No-bake Dog Treat Recipes (Easy & Homemade!)

Recipes for Homemade Dog Treats That Don’t Require Baking | Easy Homemade Dog Treats!

It’s starting to be the middle of summer, and the temperature outdoors is already rather high. If it’s already warm outdoors, the last thing I want to do is turn on the oven and make the house even hotter. I don’t know about you, but that’s how I feel.

I will be the first to confess that I am not someone who flourishes in the kitchen. I just can’t seem to do things right. I am able to take a recipe, and we are able to prepare that dish, and for me, that pretty much covers everything. I’m not the imaginative kind who is always coming up with cool new concepts to try in the kitchen. But I was thinking about blogging today, and I was curious what kinds of basic recipes for no-bake dog treats there are out there that are easy enough for even someone like me to make.

As I’ve said before, I’m not too creative in the kitchen; but, there are some amazing food bloggers out there that have some fantastic recipes for handmade no-bake dog treats, and I would love to share them with you.

My Kitchen Criteria

Because it was such a hot day, I did not want to turn on the oven, but I was considering creating some handmade treats for my dog. It is my sincere hope that I am not the only slothful person in the world, but I do have a few prerequisites for my next foray into the world of canine confectionery.

My requirements are:

  • simple as that.
  • need a relatively limited number of components.
  • no-cook/no-bake
  • There aren’t any pricey equipment or gadgets in the kitchen.
  • not a significant time commitment at all

Common Ingredients

Oatmeal: It is simple to observe that a significant number of the fantastic no-bake dog treat recipes that can be found on the internet call for the use of traditional oats.

Oatmeal is often considered of as a food that is eaten for breakfast by people, but it also has the potential to be beneficial for dogs, provided that they do not consume an excessive amount of it. Oatmeal is a great source of carbohydrates, linoleic acid (a type of omega-6 fatty acid), and soluble fiber.

Pumpkin: Pureed pumpkin is also fairly popular, which is fantastic news since pumpkin is packed with nutrients that are essential for canine health. Pumpkin may be of great assistance in the treatment of both diarrhea and constipation.

Pumpkin in a can is almost always the first thing that comes to mind, but you need to be sure that the pumpkin in the can only includes pumpkin. Check the ingredients list on the can to ensure that the pumpkin pie filling you purchase does not include any extra sugar or spices. There are several brands on the market that consist of nothing but pumpkin that has been puréed.

Additionally, pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber and beta-carotene (which is converted to vitamin A in the body). A word to the wise: you should never give your dog an excessive amount of pumpkin, since consuming an excessive amount of vitamin A may be harmful to canines.

Peanut Butter: Due to the fact that dogs like peanut butter, it should not come as a surprise to find that it is a prominent component in recipes for no-bake dog treats as well as other types of dog treats.

Peanut butter is an excellent choice for those looking to get their protein in. In addition, it has vitamin E, vitamin B, niacin, and lipids that are good for your heart.

Avoid giving your dog any food that contains artificial sweeteners like xylitol, since this may be fatal for them. Peanut butter is another product that should be avoided. My recommendation is to get organic peanut butter that has few other components. It is recommended by Cesar Milan that you choose butter that is unpasteurized and unsalted.

Yogurt or Milk: Yogurt or milk is another component that is often used in the preparation of homemade dog treats. However, unless your dog has lactose intolerance, any choice should be OK. Personally, I prefer Greek yogurt since it is a healthier alternative.

Ingredient Substitutions

You could come across a meal that sounds delicious and seems to be simple to make, but your dog is allergic to one of the ingredients included in the recipe. It does not imply that you have to fully forego following the recipe. You may make adjustments to the components in a dog recipe in the same way that you would make adjustments to a human dish, depending on what your dog can or will eat, as well as what you have on hand.

Here are some simple alternatives that could work better for both you and your dog:

No-Bake Peanut Butter Dog Treats

From Chungah at

This one calls for around twenty minutes and four components.

  • pumpkin purée
  • peanut butter
  • milk
  • oatmeal

If I were to make these, I may replace the milk with yogurt and a little amount of water instead. Click on the image that may be seen below it to get her incredible recipe.

Homemade Dog Treats Recipe

taken from the website

This one has a few more components than the last one, but it is still really easy to make. Even so, it will only take approximately 20 minutes of your time, and it will comprise the following components:

  • pumpkin purée
  • applesauce
  • peanut butter
  • yogurt
  • a piece of smoked pork belly
  • oatmeal

Applesauce without added sugar, natural peanut butter, and Greek yogurt are three foods that come highly recommended by me.

No-Bake Peanut Butter Banana Truffle Dog Treats


The phrase “truffle” may give the impression that this one is more complicated than it really is; nevertheless, it is actually rather easy and employs basic materials that you probably already have lying about the home, such as:

  • a banana
  • peanut butter
  • cinnamon
  • oatmeal
  • honey

If you wish to make the truffle treats less sticky by rolling them in anything, you have a few possibilities, including the following:


coconut flakes or shreds (unsweetened)

flour (not too exciting but it will make the truffle balls less sticky)

I really hope you have fun preparing these simple and fast dog treats!

Happy no baking!

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