Global Pet Industry Trends 2022

Pet Industry Trends You Have To See!

We pet parents love our pets! If you’re reading this blog I’m certain I don’t need to be telling YOU that! We love them to the moon and back.  The way we show that love has changed dramatically over the years. Dogs are more than just “the dog” they are now treated like true members of the family. This comes with a lot of perks for that 4-legged family member!

This shift towards treating your dog like a member of the family often means you treat them more like you would another human. We want to feed them we eat, include them in special events, take them on adventures we humans would enjoy, etc. Because of this, trends are popping up that have never even existed before.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest and best pet industry trends for dogs!

Dog Walking

Of course, dog walking is not new; people have always taken their dogs for walks. But what IS NEW is that dog walking has now become a big business. National franchises like have turned the simple act of dog walking into a big-time moneymaker. As of September 2017, IBISWorld projected dog walking services in the United States to reach 1 billion in revenue.

We dog owners love it! We know dogs need exercise but sometimes our schedules just get in the way. It’s super simple to log into or their app; give them info about your dog; choose a walk day and time; select your dog walker and voilà … your dog is all set to go for a 30-minute walk.

It took me less than five minutes to input my dog walk information and I was provided with a list of available dog walkers in my area.

The prices are pretty reasonable. In my area, they range from about $15 to $25 per 30-minute walk.

Dog walking services are not limited to There are other national dog walking and pet sitting companies as well as ones you can find locally in your area.


Weddings are nothing new but including your dog in your wedding certainly is! For some dog parents, their wedding just wouldn’t be right without including their furry family member.

“A pet plays an important role in a couple’s life and for many pet parents, family festivities would not be complete without their pet’s involvement,” said John D’Ariano, President of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

Dog parents are finding creative ways to customize their wedding to include their dog, such as:

  • Include them in the proposal
  • Have them ask people to save the date
  • Dress them up!
  • Let them play a special role like flower girl or ring bearer

High-Tech Gadgets

Everything is high-tech today and dog gear and gadgets are no exception! You can find everything from pet tag trackers and GPS collars to automatic ball launchers, programmable feeders, and even a specialized dedicated dog shower!

A lot of the gear comes with an app for your smartphone allowing you to track your pet and find them if they runoff, or even feed your dog at the precise time even when you are not home.

Dog Cameras

Miss your pup when you are gone? You can check in on them when you’re not home with in-home video, app-controlled, 2-way audio cameras. Some even allow you to interact with your dog by playing laser pointer games or dispensing treats for them! High-tech has definitely gone to the dogs!

Hemp / CBD

Hemp and CBD products are huge right now not just for humans but for pets, too!

CBD is derived from hemp. It does not contain (THC so your dog will not get high) but it has cannabidiol, which many believe can be helpful or even curative when it comes to many conditions such as cancer, anxiety, pain, nausea, and skin problems.

The more you read about CBD and its helpful properties, it is no wonder that CBD products specifically made for dogs are flying off the shelf!

Pet Meal Kits

If your social media feeds are anything like mine you can’t get very far without seeing an ad for a meal delivery service such as Sun Basket, Home Chef, etc. Now while you are scheduling your own home meal delivery, you can now subscribe to meal delivery services for your dog!

With delivery services such as,, and (just naming a few) you can now have meals freshly prepared by a chef and have them delivered directly to your door- for your dog! They aren’t cheap, but neither are our human meal delivery services. But, you’re getting freshly prepared, pre-portioned meals that you don’t have to make!

These are just a few of the fun, healing, convenient trends happening so far in 2022 for our four-legged family members. It’s always fun finding the new gadgets or the new trends!

Stay tuned as we watch the year progresses to see what new, amazing products and trends arise!

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