Yorkshire Terrier Coats & Haircuts

One of this many breed’s distinguishing characteristics is its lovely and distinctive coat.

The coats of Yorkshire terriers come in a wide range of textures, from silky smooth to curly and wavy. Their genetic makeup largely determines the type of coat they all have.

Given the variety in their coats, taking care of your beloved Yorkies coat might initially be complicated and confusing. However, this post will give you some pointers and advice on many owners’ issues and challenges.

Below is a low down on everything you need to know about your Yorkshire Terrier’s coat to put your mind at rest and know what to expect. 

There are also some answers to some of the most common questions new owners will have.

Types of Coats

Silky coats

One characteristic that distinguishes the Yorkshire Terrier breed is its typically silky coat. The AKC breed standard states that the coat on the body is “moderately long and completely straight with a shiny, smooth, and silky quality” It is also straight and has the potential to become quite long.

Your biggest challenge with silky coats will be maintaining your Yorkie’s skin’s proper moisture levels because the fine, silky hairs do not provide much protection. 

Every effort should be made to prevent tangles if the coat is medium to long. Keeping the hairs in good condition is essential because they can lose their lovely texture with drying and split-ends. 

Cotton coats

Some Yorkies have what is known as a “cotton coat,” which is a very distinct kind of coat. Since coat texture is a heritable feature, this is a profound flaw, and these dogs should not be bred. 

Despite this, having a pet Yorkshire Terrier with a cotton coat is acceptable. But there will be more maintenance and grooming.

Cotton-type coats are significantly thicker, unable to grow long, and frequently have waved hair. The wavy hairs curl back into themselves as the coat grows, creating a dense coat that is incredibly prone to producing mats. Due to this, most owners choose to maintain a short coat.

Yorkie Haircuts

Since a Yorkie’s coat is hair instead of fur, styling it is straightforward. As such, there are various hairstyles available for it. 

However, amongst the sea of available hairstyles, a few are extremely popular.

The Show Hairstyle

show hairstyle yorkshire terrier

This hairdo is primarily used for competitions and shows. Preserving this appearance requires regular brushing and grooming. Only Yorkies with silky coats can pull off this hairdo, and it involves leaving the hairs trimmed.

The Teddy Bear 

teddy bear yorkshire terrier

This haircut attempts to restore the dog’s puppy-like appearance and give it a cuddly and adorable appearance. The Yorkie’s hair is cut to a significantly shorter length. 

The Shave down Cut 

shaved yorkshire terrier

Another typical hairdo is the shave down, which includes shaving off only half an inch of the dog’s body hair while leaving the head, legs, and tail slightly longer. This look is popular and most appropriate in the summer months.

Flared hair cut, short

Long leg hair that flares out at the bottom with this style, while the main body is cut exceptionally closely. Although the head can vary, a square facial trim is often used.

Since most of the coat is short and there is a lot of style going on, this is a cute hairstyle for Yorkies requiring little upkeep.


Do Yorkie’s Shed?

No, Yorkies don’t shed. 

Do Yorkies have hair or fur?

A Yorkies coat is classed as hair. This is attractive about the breed due to the lack of shedding. However, the coat will benefit from regular bathing to keep it free from knots and in good condition.

Do Yorkies bark a lot?

The Yorkie breed does speak rather loudly. They are quite vocal and bark at anything, even strange noises when they want to play. Early in your Yorkie’s life, implement training techniques to kerb undesirable barking behaviours before they become deeply ingrained.

What are the two main types of Yorkshire Terrier coats?

The two main types of Yorkshire Terrier coats are traditional and show coats.

How often should a Yorkie be brushed?

Yorkies should be brushed at least twice weekly to remove tangles and mats and prevent matting.

How often should a Yorkie be bathed?

Yorkies should be bathed every 4-6 weeks, depending on the dog’s individual needs.

What kind of shampoo should be used for Yorkies?

A high-quality dog shampoo specifically formulated for long-hair breeds should be used for Yorkies.

What is the most popular haircut for Yorkies?

The most popular haircut for Yorkies is the “puppy cut”, which is a short, easy-to-maintain cut that is perfect for pet dogs.

What is the teddy bear cut?

The teddy bear cut is a haircut similar to the puppy cut but with a little more length on the face and ears.

Is the “show cut” recommended for pet dogs?

No, the “show cut” is not recommended for pet dogs as it requires a lot of skill.

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