Nutro Crunchy Apple Treats Review (Healthy & Natural For Your Dog)

Nutro Crunchy Apple Treats – They Smell like Apple Pie – Healthy Natural Dog Treats Made with Real Apple

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity and diversity of options when you’re standing in front of the dog treat aisle at the store. Reading product labels may be time-consuming when one is searching through all of them to discover nutritious snacks that are created with natural components. It’s possible that the sweets inside the bag’s fancy wrapping may mislead you into thinking they’re created from all-natural components, but if you examine the label, you could discover something very different.

On the container of Nutro crispy apple snacks, both the apples, which seem to be tasty, and the declaration that they are made up of 100 percent natural ingredients draw the eye. Due to the contents of the ingredient list, they have earned a spot on our list of the best dog treats.

The Nutro Company

Nutro has been in business for a considerable amount of time. They have been producing meals for pets since 1926, which is very close to becoming a century of service. Simply taking this into consideration reveals a great deal about the organization. This shows us that the public (that is, us) prefers to buy pet meals produced by the Nutro corporation, and that this public (that is, us) continues to purchase these pet foods. If we customers didn’t like using their goods, the firm wouldn’t be able to stay in business for long.

The business of providing food for pets has seen a great deal of development during the last 92 years. Today, as consumers, we are more concerned than we have ever been about providing nutritional, healthy, and natural meals for our pets. This worry is greater than it has ever been. The fact that Nutro is such a powerful leader in the business for pets informs us that they comprehend the significance of proper nutrition and that they care about the requirements that pet owners have for their animals.

Feed Clean Philosophy

The company Nutro is so worried about the ingredients that go into their Nutro crisp apple snacks and the rest of the pet treats and food that they make that they have developed a concept that they term “Feed Clean.” Nutro has most certainly progressed along with the times and is dedicated to the production of pet meals and treats that are EXTREMELY beneficial for our canine companions.

Because of their Feed Clean concept, their recipes are simple, geared toward a specific goal, and reliable. What does this imply for us moving forward? It informs us that their goods are manufactured from authentic ingredients that are unprocessed. When we read the label, we look for ingredients that we are familiar with and like.

About the Treats

So let’s get down to the business at hand, which is the Nutro crispy apple snacks, shall we? It is written right on the front of the packaging that these snacks are one hundred percent natural and manufactured with real apples, and both of those statements are accurate.

The list of ingredients really sounds extremely delicious; it seems as like they might be used to create something quite tasty, like a cookie or something along those lines. These confections consist of:

  • whole brown rice
  • oatmeal
  • dried apple
  • chicken meal
  • sunflower oil
  • natural flavor
  • molasses
  • natural apple flavor
  • cinnamon
  • rosemary extract

Everything is wonderful, isn’t it! When you take the first step to open the bag, you are welcomed with the enticing aroma of fresh apples. When combined with the cinnamon, the aroma is virtually identical to that of an apple pie or an apple cobbler. I kid you not! They really have an aroma that makes me want to try eating them, but I haven’t yet.

On the list of components, there was one thing that I was not familiar with, and that was the mixed tocopherols that were employed as a preservative. After doing some study on the topic, I discovered that natural forms of vitamin E include mixed tocopherols. These tocopherols are a natural alternative to the synthetic preservatives that are often used, and they aid in the preservation of a product’s freshness as well as its shelf life. This means that even the preservative that is used comes from a natural source.

These snacks have a minimum protein content of 9.5 percent and a minimum fat content of 5 percent (I wonder why they indicate the minimum amount of fat?). I believe it would be more helpful if you could tell us the maximum quantity of fat that we could consume.

If you have a smaller dog, the calories from each treat might build up rapidly, despite the fact that each one only contains six of them. The size of the snacks is not very large; maybe they are approximately the size of a cent. My Golden Retriever is able to use these as effective training rewards due to their size.

The Taste Test

Now that we’ve established that the organization upholds a commendable attitude and that the sweets are crafted from healthful components, let’s talk about how they taste. We have to be honest with one other, right? Even though the Nutro crispy apple treats could be composed of nutritious ingredients, we won’t be purchasing them since our dog isn’t interested in eating them.

Simba, my one and only golden retriever, was the one who provided feedback on the flavor of this treat. Simba will try almost anything to eat, particularly if it is packaged in a bag that makes a crinkling sound. Despite this, she has been known to be picky about the goodies that are offered at the veterinary office. As soon as the bag was opened, her nose began to move erratically. I find it really entertaining to observe the way the noses of dogs move when they are investigating something.

She is an expert at sitting at attention if there is the possibility of a delectable food, but as soon as she catches a smell of these apple snacks, she drops her hind end to the ground like a hot potato.

The end result is that Simba adores them! Have you ever noticed a little sparkle in your dog’s eye after you’ve given them a particularly delicious treat? I was able to see the glint.

A Winner

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed while shopping for healthy dog treats, but with a little perseverance, you may unearth some hidden gems among all the options. The Nutro crispy apple snacks are without a doubt one of those crown jewels. Not only are they crafted with genuine, healthful components, but even the preservatives used in their production come from natural sources. And the cherry on top is that my dog really likes them!

Have you gotten your hands on these apple snacks? What are your thoughts? Share your thoughts with us in the section below!

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