put the food bag inside the pet food storage container to avoid problems. Fats and oils that seep out of the food can contaminate new food being added if you simply pour the food into the container.

Also, chemicals from the plastic container can leach out into the food if the food is not kept in the bag.  Failure to keep the food in the bag can lead to mold growth, and bacterial contamination leading to the potential for food poisoning. Better pet manufacturers use high-quality packaging that employs a plastic oxygen barrier to keep the food fresh.  This better packaging also keeps moisture out of the food.

By keeping the bag the food came in you will have the barcode, expiration date, and batch code. You will then know which manufacturing batch the food came from.  This information can be helpful in the event of a recall or if you suspect any problems with the food.

Different Types Of Pet Food Storage Containers

Storing your pet food in pet food storage containers can help to keep it really fresh. Often when you open a sack of dog biscuits, for example, they can go quite soft if they are left exposed. Storing them in a container will help to lock out air and moisture, making the food last longer.

There are different types of storage containers available for pet food. Some are designed to hold dry food, while others will store tinned food. Here you will find out more about the different types available.

What Are Your Options?

You will find when you shop around for different containers that there are various sizes and shapes available as well as materials used in their manufacture. Some are just plastic storage boxes, while others are made from metal or even wood and are effective pieces of furniture. They come in various depths too. Therefore you need to think about how much food you need to store. How big is the sack of dog food that you purchase? Will you need to split the food into several containers?

It can be a good idea to have a variety of food storage containers in the home. That way you can store different types of food. Perhaps one day you want to give your pet dry biscuits, but another day you want to give them wet food. You would need two different types of containers to store the leftovers in.

Do not choose design over quality. There are quite a lot of novelty containers available. They may look great but will they do a good job of properly storing the food? Many novelty designs are created cheaply and they will not last very long. They can easily break and you would need to replace them quite quickly. Always shop around to find the best quality containers and try them out whenever possible. Remove the lid of the container and see how easy it is to put it back on. Does it close properly?

The above are just some of the things that you need to think about when choosing pet food storage containers.

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