Ostrich Bone Dog Food & Training Treats!

Ostrich dog treats! Fresh Ostrich Bones Make Tail-Wagging Good Dog Treats!

Ostrich dog treats.

Yes, you read that right! Today Simba and I are going to tell you about a new dog treat out on the market made from an ostrich.

Not too long ago I set up a Google alert to tell me about any new dog treats coming on to the scene. One of the first alerts I received was about an ostrich ranch in North Carolina that was going to start producing dog treats using ostrich leg and foot bones. I reached out to Misty Morning Ranch and asked if they would be willing to send one out for Simba to try. To Simba’s excitement, they said yes!

Misty Morning Ranch

Gaby and Ryan Olufs left Los Angeles and moved to Robbins North Carolina with a passion for sustainability and farming. They purchased a 60-acre ranch and after researching and learning as much as they could about farming, decided to raise ostriches!

Gaby and Ryan found other ostrich farmers in NC at Hilltop Ostrich Farms who quickly became their mentors. With the knowledge gained from the owners of Hilltop Ostrich Farms, Gaby and Ryan opened Misty Morning Ranch in 2016. The ranch family has since expanded to include Ryan’s brother and Gaby’s sister and brother-in-law to help with all of the ranch operations.


Of course, Misty Morning Ranch sells ostrich meat, that’s their main purpose. They also offer other various products including bones for dogs!

In case you’re curious, other products they offer are a few leather goods, ostrich oils, ostrich oil body butter, and ostrich oil lip balm.

The Bones for Dogs

The ostrich bones for dogs are made from ostrich leg and foot bones.

I learned something interesting about ostrich legs. Misty Morning Ranch told me that ostriches walk on their toes! The long bone that looks like it would be a shinbone is actually the foot! The bone above the first joint is the leg bone!

Ostrich Leg and Foot Bones

Not knowing anything about ostriches I was concerned about making dog treats out of ostrich bones. Generally, poultry bones are very soft and brittle and are very bad choices for dogs. Misty Morning informed me that both the foot and leg bones are weight-bearing. Because these bones bear weight whenever the bird is standing, they are very thick-walled bones (not thin and brittle like other poultry bones).

This makes them a much safer choice as a bone for dogs.

To read more about giving bones to dogs read our Should I Give My Dog Bones post.

How Ostrich Dog Treats are Made

The process for making the dog bones is pretty simple. Via email, Misty Morning Ranch let me in on the process.  While at the processor, the ostrich leg bones are cut into pieces and then packed and vacuum-sealed. These packs are placed in a deep freezer for at least 24 hours. After freezing, the packs are opened and the bones are soaked in soy sauce for three hours then baked for one hour. They say this process “sterilizes and preserves the bones while still keeping the marrow”.

What They Look Like

Looking on the Misty Morning Ranch website, you can get ostrich bones in four different sizes ranging from small to extra-large. Here’s a picture of what Simba’s bone looked like when we received it. This one is about 4-5 inches long.

Simba’s came with a chunk of chewy, yummy deliciousness on it. I figure it was probably some soft cartilage or maybe skin. Whatever it was, it wasn’t hard bone because she really, really enjoyed eating that chunk off the bone.

Opening the Package

I didn’t open the package right away when we received it but left it sitting on a side table until the next day. Simba would walk by that table once in a while with her nose in the air knowing that something yummy was up there but not being able to figure out where it was!

It was finally getting the better of her and she was just standing at that table sniffing back and forth so I decided it was time to let her open the package!


What does Simba think?

What does she think? Simba loves that bone!

She pretty much had all of the chewy yummy chunk and the baked-on soy sauce coating off within a couple of hours. Since that first night, I let her have the bone when I could be around and keep an eye on her and she still works to get that marrow out of the center of the bone. Ostrich’s leg bones are fairly thin so Simba has a hard time getting her big ol’ tongue in there to get the marrow out. Definitely gives her brain something to think about though!

She’s been working on that bone for about a week now and will still carry it around with her as we move around the house. She likes to bring it to the bathroom with her while I’m brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed. Seems to be the nightly routine!

Simba definitely gives these ostrich bone dog treats a paw up!

Where to Buy Them

If you are interested in getting one of these delicious ostrich dogs treats for your pup you can order them through the Misty Morning Ranch website HERE and by sending them an email at [email protected]. Be sure to choose a bone size that is appropriate for your dog!

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