5+ Best Dog Chew Treats For Aggressive Chewers (2022)

Here are five durable dog chew toys you should purchase for dogs that withstand even the most intense chewing and biting.

If you’ve read any of my earlier postings, you may have noticed that a number of them are about chew toys for dogs. 

One is about delivering bones to dogs, while the other is about an excellent chew ball that dispenses treats. 

It’s not that I have an unhealthy fixation with dogs chewing; it’s that doing so is an essential component of being a dog. Most canine snacks and games are created with the act of chewing in mind.

Chewing is a favorite activity for canines. If we, as responsible dog owners, do not provide them with something we want them to chew on, they will often locate something that we would rather they didn’t. 

There are three distinct periods of a dog’s life when it comes to chewing:

  • Puppyhood
  • Adulthood
  • Senior years

A variety of treats and toys are appropriate for your dog at each of these stages.

What follows are five fantastic tough dogs chew toys suitable for your aggressive chewer. 

It pains me to say that these are indestructible dog chew toys because I believe that very few are indestructible. However, I think the following list provides you with some tremendously durable dog chew toys that may end up indestructible for your dog but, at the very least, will entertain them for a good while.

The AgriChew

The AgriChew was initially conceived as a shock-absorbing component for use in irrigation machinery. However, during an owner’s product meeting, one of the family dogs became restless, so they handed him one of the shock absorbers to keep him amused. The dog adored it, so the product changed tact.

The hockey puck-sized shock absorber dog toy is made of a thermoplastic polyurethane that is flexible, tough, non-toxic, pet-safe, and free from mercury, latex, lead, cadmium, natural rubber, hormones, BPA, phthalates, or asbestos.

Another wonderful thing about AgriChew is that for every treat you buy, they will donate a toy to an animal Shelter in Need.

The AgriChew is not a huge dog chew toy, and as a result, its dimensions are not likely to be suitable for extra-large or giant dogs that have the capability of putting a chew toy like this down their throat.

On the other hand, this heavy-duty dog chew toy may be trendy for dogs of medium size and smaller.

Invincibles Tough Seamz

Outward Hound’s Invincibles Seamz have many beneficial characteristics for the most aggressive chewers. These ultra-durable dog toys are created with longevity in mind. Its website proclaims that they are meant “to play as hard as your dog does!”

To ensure that these dog toys last longer and are less likely to break, they include seams that are double layered and double stitched.

Another wonderful thing about them is that they are devoid of filling. If your dogs like mine, they rip a hole in any new toy within minutes. Next thing, the whole toy contents are scattered across the floor.

You won’t get into that kind of trouble with these gadgets. Even after being pierced, the squeakers in the Invincibles continue to make their distinctive squeaking sound.

Tux Stuffable Toy

This toy seems like it combines the best features of all other toys! 

It is flexible (without stretching out), has a wild, exciting bounce, and can be packed with tasty dog treats. These are just some of its many impressive qualities. 

Oh, and I almost forgot to add that it’s buoyant. Because it is available in both small and big sizes, you can choose the one that is most suitable for the size of your dog.

The Tux is constructed in Montana using domestically produced components, and it is:

  • 100 percent recyclable
  • non-toxic
  • FDA compliant
  • free of BPA
  • phthalate-free
  • safe for the dishwasher

And if your dog ever manages to ruin the Tux, the firm would gladly send you a new one for free!

Kong Extreme

I think including a Kong product is necessary for this list to attain its full potential.

The company Kong is quite well renowned for manufacturing what I believe to be the most durable dog chew toys. Although you may get Kong goods in various styles and dimensions, I will focus on the Kong Extreme for this discussion.

The Kong Extreme is intended for chewers rough on their toys and is constructed from the Kong rubber known to last the longest.

Its one-of-a-kind design gives it a wild bounce and makes it a terrific toy for enjoyment. Available in a wide range of sizes, from extra-extra-small to extra-extra-extra-large.

The Kong Extreme features a hollow center perfect for filling with treats or peanut butter, intended to withstand even the most intense chewing from even the most powerful chewers.

Freezing the Kong Extreme after stuffing it with peanut butter (or any other delectable reward) will allow you to extend the time your dog can spend getting to the good stuff.


Jolly Pets is known for manufacturing several high-quality dog toys.

On this list of the best dog chew toys, I’m going to emphasize the Bounce-n-Play. Offered in three distinct sizes, all of which are intended for use with adult dogs.

The fact that these balls are available not just in a range of sizes but also in various aromas makes them such a lot of fun. You can obtain a Jolly Pets Bounce-n-Play that smells like oranges, blueberries, or bubble gum!

These great balls are manufactured from plastic with a low density that is resistant to puncturing and will not lose their form or deflate if pierced.

In addition to being resistant to punctures, they are buoyant as well!

Your dog may safely play with and attempt to chew on these cheerful balls made in the United States from non-toxic low-density polyethylene.

Why Dogs Chew?

Chewing on prey was essential to the canine ancestors’ ability to stay alive. Chewing is still a fundamental and natural part of a dog’s existence, which is why modern canines like the activity so much. Dogs take in their environment via their mouths, so what better way for them to do so than to chew on whatever strikes their fancy in terms of being intriguing, delicious, or just plain chewable?

Chewing is something that dogs like doing particularly when they are pups or very young; this is often because they are teething or learning about the new world that surrounds them. Puppies, like to young children, explore the world around them by putting new items in their mouths. Puppies, if given the freedom to pick what they want to chew on on their own, will often choose something that you do not want them to chew on, such as a shoe, a table leg, toys, or even your hand.

Chewing is a kind of entertainment for dogs, and it also helps reduce tension and boredom. Again, if you do not provide your dog with an acceptable chew toy, he or she will find something else to gnaw on, which might lead to undesirable behaviors such as chewing on furniture or shoes. To prevent your dog from engaging in chewing behavior that might be hazardous or harmful, it is essential to provide your pet with toys that are designed for that purpose.

Keep an Eye out

You must maintain a close check on your dog when chewing on any treat or toy that involves gnawing or chewing in any form.

Even the most durable dog chew toys have a chance of breaking, having pieces fall off, or splintering.

If they penetrate on their way through, splinters can inflict significant harm and, as a result, major medical concerns for your dog.

If a dog can get portions of a chew toy to break off, these chunks might get trapped in their neck, causing them to suffocate and lose the capacity to breathe.

If this situation is allowed to continue uncontrolled, it could even result in the dog’s death. Quite terrifying!

Always keep an eye on your dog whenever they are playing with or chewing on it.

Even though Simba and I are in it for the laughs, we always make sure to exercise caution.

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