So Many Dog Breeds, which one is for me?

There are so many dog breeds that it is near impossible to list them all.

From big to small, short or longhaired, active to dam right lazy, there is a breed that fits any family. If you are searching for your four-legged friend, then research is key to making sure you are considering the correct breed that will fit your family and their lifestyle. 

Look through the following categories and information to find a breed that suits you.

Small Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds are arguably the cutest little things. These little bundles of energy are always ready for playtime but equally happy to snuggle after a long day at work.


Maltese Dog Breed

The Maltese is perhaps one of the first breeds that spring to mind when thinking about little dogs because of its soft and silky white coat.

Character: A devoted lap dog who enjoys fun and has loads of energy. They enjoy performing tricks, get along well with people of all ages, and are simple to train. The fearlessness of Maltese dogs comes from their past as rat hunters.

Grooming: While Maltese can sport a long elegant coat, most owners keep their dog’s coat clipped short so it is easier to maintain. Prone to tear stains; regular cleaning is necessary.

Exercise: A daily walk or playtime is more than sufficient.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Dog Breed
Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a classic American breed of dog distinguished by its distinctive white and black fur and big, sparkling eyes.

Character: They are a clever, wise, and high-energy breed with a charming refinement, but they also like spending time at home with their family. Despite being friendly to everyone, this breed is devoted to one individual. Due to their flat noses and small nostrils, Boston Terriers are prone to snoring.

Grooming: As a shorthaired breed, their coats only need an occasional brush. Those adorable nose wrinkles require frequent wiping to keep dirt and dust away to avoid irritation.

Exercise: A high-energy breed that needs around one hour of exercise daily.


Dachshund Dog Breed

The Dachshund is a distinctive breed with small and large sizes and a wide range of colourings. They are lovely and entertaining pets.

Character: Dachshunds are unsurpassed in their courage and self-assurance, which is fitting considering they were developed to take on the dangerous badger. Due to its mixed terrier and hound heritage, this type of dog is independent and fierce. They are devoted guardians of their family, passionate about their pet parents, and occasionally stubborn.

Grooming: Three main coat types—smooth, long, and wire-haired—are bred into dachshunds. Although each of these three coats requires a somewhat different approach, they all need some grooming care.

Exercise: For this breed, several daily walks are essential. A Dachshund is not suited to vigorous activity; therefore, the walks shouldn’t be too taxing.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Dog Breed
Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzus are friendly, joyful, outgoing house dogs who enjoy nothing more than accompanying their owners from room to room. They were bred exclusively to be friends and have become accustomed to sitting on the laps of people from all walks of life from the beginning of time, even emperors!

Character: Shih Tzus are cheerful pets with friendly eyes. They are among the best for a household with small children. Since this breed’s progenitors spent most of their time relaxing in regal Chinese palaces, they naturally become contented lapdogs.

Grooming: For a Shih Tzu to retain a long, flowing coat, it must be groomed daily. The facial hair must be tied back in a topknot (tied up neatly and away from their eyes). The coat can alternatively be kept short, which will require less maintenance.

Exercise: A short daily walk or playtime is more than sufficient.


Pug Dog Breed

Pugs are creatures of love and desire. Millions of people throughout the world appreciate the little but sturdy Pug nowadays. The Latin proverb “multum in parvo” (a lot in a little) serves as the breed’s slogan and is a fitting description of this diminutive but powerful breed.

Character: The Pug has a sweet personality and is lively and calm. This adorable species is popular with everyone since it is polite to other people and animals and a custom with both children and adults. Pugs like to sleep, but because of their flat faces and short nostrils, which impair breathing, they are prone to snoring and snorting.

Grooming: Although the Pug’s short coat sheds, it does not require much upkeep. Because those adorable facial creases may collect dirt and dust, pay close attention to the face and eyes.

Exercise: This breed needs daily walks or time to play outside. 


Pomeranian Dog Breed

It has been said that the little Pomeranian, a longtime favourite of both royalty and commoners, is the perfect companion. The Pom is one of the most popular toy breeds in the world, sporting a gorgeous coat, cheery disposition, and fox-like, smiling look.

Character: This breed makes a great lapdog since it is obedient to its owner and social with other dogs. Pomeranians are happy, bright, and sharp little furry pals curious about everything that happens around them. They also make excellent watchdogs! They are capable of learning a variety of endearing skills when adequately trained.

Grooming: Pomeranians constantly shed; therefore, they must be brushed thoroughly and frequently.

Exercise: Because this breed benefits from regular exercise, keep lots of dog playthings on hand! They like to run, walk, play, and stay at their pet parents’ sides.


Chihuahua Dog Breed

The Chihuahua, one of the smallest dog breeds under 10 pounds, is renowned for its diminutive stature but big personality, not to mention pointed ears and adorable round eyes.

Character: Chihuahuas and their pet parents share a strong sense of loyalty. In actuality, Chihuahua owners frequently own multiple dogs throughout their lifetime. Chihuahuas guard their pet parents fiercely (or too fiercely). The majority get along well with other animals but don’t like some dog traits. This breed, intelligent, courageous, and affectionate, will command your respect.

Grooming: Chihuahuas with long hair must be brushed frequently, whilst those with short hair only need to be brushed once in a while. Because these dogs are so close to the ground, it is essential to regularly wipe their eyes because they tend to gather dirt and debris.

Exercise: The Chihuahua thrives on daily walks or following their family around the house.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed
Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkshire Terrier’s heart beats with the tenacity of an old-school terrier beneath its delicate, lustrous, floor-length coat. Long before they were the beribboned lapdogs of Victorian ladies, Yorkies made their life as rats in mines and mills.

Temperament: True terriers, Yorkies are playful, fearless, and full of life. They get along well with other animals and are intelligent, trainable dogs. Yorkies make excellent guard dogs. However, because they don’t enjoy being alone, they might be protective of their pet parents and tend to be close to them.

Grooming: A Yorkie with a long coat needs to be combed daily, and the hair in front of their face must be regularly cut or kept in a topknot. Pet parents often keep this breed’s hair short, making grooming more manageable, but their coat needs to be brushed frequently.

Exercise: Yorkies are energetic dogs who appreciate limited exercise, such as walking with their pet owners, playing outside, or running errands.


Poodle Dog Breed

Although the Poodle is frequently linked with dog shows, these solid and curly-coated dogs can make excellent house pets. However, they are not the only little dog breeds; Toy and Miniature Poodles are also miniature variations of this breed.

Character: The intelligent, smart Toy and Miniature Poodles may rock the most intricate, legendary haircuts. They are both exceptionally clever, trainable, and athletic dogs. The Miniature Poodle is better suited for a family with young children despite the Toy Poodle’s somewhat smaller size since the Toy Poodle likes a quieter environment.

Grooming: Non-shedding and hypoallergenic poodles require daily brushing and maintenance because of their thick, curly hair.

Exercise: Poodles love lengthy walks, runs, sports, and swimming since they are very energetic and active dogs.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise Dog Breed
Bichon Frise

A great “personality dog”, the Bichon Frise is a small yet sturdy and tenacious breed. These appealing canine comedians have endured history’s ups and downs since antiquity by relying on their charisma, beauty, and intellect. A typical Bichon will be a little shorter than a foot tall at the shoulder.

Character: This breed is joyful, loving, and friendly. They get along nicely with adults, older children, other animals, and strangers. The Bichon enjoys providing entertainment for their family and maximising their time with their pet parents.

Grooming: The Bichon Frise’s coat needs daily brushing attention despite being a hypoallergenic dog breed that barely sheds. Their eyes should be wiped frequently to avoid tear stains and skin irritation.

Exercise: These dogs require regular walks and playtime because of their erratic activity levels.


Here are some quick answers you might be looking for about small-breed dogs!

What small dog breed is not yappy?

Pug. A capable watchdog, but don’t tend to be “yappy,” which your neighbours will appreciate. They are a wonderful breed for apartment dwellers because they are a petite, quiet breed that is generally passive indoors.

Which Small Dogs Don’t Shed too much?

Maltese, Bichon Frise, Poodles

Which Small Dog breeds can be left alone?

Maltese, Pug

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