9+ Best Dog Training Treats To Buy On Amazon (2022)

My golden retriever Simba is a service dog so we go through plenty of treats as we review commands and are out in public. To accommodate for those extra treats, I cut back on the amount of regular dog food she gets at mealtime. The weather has been excruciatingly cold this winter in Minnesota so I pretty much try to stay indoors which severely limits Simba’s physical activity. Despite cutting back on mealtime food, I recently noticed Simba has put on a few unwanted extra pounds. To get her more active, I have started taking her to a mall once in a while to do a few laps or for a jog around the gym when I am done working out.

I also decided to take a look at the calorie content in the treats she has been getting. But I didn’t just research her treats; I looked around at others as well. I wanted to take a look at what wholesome, natural, USA-made treats are out there and compare ingredients and calorie content.

I’d like to share that information with you here in this list of 9 of the best dog training treats out there.

Chicken Liver Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

This Stewart Pro-Treat is 100% chicken liver; absolutely nothing else has been added. The raw chicken liver is freeze-dried and chopped into reward-sized treats. These single-ingredient treats are great for dogs on limited ingredient diets or with allergies. I’ve used this product and I would say you could probably get your dog to do just about anything for these treats! Calorie content per treat is not listed on the container Based on the calorie content in 1 oz. of chicken liver and that the container indicates about 350 treats/container I figure each treat to have approximately 1.1 kcal.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals

These tender little morsels come in six different flavors for your pup. They come in chicken, peanut butter & oats, salmon, duck, pork, and rabbit. Each weighing in at only 2.3 (or slightly less) kcal per treat. Mini naturals are single protein treats, so also a good option for dogs on limited ingredient diets or with allergies. They are also made with wholesome, natural ingredients and are corn, wheat, and soy-free.

PureBites Lamb Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

These 100% natural single ingredient treats are made solely of lamb liver. The protein is sourced from New Zealand but freeze-dried in the U.S. These freeze-dried liver treats come in nicely sized bits for easy feeding and post a low 2.9 kcal per treat.

Freeze-Dried Raw Carnivore Crunch

Carnivore Crunch by Stella & Chewy’s comes in four taste varieties, chicken, beef, duck, and turkey. The chicken, beef, and turkey varieties are single protein treats, so good for dogs on limited ingredient diets or with allergies. The duck recipe also includes turkey. Each recipe is made of 98% cage-free poultry or grass-fed beef along with nutrient-rich organs and bones.  These treats are gluten and grain-free; include no added hormones or antibiotics; and no artificial ingredients. Each treat has only 3 kcal.

Blue Dog Bakery Perfect Trainers

These soft and chewy little morsels come in a single flavor of grilled chicken and cheese. Blue Dog Bakery prides itself on making healthy all-natural treats that contain no animal by-products; artificial flavors or colors; or preservatives. Each treat contains only 3 kcal.

Blue Bits

Blue Bits by Blue Buffalo come in soft and crunchy varieties. The soft bits come in flavors of beef, chicken, salmon, and turkey while the crunchy treats are available in banana & peanut butter and blueberry & yogurt. These soft treats are 3.5 kcal each while the crunchy treats are 3 Kcal each. As with the Wild Bits, these treats include no chicken/poultry by-product meal; no corn, whey, or soy; and no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. They DO include DHA to support cognitive development and omega-3 & 6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat.

Fruitables Skinny Minis

These soft and chewy treats come in five intriguingly unique flavors including apple bacon; pumpkin and berry; grilled bison; watermelon; and rotisserie chicken. Each recipe is free of wheat, corn, soy, gluten, and artificial flavors and colors. Each treat is 3.5 cal.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Bits

Wild Bits are also soft little treats made from deboned chicken, salmon, or duck. These morsels are 100% grain-free and are 4 kcal per treat. As with the Blue Bits, they are free of chicken/poultry by-product meal, corn, whey, soy, as well as artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors. These treats also have the bonus of DHA and Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. For a more thorough review of the chicken, flavor click HERE.

Nutro Crunchy Treats

Nutro’s crunchy treats come in a variety of flavors including banana, peanut butter, apple, mixed berry; and chicken & carrot. All are packed with natural ingredients, and no artificial preservatives or flavors are added. I’ve used nearly all flavors of these treats and can safely say that Simba loves them all! You can literally see whole blueberries in some of the mixed berry treats! These treats are 5 kcal each, so a smidgen higher than some others. Click HERE to see a more thorough review of the Nutro crunchy apple treats.

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