Nutro Crunchy Apple Treats Review (Healthy & Natural For Your Dog)

Nutro Crunchy Apple Treats – They Smell like Apple Pie – Healthy Natural Dog Treats Made with Real Apple

When shopping the dog treat isle it is easy to get overwhelmed by the variety and number of choices available. Trying to sift through all of them to find healthy treats made with natural ingredients makes for a lot of label reading. Fancy packaging might lead you to believe the treats within the bag are made from natural ingredients, but checking the label may reveal something completely different.

The delicious-looking apples and the 100% natural statement on the Nutro crunchy apple treats package certainly attract attention. What’s on the ingredient list has earned them a place among the Best Dog Treats.

The Nutro Company

Nutro has been around for quite a long time. They’ve been making pet foods since 1926 – that’s coming up on 100 years! This in itself says a lot about the company. It tells us that the Nutro company produces pet foods that the public (us) likes to purchase and continues to purchase. If we consumers didn’t like their products the company wouldn’t survive.

During those 92 years, the pet food industry has gone through a lot of changes. We, the consumers are more concerned with giving our dogs nutritious, healthy, natural foods today than we’ve ever been before. The fact that Nutro is such a strong leader in the pet industry tells us that they understand how important nutrition is and they care about what we want for our pets.

Feed Clean Philosophy

Nutro so concerned with what they put in their Nutro crunchy apple treats and all of their other pet treats and food that they have what they call the Feed Clean philosophy.  Nutro has definitely evolved with the times and is committed to producing pet foods and treats that are REALLY good for our dogs.

Their Feed Clean philosophy means their recipes are simple, purposeful, and trustworthy. What does this mean for us? It tells us their products are made from real, natural foods. Ingredients we recognize and appreciate when reading the label.

About the Treats

So let’s get to what you came here for – the Nutro crunchy apple treats.  A smack dab on the front of the package states that these treats are 100% natural and made with real apples – and it is true.

The ingredient list actually sounds really good, like you could make a pretty yummy cookie or something out of these ingredients! These treats contain:

  • whole brown rice
  • oatmeal
  • dried apple
  • chicken meal
  • sunflower oil
  • natural flavor
  • molasses
  • natural apple flavor
  • cinnamon
  • rosemary extract

All good stuff, right! When you crack open the bag you are greeted with the sweet smell of apples. Mix that with the cinnamon and it almost smells like an apple pie or apple cobbler. I kid you not! They truly smell good enough for me to eat (no, I haven’t).

The ingredient list had one item that was unfamiliar to me – mixed tocopherols used as a preservative. I researched this and learned that mixed tocopherols are natural forms of vitamin E. These tocopherols help maintain freshness and the shelf life of a product and are a natural alternative to synthetic preservatives. So, even the preservative used is from a natural source.

These treats contain a minimum of 9.5% protein and a minimum of 5% fat (I wonder why they state the minimum amount of fat? I would think letting us know the maximum amount of fat would be more useful).

Each treat has 6 Kcal which may not sound like much but could add up quickly if you have a smaller dog. The treats are fairly small in size; maybe about the size of a penny. The size makes them good training treats for my golden retriever.

The Taste Test

So the company has a great philosophy and the treats are made of wholesome ingredients but how do they taste? We have to be real right? The Nutro crunchy apple treats might be made of healthy foods but if our dog doesn’t like them, we won’t be buying them.

The taste tester for this treat was my one and only, golden retriever, Simba. Simba is game for pretty much any food, especially if it comes in a crinkly bag. Although, she has been known to turn her nose up at some treats at the vet clinic. Once the bag is open her nose starts wiggling like crazy (I love watching dogs’ noses wiggle when they’re sniffing something out).

She’s a pro at sitting at attention when there’s potential for a yummy snack and when she gets a whiff of these apple treats, her rear end hits the floor in a hurry. 

Result: Simba loves these! Have you ever given your dog a special treat and seen that little glimmer in their eye? I saw that glimmer.

A Winner

Shopping for healthy dog treats can be overwhelming but with some persistence, you can find some jewels in the crowd. The Nutro crunchy apple treats are definitely one of those jewels. Not only are they made with real, wholesome ingredients but the preservatives are from natural sources as well. And best of all, my dog truly enjoys them!

Have you purchased these apple snacks? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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